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Thursday Tree Love: Blooming Magnolia

I’ve been waiting for my neighbor’s magnolia tree to bloom, and here she is…

magnolia tree with picket fence

…standing close to towering pines.


Magnloia with open arms

Her arms reach out as if to embrace.

Magnoia flower and picket fence

This arm reaches for the sun.



The flowers have a gentle lemony scent. The tree herself is strong and sturdy.

Years ago, I visited a friend who had done some pruning on her magnolia tree. When the green leaves were burned, they made a loud crackling sound.

The magnolia is an evergreen tree, but some leaves do brown and fall to the ground naturally and hold rain water for little ones to drink.




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One-Liner Wednesday: Listen to the Science

“Listen to the science.” Greta Thunberg


“…she credits being on the autism spectrum, calling it a gift because it helps her see issues more starkly.”   NPR 

Science is a crucial component in our decision making. It needs ethics and spirituality for balance.  A healthy tree needs branches on multiple sides for good balance.

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Good News Tuesday, May 12, 2020: Renewables Surpass Coal, Elder Recoveries, Eagles in England, and Repaying a Kindness

Sunflower w address

Seeking Balance One Tuesday at a Time

windmills vertical

Windmills in North Carolina

Renewable Energy Surpasses Coal for the Month of April in the US

Renewable energy from solar, wind, and hydropower generated more electricity than coal for the month of April in the US. Contributing factors include “…low gas prices, warmer weather, a significant amount of new renewable capacity connecting to the grid late last year, and lower power demand… because of the coronavirus.” Here’s more from the Good News Network. 


Elders Recovering from COVID 19

Also from the Good News Network is a story about elders recovering from COVID 19.  Guadalupe and José from Spain, both 88, “had just celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary a few weeks earlier when they both became ill with the virus.” Then there’s Carrie Pollock, age 99 in the UK, 104-year-old Ada Zanusso of Biella, Italy, and Cornelia Ras, the Dutch woman who celebrated her 107th birthday on March 17th. You can read their stories, along with some words of wisdom, from the Good News Network. 


Eagles are Back in England

Eagles had been almost hunted to extinction in the UK. “Now, 240 years after the last sighting, a mature white-tailed eagle was confirmed soaring in the wild high over the North York Moors.” The comeback is the result of several eaglets that were released on the Isle of Wight.”  Here’s that story from The Good News Network

Ireland Repays the Kindness of Native Americans

In 1847, when Ireland was suffering starvation during the potato blight, the North American Choctaw tribe found compassion amidst their own suffering of forced relocation. The tribe raised $170 (almost $5,000 in today’s currency) and sent it across the ocean to help Ireland. Now, the people of Ireland are paying back that debt by helping  the Navajo and Hopi tribes hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic.  GNN reports that “almost $2.7 million has been raised so far, with many donations flowing in from Irish citizens expressing gratitude for the help they received so many decades ago.”

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SoCS: Caves, Caverns, Glow Worms, and Heading into the Light


Today’s SoCS post is: “cave.” We can use it as a noun or a verb. And Linda says, “Enjoy!” which I will!

Caves can be mysterious and scary. They can also be shelter. One of my favorite book series starts with The Clan of the Cave Bear.  There are several books in the series by Jean Auel who writes about the woman Ayla in prehistoric times. It’s about survival, love, learning, and sacred places. The last book was titled, The Land of Painted Caves. I loved the books so much, I named my daughter Ayla almost 27 years ago after reading the fourth book. Seems like yesterday in some ways. 

Caves have always fascinated me. Though I haven’t visited many, I have been to Linville Caverns a few times. The temperature is always 60 something degrees in the caverns. You have to take an elevator down for the guided tour.  (These caverns are closed right now due to COVID 19 which makes sense for such tight spaces.)

Here are some photos inside the caverns:

                cavern lightcavern

Jess and Dad in cavern

My son and granddaughter study a stalactite 

Inside these caverns, runs a stream containing trout. They say a couple of guys died in the caverns many years ago from lack of ventilation and smoke inhalation. Too bad. That’s not what I want to write about. But it’s good to remember if you’re gonna have a fire in a cave, you have to have ventilation. A cave with a veranda would be nice. Maybe some potted plants….

Some day, I’d like to visit a big cave and just hang out in there for a while as long as I’m at a safe distance from bears or crazy people. No. I don’t want to be stuck in a cave with a crazy person, unless of course they are fun crazy – in a silly way, but they can also be quiet and still. A cave is a place to be reverent. That’s how I would be if I went to New Zealand’s glow worm caves. Take a look at this in full screen with the lights out.

