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Awesome Stories 338

You’ll find food for thought and kindness for the heart in Brad’s Awesome Stories.

writing to freedom

This week Awesome Stories brings you a loving view of anger, the potential in algae, and the kindness bus.

Magic Algae DomeAlgae Dome, Awesome Stories

Reading this article on Ikea’s Space10 creation called the Algae Dome, one might think algae is a superfood with the potential to save the planet. At the very least, Ikea researchers hope to demonstrate the many benefits of algae for sustainable food production. Their Algae Dome is a system for growing algae meant to highlight the vast potential in algae. It is the fasted growing plant with great food potential due to its high protein, mineral, and vitamin content. The team produced a whopping 450 Liters of algae in 3 days, highlighting how easy and fast algae grows. They hope to inspire others to consider how algae can become a sustainable food source. It can also reduce CO2 and other emissions. Thank you Ikea, and keep the sustainable innovations…

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Safe with the Trees in Pequot Woods

Our prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: save/safe, brought to us by Jolene Mottern who’s filling in for Linda. Thanks, Joey! You can find the details here:

Save us from ourselves. From trying to “improve” things that are already great the way they are. Save us from the “developers.” What a strange word that is to me. I like the idea of developing skills, but to “develop” the land often means to pave paradise and put up a parking lot.

I can play that on the guitar without looking at the chords. It’s really easy.

I’m enjoying the trees here in Connecticut where we are visiting family and friends for the weekend, staying in the rural outskirts of the small town my husband refers to as “Hooterville.”  Lots of tree here. No need for a tree museum. I hope we can save them.

Here’s a lovely little piece of woods for hiking. I liked this sign.

Don't kill the woods sign

Whenever I leave the house, for and errand, and especially when going on a trip out of town, I check the stove more than once. Sometimes more than twice with my ritual of checking each knob: off, off, off, off, off. Safe. Safe. Safe. Safe. Safe. God please keep my house safe. My dogs safe. Safe, safe, safe.  It’s nice to travel, but I also love those days when I don’t have to leave the house at all. Those are rare days. It’s nice to have a balance.

Here are some more pictures from my hike in Pequot Woods:


tree woman lighter

What do you see?

tree with a V on path

lucy in the woods rock

Thank you for these lovely woods, Miss Lucy. I hope we keep them safe.

SOC winner 2017

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Keeping Our Dreams Alive

(From my September Newsletter)


Did you ever think something was dead, but it surprised you?

Around this time last year, I pulled up a small dogwood tree growing right next to our church foundation. There was no room for it to grow there. It was not easy, but I got most of the root. I planted the dogwood behind the church and gave it some water. The leaves withered and eventually dropped off. But it was close to leaf dropping time anyway, so I hoped it would come back in the spring. Through the whole season of spring I looked for new growth and saw nothing but a bare stem. I figured it was dead. I should have put some fertilizer on it. Then, in August, I just happened to notice two tiny leaves. Then four. The dogwood was still alive! Its leaves are growing as I write this. I don’t know if it will survive the winter, but there’s always hope.

There was a time when I wondered if romance was dead for me. But I never completely gave up hope. I had no idea that my first love would find me 39 years later, and that the love we had felt for each other as teenagers was still alive, dormant, waiting patiently for the perfect time.

(Sounds like a good story, right? You can order it here.)


Did you ever have a dream that you thought was dead? Maybe you’ve thought it was too late. Maybe you’ve felt like giving up, thinking: what’s the use? I’ll never be good enough. I think we’ve all been there.

In high school, I was pretty good at art, and I loved to write. But I didn’t value these talents. I  valued science. I wanted to save the planet. So, I declared biology as my major.  But higher math and chemistry got harder in college. I could have gotten a tutor, but I wasn’t supposed to need a tutor.

