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Saying Goodbye to my Parents’ House

birds on the wire at 312

We closed on my parents’ old house on Monday and got the last of the stuff out. Besides paperclips, I will never have to buy duct tape again, or screwdrivers, T shirts, pencils, blankets, or coffee mugs just to name a few of the things my house is now full of.

At first I thought I might not cry, being so busy with loading the car. But as we approached the end of the process, I found it hard to breathe. Crying is a good thing and healthy at times, so I did.  Intellectually, I knew the house was just a structure, a building, but somehow it felt like I was saying goodbye to my parents and the end of an era. So many important things happened in that house. I lived there through my teen years and into my early twenties. My parent’s were there during the death of my sister in the mid seventies when she was 16.  After Mom died in 2008, Dad insisted on staying there by himself until he joined her in 2017.

My husband David was a big help. As we got ready leave for the last time, he said, “We have to decommission this house!” David spent much of his life on the New England coast where old ships were decommissioned to be removed from active service. I’m sure my parent’s house will go through a lot of changes before it returns to active duty. Standing in the front threshold, David said a prayer of thanksgiving for the vessel that served my family well.

It had been drizzling off and on for most of the morning, but the sky opened some clear patches as we carried the last items to the car. Looking up, I noticed four mourning doves perched on the electrical line out front. They seemed to be watching us.

birds on a wire at 312

All four members of my family of origin – my father, mother, and two sisters – have passed away. I wondered if these four doves could be spiritual representatives of my family in heaven.  As we finished loading the car, the doves flew away one at a time in the direction we would be driving home.

bird flying away

IMG_E0658 (2)

The last dove to leave seemed like the biggest one. It (he?) lingered for a bit, watching, then finally flew away.

It’s hard to put into words what I felt about the four doves, but I will try. I felt comforted by their presence. I think they were there to tell me that my parents and sisters are no longer confined to that house or this realm. Their spirits are alive, well and flying free! It’s time to move on.

I will carry with me the treasured memories from my parents’ old house and the lessons they taught me into new adventures!



Thursday Tree Love: Trunk Shapes

tree woman lighter

I’m fascinated by the shapes that tree trunks develop over time. It’s easy to see human-like shapes in this tree trunk. This photo was taken in Connecticut on the Pequot Woods Trail.


hollow tree with ferns

Tree cavities are like little mysterious little caves. Maybe somebody lives in there. The address is somewhere in the North Carolina mountains.


tree with a V on path

I took this as a peace sign.


The following is not my photo, but I have to admire this tree’s message of perseverance.

tree fell but didnt give up


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One-Liner Wednesday: It’s a Gray Area


My daughter just turned 26. Sometimes she’s more available by text. I texted her about my yoga class at the senior center.

Daughter: Lol why do you go the the senior center? Are you ACTUALLY considered a senior now?

Me: (My friend from high school) got me to sign up with her. The senior center is for people 55 and older. I’m 63.

Daughter: At what age are people considered seniors?

Me: It’s a gray area. Lol.

Daughter: LOL that’s a good one.

We have some good conversations via text. But I still prefer to see her in person so I can kiss her cheek.

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Good News Tuesday: “Zoo”Rescue, Alex Trebek Update, & Art Saves a Town

Sunflower w address

Seeking Balance One Tuesday at a Time


Over 200 Animals Rescued from “Roadside” Zoo

“This is the first time in Quebec that animal welfare charges have been made by way of indictment – a type of prosecution reserved for the most serious offenses and which opens the door to more serious penalties.”

Alex Trebek: Progress Update

Alex Trebek is making progress in fighting pancreatic cancer, and it “has to be more than chemo.” He credit’s the tremendous love and support of family, friends, and fans for aiding in his progress. Some of his tumors have shrunk by more than 50%. Mr. Trebek, long time host of Jeopardy,  has vowed to beat the statistics. Here’s an overview from ABC news, and I found the following interview well worth watching.

