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SoCS: Therapeutic Hindsight on Being Alone

This week’s prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “left alone.” Use it any way you’d like. Have fun!

There are times when I don’t mind being left alone as long as I have the dog, cat, and birds singing outside. For a while, that is. Sometimes I wonder, being an introvert with sensitive and empathic traits, how long it would take me to feel lonely without human companionship. When David goes out of town, I’m okay for a couple days at least.

But after my first marriage ended in 2002, I felt lonely – even with two kids and two dogs in the house with me. This loneliness came from feeling rejected by my husband of twenty years. Feeling unwanted made me vulnerable enough to fall into the rebound from hell. That was twenty years ago. Isn’t it weird how some memories can be so vivid – like they happened last week? Or last year?

It was shortly after the year long rebound from hell ended, when I was still dealing with some of mental and stress induced physical symptoms from that sick relationship, that I overheard a friend at church talking to some people about a party she was having. Though we had been good friends, she never talked to me about the party. If this happened today, I might go to her and say, nonchalantly, “So I hear your having a party….” I don’t know, but if I wanted to go, I like to think I would mention it and give her the opportunity…. But I did not do that twenty years ago.

What I did do was schedule my first ever hypnotherapy session for the afternoon of my friend’s party to work on those mental and physical symptoms, to work on ME. It was a good session. I think I might have cried during it. Two things that came up were my love for water and for dogs who had always been there with their unconditional love. After that, I swam more at the beach and pool and embraced walking the dogs. I kept working on me.

The week after the party, a close friend mentioned to me that she was sorry I wasn’t able to make the party. I clearly remember my flat response, “I wasn’t invited.” My friend looked surprised and didn’t know what to say. I remember feeling sad and rejected. After that, the friend who had the party announced all her big parties at church and said everyone was welcome. But that’s not what’s important here.

Yesterday, as I happened to drive by the house where my friend had the party, (she doesn’t live there anymore) I remembered feeling rejected and unwanted by the lack of invitation twenty years ago. Then it hit me: Maybe I was being protected. I was pretty sure there was a guy at that party who had flirted with me a few weeks earlier. I might have wanted to date him, but I didn’t get the opportunity. He later got back with his wife. What I’m getting at is that maybe my guardian angels were protecting me, knowing I needed to work on me and to Trust the Timing. That’s what I’m going to believe, because everything eventually worked out for the best.

It is a gift to be able to go back and reframe things from our past in a more positive light or at least gain some new insight. It’s like therapeutic hindsight. I’m thankful that my first marriage ended. Even though that ending was very painful, it eventually made room for something better.

The something better is my husband and first love David who found me again when the timing was perfect.

On Memorial Day, David went with me to the vegan potluck at the sanctuary where I volunteer. I forgot to take pictures of all the food but did remember to show the remnants of cooler corn cooked to perfection by pouring a large pot of boiling water over a full cooler of corn then leaving it closed for about 15 minutes.

PS. We’re never really alone. God/Goddess/Great Spirit, angels, or spirit guides are always within reach.


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Good News Tuesday for May 30, 2023: Formerly Paralyzed Man Walks with Brain Implants, Singapore Airlines Shares Profits, Offshore Drilling Blocked in Brazil, and Empathy Stops a Bank Robbery

Seeking Balance One Tuesday at a Time

Man Who was Paralyzed is able to Walk with Brain and Spine Implants

Gert-Jan Oskam, a 40-year-old Dutch man, was paralyzed in a cycling accident 12 years ago. Now, with the help of electronic implants that transmit his thoughts from his brain to his legs and feet, he is able to walk again. The system was developed by Swiss researchers including Prof Jocelyne Bloch, the neurosurgeon who carried out the surgery. This article from BCC contains a video of Gert-Jan walking.

Singapore Airlines is Sharing Profits

Singapore Airlines will give huge bonuses to staff honoring a profit-sharing bonus formula agreed with staff unions. Some bonuses do not go to senior management. A spokesperson for the airline said the bonuses are “in recognition of our employees’ dedication, hard work, and sacrifices, including pay cuts during the pandemic.” Insider has details HERE.

Offshore Oil Drilling Project Blocked in Brazil

Brazil’s environmental regulator refused to grant a license for an offshore oil drilling project near the mouth of the Amazon River due to its potential impact on the environment. For details, see this article from my goodnewletter.

Man Stops Bank Robbery with Empathy

When Michael Armus Sr. recognized the man robbing the bank to be a former neighbor, he intervened with words of empathy and later a hug. Watch the video below from Good Morning America for details.

