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Good News Tuesday: Rescuing Abandoned Babies in Tanzania

A couple in their 60s started this rescue center for babies abandoned in Tanzania. This video brought tears to my eyes. First sad tears, then happy ones with plenty of smiles.

I first discovered this on Mary Aalgaard’s We Are the World post.

I know my recent good news stories seem to be all about babies and animals. That’s what tugs at my heart lately.

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Ella Finds Help Getting Home

Rescue workers didn’t see the dog. After the accident, she collected what she could find of her family’s possessions and waited. Two weeks later,  she asked a stranger for help.


Read more of this story here:

Got good news? Please share! It can be global, local, or personal.

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Awesome Stories 330

Of course he had me with “Tree Communication,” but all these are awesome stories worth a look! I’m thankful for each of them.

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This week Awesome Stories brings you dancing to freedom, tree communication, remarkable kids, and a legacy of reform.

Dancing to Freedom

This is a remarkable story of perseverance. Refugee Ahmad Joudeh uses dance to create messages of peace. He has persevered beyond what most of us can imagine. Dancing is taboo in his native country of Syria. He was beaten by his own father, locked in rooms, threatened, and ridiculed, and yet he persevered. After a reporter made a documentary about him, the Dutch National Balet reached out to him and helped him immigrate to join their dance company. Today he uses his freedom to share messages of peace, gratitude, and unity with his world-wide family.

Remarkable Kids

 As we try to shelter and protect them, we discover that kids are remarkably resilient and that the things that help us to cope are often the very things that make challenges more…

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Yoga Behind Bars #WATWB

Volunteer yoga teachers go to 16 prisons, jails, and detention centers to offer yoga to inmates. Learn more from this inspiring video:

For more information, visit:

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School for Justice Empowers Survivors

The School for Justice opened in April. Started by the organization, Free a Girl, the school’s purpose is to empower survivors of child prostitution by preparing them to become lawyers.


You can read more in this article:

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Awesome Stories 328

“Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circles of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.” ~ Albert Einstein.

I found this awesome quote along with Brad’s “Awesome Stories” about people working for the greater good – stories always worth reading!

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This week Awesome Stories brings you solutions to create better buildings that protect our precious planet like bio-concrete, eco-friendly hardware, solar smiles and slowing down.


Henk Jonkers, of the Delft University of Technology, in the Netherlands, has come up with a new concrete that heals itself with bacteria. Concrete is a very alkaline, dry, harsh environment. Jonkers choose bacillus bacteria because they thrive in alkaline conditions and produce spores that can survive for decades without food or oxygen. The bacteria and calcium lactate are added to the concrete creating a limestone producing mix embedded within the concrete. The bacteria is dormant until cracks form, allowing water in to activate the bacteria which feed on the calcium to create new limestone that fills the cracks. This could be the future of building technology. Professor Jonkers is also working on creating a mix that can be sprayed onto old, cracked concrete to…

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