How an Artist Saved His Town

This story might not be recent, but it’s never too late to make a difference. The government was going to tear down his town, but the “Rainbow Grandpa” started painting the buildings. Now, it’s a tourist attraction.

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Ringing Ears and Big Happenings


Here’s the prompt:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “silent/silence.” Use one or both in your post. Have fun!

Silent nights no more

Though more silent than before

When I was young and having fun

And life had just begun

Or so I thought (back in the 70s)

Back then, silence was not something I desired.

Loud music, dancing kept the fire

Going all night was not so strange

Sometimes on too far a range

Angels watching out for me

Shook their heads. I was so free.

Now, I like the silence more

If only I could find it

Instead the ringing in my ears

keeps me company day and night.

So songs of birds and music soft

Will soothe my ears and lift aloft

Like rustling in the tops of trees

My mind – unless I need to sneeze

So to forget the ringing ears

And settle for a serenade

of steady calling cicadas.

Sometimes I can’t tell the difference.

They sound the same.

Are there bugs in my ears?

No way! It’s just the years

Echoing like the sound of silence.

Okay well that song’s a downer ending. So let me tell you something I can’t keep silent about. The month of June is a convergence of change and adventure.  Here’s what it’s looking like in the June schedule of events:

  • Sell the house that was my parents’  (We have a closing date!)
  • Buy a house in the mountains!  (I never imagined that would happen but we have a closing date one week after the closing of my parent’s house closing – can I use the proceeds from the parents’ house toward the mountain house? I hope so!)
  • My husband is “retiring” and moving into a new creative adventure with me.
  • My son is getting married!

All this is happening in the month of June! It’s kinda surreal. Maybe my astrological friends can explain it. Maybe I’m dreaming. Maybe it’s a God thing, after all these years.  Anyway, it won’t be very silent.

A few years ago, my son told me he didn’t think he’d ever find love again. But he has. There was a time when I thought I’d never get married again. I accepted that – just me and the dogs in my little house. God seemed silent. But God had a plan. The love of my life found me again when the time was perfect.  Now, time (God) is working its magic again.

You never know what surprises await. Anything is possible!

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Good News Tuesday: Three Rescues

Sunflower w address

Seeking Balance One Tuesday at a Time

Teen Swimmers Rescued by a Boat with a Special Name

Tyler and Heather decided to go for a swim off of Vilano Beach, Florida. Their plan was to swim to an offshore island but the powerful current pulled them away. Then they tried to make it to a lighthouse, but they were pulled further out to sea. They linked arms and floated to conserve energy, and they prayed. Thirty minutes after their prayer, they were rescued by a boat named, “Amen.” Sometimes our prayers are answered quickly, sometimes it takes a while. This answer came in the nick of time.



Quick Thinking and Skill on a Crane Rescues 14 People

Lan Junze, a 19 year old crane operator in China rescued 14 people from a burning building.  I saw this story first at the Good News Network. 


37 Spotted Seal Pups Rescued and Released

Found by police three months ago, the seal pups had been captured by traffickers in China to be sold to aquariums, shops and other commercial venues.  Eight suspects were arrested as spotted seals are “now a protected species in China.”

I spotted this story in my Goodnewsletter email which led me to this AP article.

The article gave me a jolt of sadness because all the seal pups could not be saved, but at least 37 were saved and released. Kudos and commendations to the officers who rescued them and the people who cared for released them!

I wish I could’ve found a video with these spotted pups being released, but we can use our imaginations.

Here’s an alternative video of harbor seal pups being released a couple of years ago.

Got good news?

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Thursday Tree Love: Redbuds

Redbud tree at Daniel Boone Garden

The deciduous trees were just starting to bud a couple of weeks ago when I visited my son and his family in the Appalachian Mountains. Redbud trees were spring’s early risers decorating rocky hillsides as I drove toward the mountains.  Later, I got to see some Redbuds up close at Daniel Boone Native Gardens. The buds weren’t actually red, but a soft pinkish purple, very pleasing to the eye.

Redbud tree

Rudbud blooms

Redbud sign

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