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Good News Tuesday for May 23, 2023: Slowing Deforestation X 2, Greece’s Mission to Make Beaches More Wheelchair Accessible, and a Truck Driver is Rescued from a River in Kenya

Seeking Balance One Tuesday at a Time

EU Countries Require Proof that Trade is Not Contributing to Deforestation

The 27 European Union countries recently adopted legislation requiring companies trading palm oil, cattle, wood, coffee, cocoa, rubber and soy to verify that the goods they sell in the EU have not led to deforestation. I found this AP article on Ned Hamson’s blog:

… speaking of slowing deforestation:

The Rate of Deforestation has Decreased in Brazil

So far this year, deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon is down 40 percent from last year. In April, deforestation was down 68 percent. You can read more from Yale Environment.

Greece is Improving Wheelchair Accessibility on Beaches

Greece is working to make beaches more accessible for people in wheelchairs. The Seatrac system includes a solar powered track operated by remote control. For more information and a video showing how the system works, here’s an article from Nice News.

A Truck Driver was Rescued from a Flooded River in Kenya

A truck driver in Kenya had become trapped on the side of his overturned truck in a flooded river. The arial elephant rescue team of Sheldrick Wildlife Trust came to his rescue in a helicopter. Read more about it HERE.

To read more about the usual rescue work of Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, click HERE.

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Good News Tuesday for May 16, 2023: Rwanda’s Malaria Fighting Milestone, Brooklyn’s Geo-Thermal Apartment Complex, The Good Cup, and a Marathon Assist

Seeking Balance One Tuesday at a Time

10,000 Caregivers Have Been Certified to Fight Malaria in Rwanda

This year, Rwanda reached a milestone: 10,000 caregivers have been certified to fight malaria. Historically, these caregivers were women who provided care at the expense of their own economic growth. Now, with certification program, they are paid a living wage for their work. Read about how this has helped Rwanda’s people and communities in this article from GoodGoodGood.

Breaking Ground at a Geothermal Apartment Complex in Brooklyn

A large geothermal apartment complex is going up in Brooklyn, NY. It’s hoped that this project will provide a template for future buildings and reduce emissions. Here’s an article from CNBC including a video that that explains the concept.

The Good Cup

A company called, Choose Planet A, has developed a foldable, recyclable cup that serves as a takeout container for hot and cold drinks. The Good Cup has a bio-based coating and does not need a plastic lid. It’s mainly available in Canada, Japan, Australia, China, and the UK. Let’s hope such earth friendly cups spread to every country. Take a look in this article.

New York Governor Signs Bill Allowing Easier Access to Contraceptives

A new law that takes effect in November 2024, allows trained pharmacists to provide hormonal contraceptives including oral birth control pills, vaginal rings, and the patch to New Yorkers without a prescription. Here’s more from AP.

Marathoners Help Runner to Finish Line

A runner in the 2023 London Marathon last month was having trouble, doubled over, and about to collapse. Watch as two other runners come to help him finish the race.

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Good News Tuesday for May 9, 2023: Dog Finds Kidney Donor at the Beach, NY Passes Public Renewables Act, Saving Leopards, and a Man Saves a Baby in Stroller from Heavy Traffic

Seeking Balance One Tuesday at a Time

Dog Finds Kidney Donor at the Beach

Lucy Humphrey from Wales was told by her doctors in 2017 that if she couldn’t find a new kidney in 5 years, she could die. Against the odds, her dog, Indie, kept pestering a stranger – Katie James – at the beach who turned out to be a perfect match. The transplant took place in October of 2022. Enjoy the details of this story from The Good News Network :

New York Passes First of its Kind Renewable Energy Act

The state of New York passed the Build Public Renewables Act (BPRA) that will ensure all state-owned properties will be run on renewable energy by 2030. The act will also require municipally owned properties – including many hospitals and schools, as well as public housing and public transit – to switch to renewable energy by 2035. The first of its kind law comes from years of work by environmental and climate groups in NY state. The Guardian has more HERE.

Saving Leopards in Africa

Affordable synthetic furs are gaining acceptance and popularity as alternatives to killing leopards for fur in South African. Read more from GoodGoodGood .

Man Saves Baby in Stroller from Heavy Traffic

Ron Nessman had just been to a job interview when he saw a baby stroller rolling toward a busy street. Ron saved the baby and got the job! Learn more about Ron and how it happened in the following video:

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Good News Tuesday for May 2, 2023: Pope Francis Gives Women Voting Power, Music Therapy Helps Man Walk and Talk Again, Single Mom Adopts Teen Mom of Triplets, and a Seventh Grader Steers Bus to Safety

Seeking Balance One Tuesday at a Time

Pope Francis to Give Women Voting Power in “Synod of Bishops”

In the October meeting of Catholic bishops from around the world, women will have votes for the first time. Five religious sisters will join five priests as voting representatives. Pope Francis has also decided to appoint 70 non-bishop voting members to the “Synod of Bishops” and has asked that half of them be women. Here’s more from The Guardian.

Mindful Music Therapy Helps Man Walk and Speak

71-year-old Ian Palmer was unable to walk or speak properly due to Guillain-Barré syndrome, a rare condition in which a person’s immune system attacks their motor nerves. Mindful music therapy (including listening to The Carpenters) helped retrained his brain to engage muscles and help him walk and speak again. The Good News Network has more about this fascinating process.

Single Mother of Five Adopts Teen Mom of Triplets

NICU nurse Katrina Mullen, a single mother of five, adopted Shariya Small, a 14-year-old mother of triplets to keep the young family together. Read their story from the Good News Network which includes a video.

Seventh Grader Steers Bus to Safety

Dillon Reeves, a 13-year-old in Michigan, noticed his school bus driver was having trouble. When he realized she was becoming unconscious, he put his foot on the brake, steered the bus to a safe stop and told someone to call 911.

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Good News Tuesday for April 25, 2023: Recovery High Schools, Coping with Pain, Tanzania Ends Ban on Pregnant Girls in School, Uzbekistan Moves to Protect Women and Children, Mom Wins the Lottery After Helping Daughter Fight Cancer

Seeking Balance One Tuesday at a Time

(Sorry to be late again. The good news is, I remembered! )

Recovery High Schools

In the US, there are 43 high schools for kids in recovery from substance use disorders and related mental health issues. Students in these high schools attend recovery meetings, wellness activities, and take traditional high school classes. NPR has more.

New Ways of Coping with Pain

A former emergency pediatrician Amy Baxter is finding success with the use of vibration plus cold as alternatives to opioid pain medication. She developed a device called, “Buzzy” which looks like a bee that vibrates and has ice pack wings. Here’s an interesting article from GoodGoodGood.

Tanzanian President Ends Ban on Pregnant Girls in Schools

Tanzania’s first female president has ended the decades long ban on pregnant girls in schools. The Progress Network has details HERE.

Uzbekistan Senate Passes Amendments to Protect Women and Children

On April 6, the Uzbek Senate unanimously passed several amendments to its criminal code, officially criminalizing domestic violence and protecting children. The amendments still have to be approved by the president which is likely. This article from Eurasianet has details.

Mom Wins Lottery After Helping Daughter Pay for Cancer Treatment

Since I’m a big fan of serendipity, this story grabbed my attention. Geraldine Gimblet used some of her life savings to help her daughter beat breast cancer. The day after her daughter finished chemo, Geraline won two million dollars in the lottery. Happy early Mother’s Day! Here’s the video from GMA:

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Good News Tuesday for Earth Month ~ April 18, 2023: Audacious Grants, Plant Based Shelters, German Department Store of Recycled Goods, a Quote and Five Books, and India’s New Chettah Cubs

Seeking Balance One Tuesday at a Time

Ted Talk’s Audacious Grants

Canopy, a company that works to reduce deforestation by finding alternatives to wood pellets, was one of ten recipients of Ted Talk’s 2023 Audacious Grants. Read more about the Ted Talk grants here. You can learn more about Canopy HERE.