Discovering psychology was the best thing that could have happened. As much as I wanted to help others, there were things I needed to learn to help myself. After college, I spent over 30 years as a substance abuse counselor. I learned a lot during those years and was blessed with the privilege of being able to help others. And every now and then, I would dabble in saving animals, caring for the planet, being an artist, and writing. But it was just dabbling. There were long stretches when I did not create art and my only writing consisted of clinical notes at my job. When my marriage ended, I painted like crazy for a while and wrote in journals as part of my therapy. But I didn’t think I’d ever be an artist or writer full time. I had to pay the mortgage and put food on the table. Retirement seemed like a faraway land I would never reach.

But sometimes, I would dabble in my old dreams.

Then in 2011, my first love found me again. People got goosebumps when we told our story, so I started writing that story. I had a lot to learn about creative writing, about details, conveying feelings, and describing scenes. There were times when I wondered if I had what it took to write and publish a real book.

But you’ll never know if you’re capable of something
until you’ve given it a go. ~ Kristina Adams

For much of my life, I’ve had a habit of thinking my work wasn’t good enough, because it wasn’t perfect. But I’m changing that habit.

This article by Kristina Adams explains how striving for perfection can damage our confidence and motivation (not to mention our health). It’s helped me be reasonably proud of my book. It’s a good book. But what I’m most proud of is that Trust the Timing is a book of overcoming challenges and never giving up hope, a book that can help people.

Now, I have reached that once distant land they call “retirement.” Except that I’m not really retired. I’m writing and painting! I dabble in saving the planet, or at least a tree here and there.

What about your dreams? Did you ever think that you weren’t good enough to follow your heart’s desire? I am telling you now that you are good enough. There’s some part of your dream that still lives, a part you can nurture into new growth. Your dream might change, and that’s okay. Maybe you’re already living your dream, or maybe you’re just thinking about it. Dabbling. Either way, don’t give up.

May your sweet dreams become reality.


One-Liner Wednesday: If You Think It’s Impossible…

Saint Francis impossible quote


Has there ever been a time when you thought you couldn’t do something, but you started anyway? You took one step at a time, and discovered that you could do what you thought was impossible.

Today is the “feast day” of Saint Francis, my favorite Saint and the link between my  love for the earth and my love for Jesus. Here’s a link for more quotes from Saint Francis:

Saint Francis Quotes


Beatiful picture of St Francis and wolf

Saint Francis and the “vicious” wolf of Gubbio

One liner Weds 2017

One-liner Wednesday is brought to you by Linda G. Hill at:



Keep on Singing

Some things don’t make sense at all. It’s hard to understand how one person can do so much damage and take innocent lives. But people do care, and helpers do help. That’s part of this message from Garth Brooks to the people of Las Vegas and the world. He also talks about how we need to keep making music. Some songs will be sad, but some will be hopeful and even happy. But no matter what, we need to keep on singing.

Sending peace and prayers to all who have lost love ones.

Here’s the message and a song:


Sunflower w address



1406. Why are there trees I never walk under but large and melodious thoughts descend upon me. ~Walt Whitman

I’m sharing this for the love of trees. Thanks to Natalie at Sacred Touches for letting me know I am not alone in this love. I wonder if the trees who stand alone have roots deep enough to connect with other trees, and if they love the earth as their mother and God as their father, so that they, like we, are not alone.

Sacred Touches

Sometimes thou may’st walk in groves
which being full of majestie
will much advance the soul.
~Thomas Vaughan

Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 9.24.32 PM.png

When I think of autumn I think of trees, all kinds of trees, and recently I ran across someone’s lovely thoughts about trees. However it wasn’t clear who wrote them or when. But I’ve decided to share some of them along with photos of trees I’ve taken over the years. And in the collection today is one that is blue, and just so you know I did nothing to make it so. There’s a phenomenon here in Texas called a blue norther which is a rapidly moving autumnal cold front that causes temperatures to drop quickly. Folk tales say they are the result of a norther that sweeps “out of the panhandle of Texas under a blue-black sky”–that is to say a cold front named for the appearance of its leading edge…

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