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Good News Tuesday: Rain in Australia, A Heroic Rescue Dog, Environmental Progress, and Double Amputee Completes Ironman Triathlon

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Seeking Balance One Tuesday at a Time

Rain in Australia

The downpours have already helped to extinguish 32 bushfires in New South Wales alone as the number of fires fell from 120 to 88 on Thursday.  __Bored Panda

Even with flooding and other risks, the rain is welcome. But the crisis is not over. Fires are still burning in Australia, though they’re not spreading like they were. Let’s keep praying and sending good energy to help put out the fires.

Here’s more from Bored Panda.

Brave Dog Saves More than 200 Sheep from Bushfire

Patsy the brave border collie saved more than 200 sheep from a bush fire in Australia. Please click the link below for the story from The Good News Network including a sweet video of praise for Patsy.   Thanks to Sparky Jen for finding this news after I lost it in last week’s technical difficulties.

Here’s the link:

Environmental Progress

 New Mexico: A Win for Water Quality

In response to a lawsuit filed by clean water advocates …… the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) …. will require new water pollution controls in Los Alamos, New Mexico.  Report from the Western Environmental Law Center


On December 31st, Duke Energy agreed to excavate nearly 80 million tons of coal ash and move it to dry, lined storage facilities away from drinking water supplies. Here’s more from PBS.

China Proposes to Ban Single Use Plastics

A joint proposal from China’s National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Ecology and Environment  seeks to ban single use plastics. The plan includes banning single use bags and straws in major cities by the end of 2020 and all single use plastics across the country by 2025.  Here’s the report from Forbes.


First Above the Knee Double Amputee to Complete Ironman Triathlon

Roderick Sewell was homeless as a child. His mother gave up her job so he would be eligible for prosthetic legs. On October 12, Roderick became the first above the knee double amputee to complete the Ironman triathlon world championship.  I bet you’ll enjoy watching this video.

I first found this story in my Good Morning America email.

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When Someone Says You Can’t Do Something, There Still Might Be a Way


Today’s SoCS prompt is, “oh.”

Oh, great. I wrote my post last night, and now it’s gone. Not in the trash, not already published. Oh, well. I get to start over. Seems like whenever I get a win, I also get something for humility. Or the balancing phenomenon can be good – the good thing after the bad – like in my 20s when my car would break down right before I got my income tax refund. This week the balance is in the realm of technology.

Maybe a month ago, I discovered I’d made a typo in the domain name for my art website. This discovery happened after I developed the website, published some posts, and had cards made up copying and pasting the incorrect domain name on the business cards. It was just one letter off. Instead of angelsmermaidsandwoodwork, I had angelsmermaidsandwordwork.  Word Work. Kinda funny actually. I shared my horror on Facebook. (I felt horrible about it. Why didn’t I catch that mistake? How could I have missed it?, etc. etc.) A couple of people suggested I buy the correct domain and re-direct. Let me back up a minute. I had first shared my horror with the support chat person for the hosting entity. He (his name sounded masculine to me) was polite, but not that supportive. He said/chatted that the domain name could not be changed. My stomach fell into the bog of misery. He didn’t offer any suggestions. To be fair, I had first asked him another question, so this was the second problem of that chat. So when FB friends had a remedy, I felt a ray of hope. But I was still bummed out and didn’t want to face another chat session.

After a couple weeks I looked into it wondering if I could do this re-directing thing myself. I bought the correct domain name, but got confused when it came to redirecting or maybe transferring? So I took a break. Then yesterday, I mustered up the courage to chat again with a support person for the host (which is not exactly WP but uses WP.) Guess what! She (the name sounded feminine) chatted that we could just change the name on the website to the new domain. What? The other guy said that could not be done.

I asked for clarification a couple of times. She made it sound simple and that she could do it in a click or two. Schedule it anyway.  What a relief after all that angst and misery about my little mistake. Well, that might be an exaggeration, but not much. I have to check it again to make sure it’s really correct. I held my breath before it came up.  Plus I keep checking for typos. Guess I need to trust the process and take a deep breath. Not to mention putting more content on there. I’m thankful it worked out and that I have an ultra fine point marker to change the r to o on the business cards. Oh, well. The biggest lesson, besides balance happens, is that just because someone says it can’t be done, doesn’t mean it’s true. I was trying to find that quote about being annoyed by people telling you something is impossible while you’re doing it, but the quotes I did find about making mistakes made me realize that the first chat support person just made a mistake. That’s all. Oh well. I  guess everything works out eventually.

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Good News Tuesday: Forgiveness and Perseverance

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Just two stories today, but the first one is pretty powerful. It starts with bad news and offers hope for something better.