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SoCS: What do Orcas Think About Us?

Today’s prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “sink/sank/sunk.” Use one, use two, or use ’em all and get bonus points. Enjoy!

Thanks, Linda!

I have no ideas.

The Titanic sank. They were over-confident according to the movie which is the most fun way to learn history regardless of whether 100% accurate or not. We can take historical fiction with a grain of salt.

Seems like there was some kid’s song that ended with something like sink, sank, sunk, but I think it was another word with those three tenses. Maybe it will come to me.

There have been orcas, aka killer whales, who have sunk three boats in European seas. At least one boat was a yacht. I looked this up and the whales seem to be acting in an organized way, led by a female who humans have nicknamed, Gladys. There is some speculation that the whales led by Gladys are seeking revenge for some wrong done to them, or they may see the boats as a threat. This particular pod of orcas is an endangered subpopulation. Whales, including orcas, are very intelligent. They are not normally that aggressive toward humans. I’m getting curiouser and curiouser.

I’m thinking these whales are thinking:


I would not blame other animals or mother nature for thinking this way after all the damage humans have done. I don’t think anyone has been killed from the boat sinkings.

Here’s a video if you’re interested. Remember Jeff Corwin?


What was that song? I think it’s coming to me.

Think, thank, thunk? Thank doesn’t really fit there, but it’s a good word. Okay, I typed it in on youtube and discovered something about The Grinch song which ends like this:

The three words that best describe you are as follows, and I quote,
“Stink, stank, stunk”!

Maybe that’s how the some orcas think about us humans.

The song really does paint an ugly picture of the Grinch. It’s a miracle that he got better. Wasn’t it music that helped him get better? He heard the Whos down in Whoville singing – with no presents at all.

Maybe we could sing to the whales. It might not help with the orcas. But you never know. We could sing all day long, but what we really need to do is stop harming animals and the planet.

Here are some peaceful encounters with Orcas:

Last week, Marley got the tube out of his ear flap that had been draining a hematoma for three weeks. It seems to be healing okay. To celebrate, we took him out to eat with us. He was a very good boy and had a few French fries. This vegan restaurant is so dog-friendly, they brought him a dog bowl with water.


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Thursday Tree Love: A Young Dogwood, an Old Car, and a Young Family with an Old Dog

“The great thing about getting older is

that you don’t lose all the other ages you’ve been.”

Madeleine L’Engle, American writer

It was a delight to see this dogwood blooming down the street a couple of months ago. It lives in front of the home of a young couple with a toddler and two dogs. Marley and I stop and talk to them during our walks. One of their dogs is a 16-year-old hound named Boomer. When Boomer sees us coming, he ambles over to the fence to say hello. Their 67 Buick is in good shape and still runs!

Here are more views: Click on each to see the entire photo.

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Good News Tuesday for May 23, 2023: Slowing Deforestation X 2, Greece’s Mission to Make Beaches More Wheelchair Accessible, and a Truck Driver is Rescued from a River in Kenya

Seeking Balance One Tuesday at a Time

EU Countries Require Proof that Trade is Not Contributing to Deforestation

The 27 European Union countries recently adopted legislation requiring companies trading palm oil, cattle, wood, coffee, cocoa, rubber and soy to verify that the goods they sell in the EU have not led to deforestation. I found this AP article on Ned Hamson’s blog:

… speaking of slowing deforestation:

The Rate of Deforestation has Decreased in Brazil

So far this year, deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon is down 40 percent from last year. In April, deforestation was down 68 percent. You can read more from Yale Environment.

Greece is Improving Wheelchair Accessibility on Beaches

Greece is working to make beaches more accessible for people in wheelchairs. The Seatrac system includes a solar powered track operated by remote control. For more information and a video showing how the system works, here’s an article from Nice News.

A Truck Driver was Rescued from a Flooded River in Kenya

A truck driver in Kenya had become trapped on the side of his overturned truck in a flooded river. The arial elephant rescue team of Sheldrick Wildlife Trust came to his rescue in a helicopter. Read more about it HERE.

To read more about the usual rescue work of Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, click HERE.

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Home Sweet Home (for Dan Antion’s Thursday Doors Writing Challenge)

Instructions: Writing for the Third Annual Thursday Doors Writing Challenge has begun. If you want to join the fun, pick a door, write a story, poem, novel, screenplay, musical score – anything at all. Post your writing on your blog (or email it to me, if you don’t have a blog) and join the already growing list of writers in the table below.

