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Sharing this poem by James the Wandering Poet who encourages us to find the person that brings peace. Having someone in our lives with whom we can be ourselves is and be at peace so important, even if that someone is a dog, a cat, or God.

The Wandering Poet

The day is coming,
The moment when you realise,
Those that make you nervous,
That set you on edge,
They aren’t what your soul craves,
Find the person that brings peace,
Sets the deep endless lake within you,
To complete stillness,
Perfect tranquillity,
Where you can be yourself,
With total confidence,
This is your soul food.

Paris, France

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A Good News Reposting From Jessica Craven’s

Reblogging a repost of an excellent good news collection followed by a somewhat irreverent video I found hilarious.


Chop Wood, Carry Water

Extra! Extra! 3/5 🎉

Jessica Craven

[Note from Annie: I came across this roundup of good news via Robert Hubbell’s Today’s Edition newsletter yesterday. I’m pleased to pass it on. If you make it through the last item–the Bad Lip Reading–the final few minutes may seem familiar; I included them in my January 10, 2023 post.]

The White House @WhiteHouse

Today, President Biden awarded the Medal of Honor to Retired U.S. Army Colonel Paris Davis for his remarkable heroism during the Vietnam War.

President Biden awards the Medal of Honor to Retired U.S. Army Colonel Paris Davis.

10:00 PM ∙ Mar 3, 20237,216Likes927Retweets

Hi, all, and happy Sunday!

Here’s some positive news to counteract the seemingly endless stream of negativity we’re facing.

Remember: good news is quiet—it doesn’t insist on being heard. It gets few clicks, minimal shares, and no outraged “did you see this?” re-posts.

It needs to be heard, but won’t shout to make itself known. It…

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50 Ways to Calm Your Nervous System

Some of these are delightfully new to me. So many possibilities!

Thriving Under Pressure

50 Calming Exercises

  1. Light a candle. Notice the flicker of the flame.
  2. Open a window.
  3. Watch the trees sway in the breeze.
  4. Breathe in fresh air.
  5. Record last night’s dreams in a journal.
  6. Smile while reading this sentence.
  7. Dance to a song from your teenage years.
  8. Belt out show tunes in the shower.
  9. Burn some incense. Observe the smoke bend and flow.
  10. Listen to spa music.
  11. Write a love letter to yourself.
  12. Lay on the ground, close your eyes, and feel the weight of gravity.
  13. Before going to bed, step out your front door, and count seven stars.
  14. Forgive someone from your past.
  15. Forgive yourself.
  16. Dim a lightbulb.
  17. Lie still under a pile of cozy blankets.
  18. Wear your favourite colour on Mondays.
  19. Bake a cake from scratch.
  20. Call a friend and tell them what you admire about them.
  21. Call your best friend and ask what they admire about you.
  22. Lean…

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Reflections on Exceptionalism

“We seek neither glory nor power. We are pollinators in Earth’s web of life. It is our destiny. Men take our work for granted.” Today, I’m sharing Rosaliene’s 7th reflection in her series, “Shifts of Being,” about the realities of climate chaos.

Three Worlds One Vision

Stop Ecocide: Change the Law. Protect the Earth
Source: Stop Ecocide International (UK Flyer)

This is the seventh in the series of my reflections on the “shifts of being” proposed by Jem Bendell in Deep Adaptation: Navigating the Realities of Climate Chaos (UK/USA 2021).

#1:Reflections on the Nature of Being
#2:Reflections on Entitlement
#3:Reflections on Surety or Certainty
#4:Reflections on Control
#5:Reflections on Autonomy
#6:Reflections on Progress

Jem Bendell uses the word “exceptionalism” in e-s-c-a-p-E ideology to describe two kinds of exceptionalism that cause him concern: firstly, that we and our kin are different and better, or at least more entitled than others and their kin; secondly, that humans are an exceptional species in natural history (Bendell, p. 135). He notes that, throughout history, we humans have acted as though our family, community, country, race, or religion are more important than others outside our…

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FOTD – February 3 – Orchid

I just had to share this exquisite orchid photo from Cee. Orchids always remind me of little aliens or angels with big wings, but they’re really magnificent natives of our amazing planet Earth.

