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Highly Sensitive

Touch lamp

I’ve been writing about my mother lately (maybe for a Chicken Soup story) and found this post by Trini Lind about highly sensitive people which made me realize that my mother was a HSP, too! It helps me appreciate her more, even though she’s no longer in this world.

“Overly sensitive,” was the phrase back when I was a kid. I fought against my sensitivity my whole life. I didn’t’ want to be like my mother who had nervous breakdowns and migraines. I loved my mother, but I wanted to be strong like my father. Since I couldn’t fix my mom, I watched Star Trek and developed a huge crush on Mr. Spock. Calm, cool, logical Spock. Someone had to stay calm. So I suppressed. I did well in school, drew pictures, and made up stories in my head. And I watched a lot of Star Trek.

Somehow, I managed to become tough enough as an adult to work as an addictions counselor for 30 years, with only occasional meltdowns on my kitchen floor after a hard day.  With all the counseling skills I applied to myself, I guess I became a moderately sensitive person – on the outside at least.

As a retiree, I have begun to embrace my sensitive nature.  I love staying home with the dogs, writing, doing a little painting. At home, I have plenty of time to recover from the times I do go out and interact with people and plenty of time to think about my parents.

Now that I understand more, I wish I’d been nicer to Mom. I wasn’t mean to her. But she tended to bring out my logical side which might been cold sometimes.

I finally painted over the hearts that mysteriously appeared on her bedroom ceiling after she died in 2008. I try to go to my deceased parents’ house at least once a week to sort through their things. There’s a Tiffany style touch lamp on my mom’s old nightstand. On two separate visits in the past month, I was sure that lamp was off before I left the house.  But when I returned on the following weeks, the  lamp was on. Maybe touch lamps are highly sensitive, too. But I have to wonder.  Was that you, Mom?

On my last visit, I unplugged the lamp. If it’s on again when I go back, I’ll know something’s up.


One-Liner Wednesday: Light in the Darkness

I will not allow my life’s light to be determined by the darkness around me.”

– Sojourner Truth


statue of liberty light


Declare independence from darkness.

Let your light shine regardless,

A beacon beyond  madness.


We the people far from helpless

Surely find the truth in goodness.

Light the way for peace and kindness.



snow with sun rays on street (2)



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98 Year Old Veteran Finally Gets His Commission

“The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.”

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

It’s a sad injustice that John Edward James had to wait so long for his commission as second Lieutenant. But the good news is that his family’s persistent advocacy finally made a difference.


Do your best anyway and never give up!


(Note on the quote: Dr. Martin Luther King was paraphrasing from the 1853 sermon “Of Justice and Conscience,” by Theodore Parker, a Unitarian minister and transcendentalist who called for the abolition of slavery.)


Sunflower w address

Good news happens. Feel free to share yours!


Awesome Stories 373

Awesome stories of service, gratitude, and courage from Brad at Writing to Freedom!

writing to freedom

This week Awesome Stories brings you feeding souls, gratitude, and courage.

Feeding Souls

MacKenzie Hinson is a very special young woman. She started the Make A Difference Food Pantry in Mt. Olive NC at age 10 as her way of giving back to the community for helping her family through a hard time. At 13, she is incredibly driven and compassionate about what she’s doing and why. Kenzie is very clear that her mission is more than feeding people. It’s all about how they make people feel; treating them with love and compassion. A common theme among her patrons is how they don’t feel bad or shame when they come to her pantry, unlike when they go to most pantries. I have to admit that our local pantry where I volunteer could do more to make people feel good, not just give them food. Besides running the pantry, she provides…

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Cheers are Better than Fears

Cheers are better than fears my dears.

Cheers for peers and the not so dear.

I’m leaving my fears in the rear view mere.

Too many tears in distant years.

Goodbye fears!

Hello, Cheers!


I’ll keep the fears that keep me safe,

And release the ones that get in the way.


WordPress just wished me Happy Anniversary! I’ve been blogging here for five years!


Feed your hopes, not your fears.

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#WATWB: Making Affordable, Whimsical Houses out of Recycled Materials

We Are The World Blogfest in white

Dan Phillips not only builds whimsical houses. He builds them out of 80 to 90% recycled/free/salvaged materials. He hires only unskilled labor to train them. And he targets under-served populations for home ownership – single parents, low-income families, and artists.

Wouldn’t it be great if more people made houses this way? I hope you enjoy this video. Dan is an interesting guy.

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