I was drawn to the photo by by Susan Rushton. It inspired me to write a poem for my daughter who’s heart’s desire is to move from the city to the foothills. I hope she finds a place in better shape than this one, but as long as the house has “good bones,” she would be happy living in a cooler, earthier place.

She longed to live in a simpler time

Closer to the earth

instead of the small apartment

in the sweltering city growing too fast.

Between the apartment complex and

the affluent housing development,

she found remnants of greenery

and took pictures of wildflowers and birds,

mushrooms and medicinal plants,

hoping the therapeutic photography

would be enough until she could escape

the city where she’d been born

and lived her life of 30 years.

She started letting go of extra weight –

selling, donating, simplifying.

Then the time came

for the journey west.

She couldn’t believe it was really happening,

But it was really happening.

When she finally found her

home sweet home

made of stone and adorned

with greenery growing on the roof

and a clothesline in the yard,

It took her breath away.

Each step along the path,

lined with wildflowers

and medicinal plants,

to the aged wooden door,

felt like both dream and awakening.

She placed her hand on the stone

beside the door.

It felt cool and solid.

The strong door

creaked softly.

When she stepped inside,

her heart danced.

She knew she was home.

Next to the stone fireplace

a rocking chair beckoned.

The chair did not creak

but seemed to glide

offering a view

of the wildflower garden

through open linen curtains.

Leaning her head back,

she closed her eyes,

imagined flower boxes,

and thought she heard singing.

It was her own voice.

A year later,

she rocked her happy baby

while singing a lullaby.

Yellow and purple pansies

flourished in the flower boxes.


SoCS: Love, Hate, and Yes, I Like that TV show, Plus: Dogs with Sticks.

Today’s prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “stick.” Use it as a noun or a verb; use it any way you’d like. Have fun!

Love is not always easy. To be honest, there are people and things that are hard to love. I admit to saying I hate some things. Maybe I don’t hate any particular person, but I hate it when people are mean and act like bullies. In order to save ourselves, sometimes we have to love people from a distance. Like people who are critical, or talk constantly, know it alls, who might have a good heart somewhere deep down, but after a while they can be toxic.

Back to love. How to stick with love….. I suppose it’s possible to remember that God loves everyone. But God doesn’t hang around with everyone all the time (I’m guessing here.) God can assign angels to hang out with someone. God, please don’t assign me to hang out with a critical know it all who talks all the time, after I die. I try to be good, and that would be hell. Why do I keep going back to that?

Love! I can pray for someone from a distance, even if I want to hit them with a stick. Sticks should never be used for hitting, except in self-defense. Sticks are better for poking things. Gently. But be careful what you poke. Don’t poke a skunk. Don’t poke…

Wait. What was that movie? Oh, it was in a Young Sheldon episode when one of the kids questioned a compliment and Mee Maw said, “Don’t poke at it.” Or maybe she said, “Don’t go pokin at it.” Yes, I like that show. I didn’t watch it for a long time, thinking it would be…. IDK…shall we say, not my cup of tea. But I have discovered it’s funny and comforting. Mee Maw (played by Annie Potts) is Sheldon’s grandma. She’s usually sassy, but not always. I wish I could be a little more like that sometimes, even though some things she says might not be aren’t very loving to her son in law. (Is she like my alter-ego? Would I even like her in real life?) Anyway, she loves her grandkids, daughter and even, deep down, her son in law. Love always wins.

One time we saw Mee Maw’s human side when she secretly tried to use Sheldon’s new computer and cautiously picked up the mouse like it was a microphone and said, “Hello?”

I couldn’t find that video. But here’s another one that’s typical Mee Maw.

I had zero intention of writing about Mee Maw and Young Sheldon, but that’s where the stream went. I never thought I would like a show like Young Sheldon, but anything is possible. We need a little easy comedy.

I was going to share a video about dogs carrying big sticks. Marley has done that, so there must be a photo.

Marley got him a stick.

Here’s a short video of a smart dog, Theo, figuring it out:

If you really want something, don’t give up. Be like Theo. Keep trying!

FYI, Youtube has lots of video of dogs with big sticks.


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Good News Tuesday for May 16, 2023: Rwanda’s Malaria Fighting Milestone, Brooklyn’s Geo-Thermal Apartment Complex, The Good Cup, and a Marathon Assist

Seeking Balance One Tuesday at a Time

10,000 Caregivers Have Been Certified to Fight Malaria in Rwanda

This year, Rwanda reached a milestone: 10,000 caregivers have been certified to fight malaria. Historically, these caregivers were women who provided care at the expense of their own economic growth. Now, with certification program, they are paid a living wage for their work. Read about how this has helped Rwanda’s people and communities in this article from GoodGoodGood.