Cee's Photo Challenges

Welcome to my Flower of the Day Challenge (FOTD). Please use your archived photos or find some old favorite photos if you like. Feel free to post every day or when you you feel like it.

Don’t forget that my FOTD challenge accepts gardens, leaves and berries as well as flowers. To see entire list of accepted flowers, click here. Please do not submit photos of trees that don’t show colorful blooms or autumn colors. Leaf close ups are always welcome.

I’ve gathered a list of challenges and their hosts. So if you know a challenge host, please direct them to my blog. Feel free to contact me anytime. I hope everyone will be able to use my lists.

Qi (energy) hugs


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Good News Tuesday for Jan. 24, 2023: Argentina Protects Southern Peninsula, Uganda Declares Ebola Outbreak Over, Animal Testing No Longer Required by FDA, Students Make Leg for Dog, and an Uber Driver Donates a Kidney

Seeking Balance One Tuesday at a Time

Argentina Protects the Southern Peninsula of South America

In December, legislators in the province of Tierra del Fuego voted to permanently protect the land and sea of the Mitre Peninsula. The protected area is Argentina’s most important “carbon sink” and includes a range of peatlands and giant kelp forests. Read more and see beautiful photos in this article from Mongabay.

Uganda Declares Ebola Outbreak is Over

After no new infections were reported in more than 42 days, Uganda has declared the 4-month ebola outbreak is over. The Guardian has details here.

FDA No Longer Requires Animal Testing on All Drugs

The US Federal Drug Administration no longer requires drugs to be tested on animals. While the law doesn’t ban the testing of new drugs on animals, it lifts the requirement that pharmaceutical companies use animals to test new drugs before human trials. Hopefully this will increase the market and fine-tuning for alternatives to animal testing. For details, see this article from NPR which came in my goodnewslestter.

High School Students Make Prosthetic Leg for Teacher’s Dog

High school students are refining their work on a prosthetic leg for a golden retriever who lost his leg due to cancer. You can read more about the project from this NBC News Charlotte affiliate.

Uber Driver Donates Kidney to Passenger

Bill Sumiel was on his way to dialysis when his Uber driver, army veteran Tim Letts, offered to give Bill his kidney. Here’s the story:

Got Good News?

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SoCS: You Can Count on It

From our host: Linda Hill: Today’s prompt for #JusJoJan the 21st and Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “count on it.” Use the phrase “count on it” somewhere in your post. Enjoy!

The sun is up there shining even if you can’t see it.

You can count on it being up there behind the clouds.

Spring will come and things will grow.

You can count on it cause that’s how it works.

When you’re in a grumpy down mood, it will get better.

You can count on it. Feelings aren’t forever.

If you love yourself and others, good will come.

You can count on it, though it might take time.

God listens to our prayers and wants what’s best for us.

You can count on it because it’s happened before.

God’s plan might not be the same as yours or mine,

But God has a plan. You can count on it.

Life will keep giving us chances to learn.

You can count on it, again and again.

One day, each of us will leave our bodies behind.

You can count on it. Let’s make the most of today.


The last two Thursdays have blessed us with gorgeous 70 degree weather for lunch at the farm animal sanctuary. The goats and sheep enjoy munching on donated Christmas trees. I didn’t actually have any sheep in the video. The last two goats in the video are the old ladies I hang out with most – Delilah is white and butterscotch and then you see sweet old Esther. All the goats came from petting zoos. They ladies were covertly pregnant when they came to sanctuary and for the first time ever were allowed to keep their babies until they weaned naturally. The babies are grown up and live at the sanctuary. Before the video is a picture of Esther and Mira from a couple of years ago. Mira is short for Miracle because Esther was old to be having a baby. She has permanent distention of her stomachs due to improper diet at the petting zoo. The sanctuary staff didn’t even know she was pregnant until they discovered little Mira who is all grown up now and feisty in a friendly way. Yes, you might have heard this story before, but it’s in the stream of consciousness and I could go on and on about the sanctuary…. you can count on it.

