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How Gratitude Healed My Loneliness

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(From my November newsletter)

They say laughter is the best medicine. But the medicine of gratitude reaches deeper into our hearts. Giving thanks for what we have creates positive energy all around us. Gratitude brings more blessings, maybe not right away, but soon.

In my lonely years, I wanted a partner who would be a good fit: respectful, dog-loving, spiritual… My longing softened toward acceptance and even joy when I started to give thanks for what I already had – friends, family, job, home, and that God had a plan for my life. Even though it took a while for my partner to find me, being thankful made me feel better, especially when I made a written list or gave thanks out loud. It helped me realize that my life was good, even without a partner. One of the messages in Trust the Timing, is that we need to be mostly okay as individuals before we can have a healthy relationship. When my partner found me, he shared his own habit of giving thanks at the end of every day. I wonder if gratitude helped lead us back to each other when the time was right.

Every challenge holds an opportunity for thankfulness. I can get overwhelmed by the tasks related to my father’s death in January. Sorting through the things that once belonged to my parents is still hard. But I am thankful for the timing. Dad died right after I retired from my stressful job, so I have time to deal with the physical tasks and the emotional grief. When I miss my parents, I can be thankful that they are together now and don’t miss each other anymore.

Not only can gratitude help us feel better emotionally, it’s good for us physically. Many studies have discovered a connection between gratitude and wellness. This article shows that being thankful is good for our hearts.

I am thankful for you, my readers, for your support and encouragement.
May you have an abundance of blessings to be thankful for now and in the days ahead.


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Happy Thanksgiving!


Awesome Stories 344 – Thanksgiving Edition

Open your heart and “… train the brain for positivity and gratitude…” with this wonderful, healing message and video from Brad at “Writing to Freedom.” Congratulations, Brad, for 3000 plus followers and for the joy writing has brought to you and others.

writing to freedom

This week Awesome Stories focuses on the power of gratitude. I love the Thanksgiving Holiday and the reminder to appreciate my life and its many blessings. gratitude, blessings, autumn

Gratitude by the Numbers

In case you’ve been hiding for the last 10 years, the transformative power of gratitude has been demonstrated. The research of Robert Emmons (and many others) has shown clearly that gratitude boosts our mental, emotional, and physical health.

And speaking of numbers, this week I passed 3000 subscribers!celebration, blog success

When I first started blogging, I was very focused on how many people were signing up for my blog. Gradually my focus shifted to the simple joys of writing, sharing, and connecting. I am both humbled and immensely grateful for all of you who follow my blog. When I began blogging in 2011, I wasn’t even sure I wanted to blog or write. I started blogging on a whim and suggestion from a…

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I’m Thankful I Didn’t Walk In Front of a Truck.

“The Suicide Note” at Manifesto Amelioration   reminded me that I thought about suicide when I was 20 years old.

It was in the late 70s, after high school when my codependency emerged full force. The guy I’d been dating was not a good fit. But I didn’t get it. Depressed, I dropped out of college, worked in nowhere jobs, and drank more I should have.

I had no active suicide plan, just thoughts about leaving work at the pizza place where I washed dishes with tears dripping into the sink, and walking in front of a truck. I thought about it more than once. Because my stupid boyfriend didn’t love me anymore, and life wasn’t working out at all like I planned.

What stopped me was that I didn’t want to hurt my parents. My little sister had been killed by a drunk driver less than two years earlier. The night she died, my father, the strongest man I’ve ever known, sat in his chair shaking his head and holding a cigarette for the first time in years. I felt his agony.  Even then, I knew that losing one child was a horrible burden for any parent to bear. I would not add to their pain.

I didn’t know how hard my parents were praying for me when I was 20. And that angels were watching over me, sometimes peeking though their fingers, shaking their heads in disbelief as I meandered along the edge of sanity.  I did not walk in front of any trucks, but I did put myself in some risky situations.

Thank you, angels.


Angel from Pixabay

Putting one wobbly, angel nudged foot in front of the other, I got over the boyfriend who was never a good fit. I had other boyfriends. I got married, graduated from college, and had two children. There was more heartbreak, but there were joys, too. Big joys. And lots of lessons. Today, my life is better than I could have ever imagined.

My point is that when I was 20 years old and thought about suicide, I didn’t know that the best years of my life were waiting for me.

Hope is always with us, waiting patiently. It gets better.


Suicide Prevention Lifeline

It ain’t over yet.


(The angel photo is from pixabay.)


Awesome Stories 343

This week’s awesome stories from Brad offer inspiration, hope, and wisdom for dealing with life’s challenges. Please visit “Writing to Freedom.”

writing to freedom

This week Awesome Stories brings you true grit, young leaders, and the divine dance.

True Grit

Tatyana McFadden‘s life reflects an amazing determination or what used to be called grit. Tatyana was born with spina bifida, paralyzed below the waist, and given up by her birth mother who couldn’t support her. While living in an orphanage in Russia, Tatyana met Deborah McFadden who was on a business trip to Russia visiting orphanages for the US Health Department. The two felt an instant connection that led to her adoption. Once in the US, Tatyana experimented with sports to build strength, then settled on wheelchair racing with dreams of being a star athlete. Tatyana is now the most decorated Paralympic athlete in history with 17 medals in Summer Paralympics and numerous world records. She uses her success to serve and inspire other people to live their dreams.

Young Leaders

Do your little bit of…

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The unthinkable happened…

Praying for wisdom, healing, and for the peace that passes all understanding to comfort those who grieve.

Sacred Touches

Screen Shot 2017-11-05 at 9.56.04 PM.png

The unthinkable happened again today, this time in a small church in Texas. It was yet another act of crude violence carried out in absolute incoherence and in an absurd want of meaning to borrow part of a line by Oscar Wilde. And as always it leaves us heartbroken in its wake. So tonight, I, as are the families who suffered losses in this senseless act of mayhem, struggle for answers and ways to regain our equilibrium. May none of us be shaken in our faith and may we continue to cling to what we know is true, what is tried, and what is indestructible, the Lord God Almighty. Please pray for the families torn by this heinous attack and for the world at large for peace can only come if and when we come together as one and let peace begin with each and every one of us in…

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Awesome Stories 340

Thanks to Brad for bringing us these Awesome Stories that open our minds and warm our hearts with hope.

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This week Awesome Stories brings you joy, Metropolis Farms, storytelling, and garden lessons.

Metropolis Farms

Philidelphia, PA is home to one of the most energy-efficient, cost-effective, and highest producing indoor vertical farming operation in the country called Metropolis Farms. Their goal is to change the way we farm and help spread their technology around the country. Their system uses only 2% of the water and 12% of the energy compared to traditional farming. Plus they can grow almost any crop, organically, in a profitable and sustainable way. Metropolis has four divisions to help drive innovation, teach farmers, and spread the use of indoor vertical farming to grow food locally around the country. This approach provides the best quality food with better economics and lower environmental impact. I like this idea, but am concerned about removing the connections to the soil. The health of our land is critical to the health of…

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