Brandt Jean Asks to Hug His Brother’s Killer, and the Judge Lets Him

After a long shift, Dallas police officer Amber Guyger walked into the wrong apartment and killed Botham Jean who was in his own apartment eating ice cream.  It was a horrible mistake that could have been easily prevented. I’ve been thinking a lot about this case. What would I have done as a juror? As the police officer? But I think what Botham Jean’s brother did was more important. After Amber Guyger was sentenced to 10 years in prison, Botham’s 18 year old brother,  Brandt Jean, made a statement of forgiveness. Then he asked if he could hug his brother’s killer. Judge Tammy Kemp broke with protocol by allowing the hug and later by giving Amber her Bible. 20 years ago, I would have been objecting strongly to that act, now I admire Judge Kemp’s compassion.

This first video moved me to tears and the hope that maybe greater good can come from this tragedy.

In the second video, Brandt talks about what made him ask for the hug. There is an important distinction made between forgiveness and justice.

Jimmy Carter is Amazing

At the age of 95, Jimmy Carter is the oldest living former US president. He lives in a modest house and shops at Dollar General. After a recent fall, he was back to volunteering with Habitat for Humanity. What a role model!

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Thursday Tree Love: The Persistent Mimosa


When we were having our new roof put on, one of my beloved mimosas was in the way – growing right next to the corner of the house with its branches draping over the roof.  I was informed that it had to be cut down, apparently trimming it back would not be enough. I pushed my sadness deeper and felt thankful I would not be there to have to witness the cutting which my husband took care of. At least it was in the winter when I imagine deciduous trees sleeping.

This spring, the mimosa grew back with vigor. I’ve seen this happen before. After being cut all the way down, mimosas grow back thicker. Some people call this invasive. I call it prolific. I admire their strength and beauty.

mimosa by the house.jpg

You can see why they are also called the umbrella tree.

Hurricane Dorian pushed her around a lot, and she’s looking a little ragged. But it’s late summer, so the leaves had already started to drop before the hurricane.  She is still beautiful and strong enough to support this lady bug.

mimosa with lady bug close up

When fall gets underway and more leaves drop, I’ll be keeping this mimosa trimmed neatly so there will be no competition with future home improvement projects. If we get flowers, it will be like icing on the cake. The photo below is from another mimosa in the backyard in springtime.


Mimosa flowers smell wonderful!


My husband made cross sections of the old mimosa trunk to turn into art. Here’s an angel I painted on one piece.  You can see more of my angel art at Angels, Mermaids, and Woodwork.

I use only leftover wood on my projects rather than buying new wood. I still feel bad that this mimosa had to be cut, but so glad she grew back! Her old trunk won’t go to waste.

Mimosa Circle Angel (2)


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Good News Tuesday for June 18, 2019

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(I’m a little late today because my internet was limited in the mountains. The good news is I remembered my password so I can post this from my phone, AND we bought our mountain house! It’s still a little hard to believe, but believing is part of what got us there. More to come on that. Now for good news from around the world.)

12 Year Old Boy Doing Homework by Street Light Gets Help

Victor was caught on video doing his homework by a streetlight because his family doesn’t have electricity.  A wealthy businessman saw the video and decided to help Victor, his family, and his community.

Canada Bans Captivity and Trade of Whales and Dolphins

Canada has passed bill S-203 in parliament which makes the capture and trade of whales and dolphins a criminal offense. This decision will reduce the exploitation and misery of these highly intelligent, social beings. You can learn more from this video:

Dunkin Donuts To Eliminate Foam Cups by Year’s End

6 Year Old Collects 1000 jars of PBJ for Classmates

Got good news? Please share in the comments!


Good News Tuesday: Filling Pot Holes, Edible Water Pouches, Legal Gangs, and Saving Snow Leopards

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Bringing Balance One Tuesday at a Time

12 Year Old Fills Pot Holes on His Street

Monte Scott was tired of the pot holes on his Michigan street, so he took it upon himself to start fixing them.  For some reason, the video doesn’t seem to be showing up, but please click on one of the links below to be impressed by this young man’s spirit.

London Marathon replaces plastic bottles with the edible water pouches

The Good News Network reports that the London Marathon became the first full marathon to replace plastic water bottles with Ooho pouches made of seaweed. The fluid holding packages can be eaten like a cherry tomato and cost about 2 cents to make. Read more and watch the video at the link below:

Ecuador’s Murder Rate Dropped after Gangs were Legalized

Ecuador “legalized” gangs to allow them to become cultural associations and apply for assistance.  Their murder rate dropped significantly over the next decade. Sociologist David Brotherton studied the process and its effects. He gave some examples of how inclusion worked:
“The minister of culture set up a train that went to the poorest communities in Ecuador to do street graffiti and art. There was a job training grant, and a grant to set up a community center. The Catholic University of Quito paid for 15 Latin Queens to study to become nurses. They never would’ve been able to do that before legalization.”
You can read more in this article from Vox and watch the video

Saving Snow Leopards

Bayarjargal  Agvaantseren was awarded the 2019 Goldman Enviromental Prize for her work in saving Mongolia’s Snow Leopards from “runaway” mining operations.  Here’s the inspiring story of courage and hard work: