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Thursday Tree Love: Growing Out of Rock

This tree, or maybe it’s two trees, lives in the mountains of North Carolina and appears to be growing out of rock.

Here’s the view from the other direction.

A full crown of leaves suggests deep roots finding nourishment in spite of the rock base.

Can you identify this tree couple? I’m thinking maybe beech.

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Good News Tuesday for Oct. 6, 2020: Bee Populations, Jet Suits, Hope for Planet Earth, and Paying Medical Bills with Volunteer Hours

Seeking Balance One Tuesday at a Time

Bee Populations Growing in Some US States

The Good News Network reports that bee populations are increasing in many US states with Maine showing a 73% rise in the past two years. Click here for details and how you can help.

A Jet Suit for Paramedics

In the UK a new jet suit is being tested that would allow paramedics to “fly” over rough terrain to reach patients. With small engines on their arms and another on their backs, these heroes will be able carry med kits and skill to the injured much faster. My Goodnewsletter led me to this story and video from BBC News.

Update: I just found a better video: ( I think this is a test run.)

Hope for the Planet

Geophysicist Michael Mann says on 60 minutes, “If we stop burning carbon now, we stop the warming of the planet.”

We’re making progress according to this Good News Network article, but we still need to stop burning fossil fuels.

One Doctor Does What He Can About Medical Costs

Demetrio Aguila has created a program so patients can pay for surgery by volunteering at a charitable organization. Patients can gather a team to help with the volunteer hours.

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SoCS: Non-Violent Protest and a Scared Cat

Here’s today’s prompt from Linda: “new/old.” Use either or both of the words “new and old” any way you’d like. Bonus points for starting and ending with either one. Have fun!

There was a meme on Facebook about a new way of protesting – just standing still and silent, no violence, no chants, just peaceful witnessing. It was like this was just discovered. What about Gandhi? What about Martin Luther King? and their use of passive resistance? This is not new! How could they forget so soon!

I looked for some video or pictures of sit ins and non violent protest. Yes, that’s bending the rules a bit. What I found first were violent protests. 😦 But soon I came across the following video about the history of the Student Non Violent Coordinating Committee from the civil rights movement in the US. Many of the protests were silent though some involved singing which I would prefer. John Lewis is one of the main people featured in this video. I think there was an example in the movie, Selma, but I’m not going to bend the SoCS rules that much to keep looking.

One of the things mentioned in the video was that students prepared for the sit ins and demonstrations. Their goal was to stay non-violent even if someone attacked them or spit on them. Imagine the courage and discipline that would take.

I hope we can develop new relationships with each other or put new elements of respect into old relationships.

On a personal note, I seem to be having to develop a new relationship with Mama Cat who I brought home from the church on Thursday. I thought our old relationship, developed over the past 4 or 5 years she lived at my church, would make up for me trapping her and taking her to the vet. Well, it seems like we’re starting from square one, because she’s hiding in her room that I prepared for her and, as of Friday afternoon, has not eaten yet.

It makes me think about how when we believe our world is coming to an end, we feel trapped, and maybe hopeless, like a caterpillar in a cocoon, there is a bigger plan for a better life ahead. We just don’t understand why things are so messed up.

Mama Cat probably feels like she is in prison. She has no idea she’s been “rescued.” I need to put myself in her place – being in a completely foreign place, having never been an indoor cat, and she probably thought the vet was trying to kill her. He did a great job with a towel and managed to give her a rabies shot, but it took a long time to get her back into the carrier. She did a little wall climbing and then would not move from the corner. Again, the towel method guided her into the carrier moved up near the corner. So now Mama Cat is hiding in a box I made for her. Maybe some day, she’ll climb on the perches we put on the walls. I have watched a lot of videos on cats and read a lot about domesticating feral cats. I have two litter boxes in her private room – one with organic potting soil and one with kitty litter. I hope she uses them.

As I write this, it’s only been just under 24 hours since I brought her home. I have to be patient and persistent. Not giving up on her or her daughter Gray who was trapped and dumped to an unknown location by the wildlife guy. (You can read about Gray in the second half of this post.)

So what’s the theme of this stream? When things look very bad, horrible, and confusing, don’t give up. Keep doing the next right thing. Avoid violence, but persist in your dreams. Continue to believe that things can get better.

Mama Cat is doing a silent protest. At least she hasn’t been violent. I thought she might hurt herself when I first trapped her. Sometimes scared looks violent. I need to trust her for her to trust me again.

Old ways work sometimes. But we need new ways, too. Perhaps we can keep the best of the old and add new ideas with respect and compassion.

Here are photos of Mama Cat. I fed her in the carrier without closing the door for a few days until she got used to it. She probably feels betrayed.

She kept her tail out like an antenna
Waiting for vet appointment. The blanket helped.

Tomorrow, October 4, is Saint Francis Day. My church is going to try to have the Blessing of the Animals outside with precautions. I’ll ask for blessings for Mama Cat and Gray remotely since they can’t be there.

PS. Mama Cat ate a little tuna around 7pm. I just read that loss of appetite can be a side effect of the rabies vaccine.

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Imagine What We Could Accomplish

Imagine if we all loved and respected each other

I went through my drafts looking for an appropriate one-liner for this morning after the debate. I wanted something scathing. I still feel like ranting.  I want to release the toxicity that lingers even though I couldn’t even bear to watch the whole debate.

What I found instead was this positive meme a friend sent me on Facebook over a year ago with a message that wants to be seen and heard.

In my draft, I referred to a related post by Sue Dreamwalker about logic and following the heart. I don’t remember the details, but I trust it is important and relevant.

The logical mind might think, it’s not likely that seven billion humans would all love and respect each other, and long enough to accomplish what we might imagine.

But the heart says, imagine anyway. The higher self says, what if we all really did love and respect each other as living beings? What if we could at least speak to each other with respect?

What a wonderful world to imagine.

And while we’re at it, lets imagine that we also love and respect ourselves.

No more wars. Everyone would have enough food. We would have peace and take care of the planet because there are enough of us who care deeply.

I invite you to take a few moments and imagine and share your best vision. How might it come into being?

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One-Liner Wednesday – The Lasting Consequences of Sign Language


Good News Tuesday for Sept. 15, 2020: Firefighters, Canada’s Progress, Dog Rescue, Water from Air, and Music for Plants

Seeking Balance One Tuesday at a Time

California Legislature Passes Bill to Allow Ex-Inmates to Become Firefighters

California lawmakers passed a bill last month that would allow former inmates to pursue careers as firefighters after their incarcerations…….The bill gives nonviolent offenders who have spent time fighting fires the opportunity to have their records expunged so they can become firefighters….inmates are only paid between $2 – $5 a day, and an additional $1 per hour while fighting fires. (Source)

 The bill now heads to the desk of Gov. Gavin Newsom to be signed. 

Here’s more from Spectrum News.

Canada Reported No New Covid Deaths

In Canada, deaths from COVID started to plateau after July. This article from CBS reports on a day of no new deaths and Canada’s progress in fighting the coronavirus. Good job, Canada!

Oil Rig Worker Rescues Dog from Ocean

Vitisak Payalaw was first to spot a dog swimming 135 miles off the coast of Thailand. He and his coworkers rescued the exhausted dog who was later transported to a shelter. Vitiskak had to work ten more days on the rig, then went back to adopt the dog they named Boonrod. The Good News Network has the story with a sweet video.

Water From Air

In Arizona, solar-powered hydropanels are getting water from the air for 15 Navajo households who previously had no basic access to water. According Zero Mass Water CEO who manages the demonstration project with Navajo Power and Public Benefit Corporation, “A standard, two-panel array, produces 4-10 liters of water each day…” Read more from The Good News Network.

Music for Plants

When Spain lifted it’s state of emergency, they still weren’t ready for large gatherings, so a Barcelona opera house opened with a concert for plants. Over 2000 plants were brought in with each plant having its own seat to listen to a string quartet. After the concert, the plants were given in gratitude to health care workers.

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One-Liner Wednesday: Miracles

“The impossible gives birth to miracles.”

(I found this in Chandra’s blog post: )

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Climate Crisis Update: Reasons for Hope in 2020

More good news from Rosaliene Bacchus’ Climate Crisis Update giving us reason to hope. We’re starting to move in the right direction. Let’s keep it going! Our lives depend on it.

Three Worlds One Vision

Stop Sign Extreme Heat Warning – Death Valley – California – USA

It is hot here in California. On August 16th, a heat wave sent temperatures soaring in Death Valley to 130℉ (54.4℃), believed to be the highest temperature recorded on Earth in over a century. With a historic wildfire season threatening life and property, Governor Gavin Newson has declared a state of emergency. On August 24th, as reported by Cal Fire, the state has had 7,002 fires this year, burning over 1.4 million acres…and growing. At the same time last year, 4,292 fires had burned 56,000 acres.

Depending upon where you live, you are probably facing your own extreme weather-related danger. Given our climate crisis, this is our new reality as inhabitants on Earth. Though the COVID-19 global pandemic may have forced our climate activists off the streets worldwide, they continue to press for urgent action.

On July…

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From Loneliness to Love: Five Steps for Finding a Healthy Relationship by JoAnne Macco

Thank you to Rosaliene at Three Worlds One Vision for this thoughtful review of my latest book!

Three Worlds One Vision

Front Cover – From Loneliness to Love: Five Steps for Finding a Healthy Relationship by JoAnne Macco (USA, 2020)

With all the social distancing and lockdown during these uncertain times of a global pandemic, there is no reason for us to give up on finding the love of our life. In her self-help guide, From Loneliness to Love: Five Steps for Finding a Healthy Relationship, memoirist and former mental health therapist JoAnne Macco does not dillydally with meanderings. She presents each recommended step with clear and concise descriptions and exercises for realizing the change we seek in our lives.

Based on her own journey of finding a compatible partner, following her divorce and two rebound damaging relationships, Macco knows well the pitfalls that await us along the way. She believes that the steps she had taken for a successful outcome could also work for others.

Her first step is…

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SoCS: Pros, Cons, Statues, and Cats

Today’s prompt is to talk about the pros and cons of anything and to enjoy!

Pros and Cons. It just so happens that I’m scheduled to be a speaker at an on line Braver Angels debate about statues and monuments. The debate “resolution” is this: “Removing statues and monuments will erase important periods of our parts of our country’s history.”

I am speaking for three minutes on the “con” side, disagreeing with the statement. Maybe I will share my notes in a later post, but history still stands and the confederate glorifying statues can go to a museum. We can’t change the past, but as Maya Angelou said, “…when we know better, we do better.”

The “pro” side, that removing the monuments will erase parts of our history, is hard for me to understand. But I will do my best to listen. I think there might be some fear that if we remove some statues, people will want to remove all kinds of statues, like Abraham Lincoln. But for me, it boils down to, what are the values and memories we want to promote. What parts of history do we want to glorify? Who do we want to admire, not just remember.

Braver Angels seeks to depolarize America by helping people listen to each other and try to understand which often leads to finding common ground, especially when we speak from experience, from our hearts.

I may be able to use these skills on a personal issue I’m working on. It’s something that upsets me very much when I let myself think about it….

Along with some other church members, I’ve been taking care of two cats who have lived at my church for at least four years. The younger cat, Gray, disappeared in early June while I was out of town. I know she was being fed. We figured she might have just found another home. I should not have been so…. naive…. ? lazy? distracted. But I’m not sure if it would have made a difference if I had started looking for her sooner.

In July, I heard someone in the neighborhood was feeding cats and felt hopeful she had just moved on her own. I put out flyers with her picture at the houses surrounding the church. That night one of the neighbors called me and told me they had called a wildlife removal person about some possums and he had also trapped my cat and taken her somewhere. “She’s okay,” he said, he just took her….. out of the city…. ” I don’t remember his exact words.

I was able to get the contact info on this wildlife removal guy and he admitted to trapping a cat at that location but said he didn’t remember where he let her go. He mentioned a farm in the next county and that sometimes he gives them to old folks. But he would not be more specific. The weird thing was that he seemed like he was trying to be nice, then the call was ? disconnected? ended abruptly. He called me back and asked me if I could take cats in my city that he catches….. It was rather bizarre. But I tried to build rapport to try to get him to tell me where he took Gray.

So, I’ve been working on this from various angles and have gotten a lot of support from cat people on FB who are angry… I can work on it for specific periods of time, then I become emotionally overwhelmed and have to take a break. I feel like I’m venting to you and could go on, but that’s probably enough for now. There have been some interesting developments…..

I ask that you please join me in sending good thoughts, prayers or wishes for Gray to be safe and loved.

Here’s a photo of her in the church courtyard with her Mama Cat who is still there at the church and doing okay, but misses her girl a lot.

Gray is next to St. Francis

I’ve written about our little feral colony over the years. Like here in 2016.

They’re not so feral anymore. But Gray is a good hunter. Maybe she’s okay.

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SoCS: Spots on My Apples

“Give me spots on my apples, but leave me the birds and the bees. PLEASE.
Maybe we’ll come back to that. Maybe if my computer wasn’t in the shop, I would record and share me singing that song. Maybe I can do it all with my phone. I don’t know, but they say, or someone says, anything is possible. I’ll get back to you on that.
The prompt looks like this:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “spot.” Write whatever image the word “spot” invokes. Have fun!

Spotty apples don’t sound perfect, but they’re better than holey apples. Maybe not as good as holy apples though. I’d rather have a few spots an my apples and keep the birds and bees happy and healthy. Wouldn’t you?
This isn’t exactly following the minimal planning rule, but singing a song for you did show up in my stream of consciousness. Please keep in mind, I know I’m an amateur. Plus I haven’t been singing or playing guitar regularly. About time.
Thank you to Joni Mitchell for writing this song, “Big Yellow Taxi.”
I hope this works…. If the video appears sideways, it might straighten up when you click on it.

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