Breaking Ground at a Geothermal Apartment Complex in Brooklyn

A large geothermal apartment complex is going up in Brooklyn, NY. It’s hoped that this project will provide a template for future buildings and reduce emissions. Here’s an article from CNBC including a video that that explains the concept.

The Good Cup

A company called, Choose Planet A, has developed a foldable, recyclable cup that serves as a takeout container for hot and cold drinks. The Good Cup has a bio-based coating and does not need a plastic lid. It’s mainly available in Canada, Japan, Australia, China, and the UK. Let’s hope such earth friendly cups spread to every country. Take a look in this article.

New York Governor Signs Bill Allowing Easier Access to Contraceptives

A new law that takes effect in November 2024, allows trained pharmacists to provide hormonal contraceptives including oral birth control pills, vaginal rings, and the patch to New Yorkers without a prescription. Here’s more from AP.

Marathoners Help Runner to Finish Line

A runner in the 2023 London Marathon last month was having trouble, doubled over, and about to collapse. Watch as two other runners come to help him finish the race.

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SoCS: It’s Okay to Start Over

Feeling overwhelmed is something I try to avoid. When you’ve lived 67 years, you start to learn what overwhelms you, like too many social events in one week, too many appointments, a crowded room where a lot of people are talking and not being able to hear the person next to you.

Thankfully, I’m not overwhelmed as often as I used to be before I retired. I just have to learn to not take on too much, as in volunteer work, community activism, and damn social events since I have embraced my inner introvert. It’s not that I’m anti-social, but I don’t do well at events that are purely social. Just the thought makes me cringe. So ENOUGH OF THAT!

I’m starting this post over.

But first, here’s my plan:

It might not always happen, but peace is a priority in my life. Do you hear that, mind? Step away from the drama and go to the light.

One of the things I learned in recovery meetings for codependency, overeating, or other side doors to recovery, is this:

“You can start your day over at any time.”

You can start your day over at 11pm if you want to. The past can’t change and maybe I messed up earlier in the day, but nothing can ruin my entire day, because there can be good moments mixed in among the bad ones. But those are judgements. As many of us have learned, something “bad” can eventually turn into something “good.”

In starting the day over, a deep breath can help. In my yoga class, we do this thing where we open our arms wide, raise our hands overhead so that our fingers touch in an overhead arch, then bring our hands straight down in front of our body as we makes a shhhhhhhsh sound. Sometimes I wiggle my fingers like rain is washing away the tension. We so it three times. It’s pretty simple, and I should/will use it more often at home…. or at social events when I retreat to the bathroom.

Starting over. What a good thing to be able to do.

After looking up songs about starting over, this cover was my favorite:

Are we ever too old to start over?

I don’t think so. What I really mean is, hell no!

Happy Mother’s Day to ALL Mothers,

including dog mothers, cat mothers, horse mothers…..

Peace and blessings to all.


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Good News Tuesday for May 9, 2023: Dog Finds Kidney Donor at the Beach, NY Passes Public Renewables Act, Saving Leopards, and a Man Saves a Baby in Stroller from Heavy Traffic

Seeking Balance One Tuesday at a Time

Dog Finds Kidney Donor at the Beach

Lucy Humphrey from Wales was told by her doctors in 2017 that if she couldn’t find a new kidney in 5 years, she could die. Against the odds, her dog, Indie, kept pestering a stranger – Katie James – at the beach who turned out to be a perfect match. The transplant took place in October of 2022. Enjoy the details of this story from The Good News Network :

New York Passes First of its Kind Renewable Energy Act

The state of New York passed the Build Public Renewables Act (BPRA) that will ensure all state-owned properties will be run on renewable energy by 2030. The act will also require municipally owned properties – including many hospitals and schools, as well as public housing and public transit – to switch to renewable energy by 2035. The first of its kind law comes from years of work by environmental and climate groups in NY state. The Guardian has more HERE.

Saving Leopards in Africa

Affordable synthetic furs are gaining acceptance and popularity as alternatives to killing leopards for fur in South African. Read more from GoodGoodGood .

Man Saves Baby in Stroller from Heavy Traffic

Ron Nessman had just been to a job interview when he saw a baby stroller rolling toward a busy street. Ron saved the baby and got the job! Learn more about Ron and how it happened in the following video:

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