 Can you imagine?! This looks alien, but it’s right here on planet earth!

Sometimes, especially lately, I think I would like to hide out in a cave, but not a cold one. A woman cave. I might even have visitors. But I would have to come out sooner or later. A long time ago, I painted a picture of coming out of a cave of darkness. It was shortly after my divorce.

painting w yellow sky from cave

Do you see someone in the upper right yelling at me to stay in the cave? I didn’t plan that in the painting, and I don’t know who it is. Maybe it’s just a rock.  Or maybe this rock face is telling me to get out of the cave. But the main focus has to be the sunlight and the trees beyond the cave. That’s where I was was headed. Into the light.

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Coronavirus quotes 13

These corona virus quotes from Eliza are funny and thought provoking. Mostly funny.

Journey to life

A pair of dogs advertising. Needed: new home for bonded pair. House broken and good with kids and other dogs. We never thought we’d be doing this especially during quarantine but it just isn’t working out. They interrupt our naps to go on walks and stop us from yelling at squirrels! Anyone interested in two annoying humans?!

Quarantined without my cleaning lady has been purhell

Peace of mind comes when you stop expecting and start accepting

In this country you gotta make the money first. Then when you get the money you get the power. Then when you get the power you get the toilet paper!

The drop in gas prices during a stay at home order is like a bald man winning a comb.

Breaking news. Wearing a mask inside your home is now highly recommended. Not so much to prevent covid 19 but to stop eating.

The spread…

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Good News Tuesday 5/5/20: Sudan Ready to Outlaw FGM, Shifting Away from Fossil Fuels, a COVID Recovery Story, and Captain Tom Update

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Seeking Balance One Tuesday at a Time


Sudan to Outlaw Female Genital Mutilation

Sudan’s council of ministers approved a new law criminalizing female genital mutilation on 22 April. The law is expected to be passed by the members of the sovereign council, which was created after the removal of the former dictator. Under the new law, anyone inflicting FGM will face up to three years in prison. You can read more in this article from The Guardian. 

Investors Shifting Away from Fossil Fuels and Artic Exploitation

US Investment bank Morgan Stanley will no longer fund oil and gas exploration and development in the Arctic, including the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Morgan Stanley is the fifth largest funder of fossil fuels in the United States and also the fifth major U.S. bank to stop arctic oil financing.

“The updated environmental policy also prohibits direct financing for new and expanded coal-fired power plants and new thermal coal mines. Additionally, Morgan Stanley has committed to phasing out funding for thermal coal mining companies that “do not have a diversification strategy within a reasonable timeframe.”

This article from The Planetary Press reports on the policy change and signs that world banks are “beginning to recognize the need to shift away from fossil fuels and towards sustainable alternatives”

“This man came home from the hospital to die. His son found a way to keep him alive”  CNN

81 year old Suryakant “Suri” Nathwani had contracted COVID 19 and was not expected to live. He pleaded with his son to go home, to not die in the hospital.  Raj Nathwani took his father home to the outskirts of London to try to make him comfortable.  But that’s not all Raj did. He researched, collected data, and consulted with a family friend who was  a general practitioner. While many families do not have the resources to do all that Raj was able to do, we can still celebrate this son’s efforts and his father’s recovery. I hope you will read this inspiring story as reported by CNN 

You can also listen to the story here:


Captain Tom Update: You’re Never Too Old to Dream Another Dream

Happy Belated Birthday to Captain Tom Moore who turned 100 on Thursday! He’s raised 40 million dollars for charity and is being well recognized for his perseverance.

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Strange Princess

May the 4th be with you! I just had to share this one again. 🙂

Anything is Possible!

Princess Vader

I know we’re not supposed to plan our Saturday Stream of Consciousness Posts, but ever since I saw this picture, I’ve been wanting to post it on Halloween.

I just couldn’t help it when I saw today’s prompt: “strange, stranger, strangest” and thought, it fits! Princess Vader is strange.

Is it strange that in the 70s and 80s I had a crush on Darth Vader? I loved his voice, his swagger. And I knew there was good in him. I felt it, like his son, Luke.

Would I really want to be in a romantic relationship with Darth Vader? NO way! Even Anakin Skywalker was too sullen.

But I love that he turned back to the light in the end.

I love stories where it seems like things are all wrong, and then, in time, they  turn out right. Kinda like my story. 🙂

I would want to be Princess…

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