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Grieving a Lost Love (What I’ve Learned)

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In the divorce support group they said it generally takes one year of grief for every five years you were in the lost relationship. I did not want to hear that after my 20 year marriage ended. But experience has taught me a few things about the process.

  1. There might not be an end date. You can have moments of grief which may include denial, anger, guilt, depression… even acceptance, beyond the 1 to 5 ratio.

  2. The good news is, it gets easier with time. The waves of grief come further apart and they eventually get smaller. There will come a time when you rarely think about the lost love.

  3. When you’re grieving, you’re vulnerable, so be careful. I thought I was ready to date after the divorce was final. Boy was I wrong.

  4. Love YOU. Focus on the constants that have always been there for you and the the things you’ve always wanted to do. Take good care of yourself.

  5. Know you are loved unconditionally by a divine Power who is working on a plan for your best good.

  6. Believe that someone or something even better is on the way and will come to you when the time is right.  Trust the timing.

Here’s one of my favorite scenes from Cast Away. “Who knows what the tide could bring.”   (You might need to turn up the volume.)


Rival Gang Members Build a Playground of Peace

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Rival gang members in Chicago were tired of the violence. They didn’t even remember what they were fighting about. What they did know is that the neighborhood children needed a place to play. After an 8 month truce, they joined together to help build  a playground where their children can play together.

Imagine the possibilities!


What’s YOUR good news? Feel free to share in the comments!

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We are all “Gifted”

I love this post and video from Write Side of the Road. We are all gifted and all our gifts are important!

Write Side of the Road

I love this video. (From YouCubed)

I live in a competitive school district. Everyone is “measured” in one way or another. Every child seems to have a stamp across their forehead and an image to live up to. A Label. What is it with this generation’s need to label everything? As if we need to compartmentalize everyone into a category to see where they fit.

Our school district has several “Advanced Learning” schools and school programs, mostly in math and science (STEM). There is one Public High School in our district so coveted that parents start training their kids to pass the admissions test when they are in elementary school. That’s crazy! Talk about pressure. When we first moved here, I asked a group of parents what the long term advantages were of that high school. For instance, was it guaranteed admission to the college of your choice? Apparently, it…

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Fewer People Going Back to Prison and a Feel Good Video

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The following article reports a decrease in prison recidivism in the US due to engagement in evidenced-based programs.  The most recent statistics are from 2016. Let’s hope this trend continues!


Plus, here’s a feel good video about the patience of a grocery store worker who helps a teen with autism.




Good News Tuesday: Notes on a Bridge, Paid Leave for NZ Domestic Violence Victims, and Help with Yard Work in Miami

18 year old Paige Hunter has saved lives by leaving notes of hope on the Wearmouth Bridge in Sunderland, UK.


New Zealand votes to allow paid domestic violence leave to help victims seek safety.


Instead of a citation, this man gets help with his overgrown yard:

There’s a lot of good news happening all over the world. Spread the word and bring balance.

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Good News Tuesday: Prepare to Be Inspired

“If you do something wrong to my animals, I will catch you.”  ___Vimbai Kumire

A female anti-poaching unit protects elephants in Zimbabwe.  Many of these women are single mothers or survivors of abuse. My heart cheers with hope for them, for their courage and dedication. In this video, you can see how important their work is to them.

Fighting the monster of addiction also takes courage. It’s harder than most people realize. Crystal Champ gave her baby to a hero, but Crystal is a hero, too.  In this video, she’s been sober six months.


Good news is happening all over the world.

The world needs to see it.

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GRRRRR. Needing Time Off-Line

SOC winner 2017

The prompt for today’s Stream of Consciousness is “3-letter word.” We’re supposed to start our post with a three-letter word, and we get bonus points for ending with a three-letter word.

Did I just do that with the word, “The”? Or did, “Did” do the trick? Either way, thank you, Linda Hill, for giving us an easy peazy prompt! I have a habit of looking back over my SOCS posts and noticing I started so many paragraphs with the word, “I.” So this is good. Maybe I’ll try to start every paragraph with a three-letter word, though that could impede the flow of the stream of consciousness. We will see.

One reason I appreciate the easy prompt is that I’m really needing a break from the computer, or rather, computer technology as well as Facebook, but we’ll get to that later. GDPR is the Grrrrr factor at the moment. I don’t know by heart what it stands for, but the D is for Data. I could think up something GDPR stands for but I don’t like to take the Lord’s name in vain so I have to be careful.

GDPR is probably a very good thing on some level. It seems to be designed to protect privacy and let people know they can opt out of things. That’s why we have to accept cookies lately on WP blogs. I hope I at least did that right. I thought I had the GDPR steps done for my little, modest, cozy email list, steps that mailchimp explained. I was very proud of myself for working on it. But when I went to send an email to my list, there were no recipients in the GDPR segment! I want to give up. Throw in the towel. But I’ll probably get back to it eventually. If you’ve signed up for my list, thank you.  Hopefully you’ll get a newsletter one day, but it might be quarterly instead of monthly.

But that’s enough of that! Facebook is wearing me out, too. Sometimes I like Facebook. It’s become sort of a love/hate relationship. Being off Facebook by midnight has not always worked. I don’t even scroll anymore! Scrolling gets me in trouble. But I might miss something! Too bad. I lived most of my life without FB.

Now I’m getting ready to cut back on computer stuff for a while. Sundays might even be computer free. My plan is to continue with Good News Tuesday here on WP, cause it’s important to me, and also continue with SOCS, cause it’s fun. But I’m probably not going to do any more posts besides those two for a couple weeks, maybe even the month of July, which is probably two weeks. As far as FB goes, I’m going to check my messages, my kids pages (resisting the urge to comment on every post)  and maybe check one of two people who always make me feel good. Almost always. There’s good stuff on the internet.

But Twitter, Ugh.

Why am I all of a sudden getting FB friend requests (and Twitter followers) who are unknown single men with no mutual friends? I’m happily married! Leave me alone! Yeah, so you can see why I want to take a break and cut back on my computer time. There are plenty of household projects to do. Who knows, maybe I’ll take a trip! 🙂

See ya, Tuesday with some good news!

The End.


PS: The mini rant about FB is about my personal page and not my author page. Everyone is free to follow and like that one!

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