Esther and Mira


For more on Stream of Consciousness Saturday,

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Good News Tuesday for Dec. 27, 2022: NY Bans Cosmetics Tested on Animals, International Aid to Ukraine Continues, Patagonia Profits for the Planet, Electric/Solar Powered Car Sets Record, and Giving the Shoes Off Her Feet

Seeking Balance One Tuesday at a Time

New York State Bans the Sale of Cosmetics Tested on Animals

New York recently became the tenth US state to ban the sale and manufacture of cosmetics tested on animals with the New York Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Act. With so many alternatives and known ingredients available, there’s no excuse to cause animal suffering for a new shampoo or aftershave. Now, it’s up to the US congress to pass the Humane Cosmetics Act – to ban the sale and manufacturing of animal tested cosmetics throughout the US. Here’s more from CNN.

International Aid to Ukraine Continues

At a conference in Paris Tuesday, dozens of countries and international organizations pledged more than 1 billion euros (dollars) in aid to help the Ukrainian people as winter approaches. Read more from AP.

Patagonia’s Profits for the Planet

Back in September, Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard transferred ownership of the 50-year-old company to entities that will use its profits to “protect nature and biodiversity, support thriving communities and fight the environmental crisis.” CNN has details.

Solar Powered Electric Car Sets New Record

An electric car in Australia made a record-breaking 621 mile (1,000km) trip on a single charge and powered by the sun. The car built by a group of “very smart amateurs” set a new world record by doing 240 laps on a track representing the distance from Sydney to Melbourne. Take a look in this article from the Good News Network.

Giving the Shoes Off Her Feet

Ta Leia Thomas didn’t expect anything in return when she impulsively gave a man her shoes. She was working at the liquor store in Minnesota when she saw him come in and get some boxes to put on his cold, shoeless feet. As the man started to shuffle out the door wearing the boxes, Ta Leia, aka, Ace, hurried after him and gave him her shoes. Now the store has started to collect clothes to help unsheltered people, and Ace is getting a lot of shoes. Here’s the story:

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Good News Tuesday for Nov. 15, 2022: Mindfulness for Anxiety, Baby Born at 1.18 lbs. Goes Home, CNN’s Top Ten Heroes, and a Senior with Alzheimer’s Has a Special Fan Club

Seeking Balance One Tuesday at a Time

Study Validates Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Therapy

A study published recently in JAMA Psychiatry found a structured course in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction to be as effective as Lexapro in reducing the severity of symptoms of anxiety disorder. Of course, a person should never stop taking such medications suddenly, but the study gives validation to alternative forms of therapy with the hope of insurance reimbursement. NPR has details.

Baby Born Weighing Just Over One Pound is Home

Baby Isla was born weighing just 1.18 lbs. with a 10% chance of survival. Now, she’s finally home after 4 months in the Hospital in England. Here’s more from the Good News Network.

CNN’s Top Ten Heroes

CNN has announced their top 10 CNN Heroes for 2022. Each will receive a $10,000 prize, and the public can vote for hero of the year to be announced in December. Thanks to CNN for honoring hardworking heroes. You can find a video overview and highlights of each hero in this article from CNN.

A Senior with Alzheimer’s has a Very Special Fan Club

Gene McGehee has Alzheimer’s. His short-term memory resets every 15 minutes. Every weekday afternoon, he waits outside his house without consciously knowing why. Then a bus arrives with kids who greet and spend time with Mr. McGhee. They enrich each other’s lives. This heartwarming story from Upworthy includes lots of photos and a sweet video at the end that you don’t want to miss.

Got Good News?

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