Plant-based Shelters for Refugees

 A Bangladeshi scientist has joined with a bioplastics startup in Texas to develop an inexpensive plant-based plastic made from jute that can be used to build stable shelters for refugees. EcoWatch has details.

A German Department Store for Recycled Goods

What makes the Stilbruch store in Hamburg, Germany different from a regular thrift store is that it’s run by the city sanitation department, and it’s big- as in 20,000-square-feet of space. Of the secondhand goods sold there, 45% are sourced from municipal waste centers and 40% are direct donations from the public. Here’s more from The Progress Network.

A Quote I Love and Five Books

“Even a wounded world is feeding us. Even a wounded world holds us, giving us moments of wonder and joy. I choose joy over despair. Not because I have my head in the sand, but because joy is what the Earth gives me daily and I must return the gift.”

Robin Wall Kimmerer, author of Braiding Sweetgrass

Clicking above on “Braiding Sweetgrass” takes you to summaries of five books the GoodNewsLetter says “will Change How You Think about Climate Change & the Earth.”

Cheetah Cubs Born in India 70 Years after Declared Extinct There

70 Years after chetahs were declared extinct in India, four cheetah cubs were born in Kuno National Park wildlife sanctuary to one of the females relocated from Namibia last September. Here’s the story from BBC News, and below is a video of the chetahs from India Today:

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Good News Tuesday for April 11, 2023: Iran and Saudi Arabia Re-establish Diplomacy, Rip Current Rescue in Australia, Teen Births and Abortions Declining in NZ, Protecting Nature in Ecuador, and Help Landing a Plane without a Front Wheel

Seeking Balance One Tuesday at a Time

Iran and Saudi Arabia Re-establish Diplomatic Relations

After seven years of tension, Iran and Saudi Arabia formally restored diplomatic ties on Thursday and affirmed interest in regional stability and economic cooperation. China helped this process along having brokered an initial reconciliation agreement a month ago. AP has details HERE.

Two Women Save Girls from Drowning in Australia

Elyse Partridge and Bella Broadley, young women in Australia, saved two girls from drowning in a rough rip current. They’ll be getting metals for bravery. Here are the details.

Teen Births and Abortions Continue to Decline in New Zealand

In New Zealand, abortions and teen births have continued to decline. “The decreasing number of teenage births coincides with improved education and access to contraception,” statistician Michael MacAskill said. Here’s more from RNZ.

Ecuador Communities Stop Mining Project to Protect Nature

People of the Intag Valley of Ecuador won a major legal victory on behalf of one of the world’s most biodiverse forests. On March 29, the Imbabura Provincial Court ruled that a Chilean copper producer had violated communities’ constitutional right to consultation as well as the rights of nature, thus canceling their mining licenses. Here’s more from Mongabay.

Veteran Pilot Helps Rookie Land Plane after Front Wheel Fell Off

After 21-year-old Taylor Hash’s single engine plane took off, the front wheel fell off and bounced along the runway. Veteran pilot Chris Yates saw it happen and talked her down to a safe landing. Watch, listen, and be thrilled:

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Good News Tuesday for April 4, 2023: US FDA Approves Naloxone OTC, Afghan Refugees Create a School, Lawyers of Conscience in England Refuse to Prosecute Peaceful Protesters, a California Prison Uses Scandinavian Rehab, and a Viral Video Gets Cats Adopted

Seeking Balance One Tuesday at a Time

FDA Approves Naloxone/Narcan for Over-the-Counter Sale

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently approved over-the-counter sales of naloxone, also known as Narcan, a nasal spray that reverses opioid overdoses. PBS has details HERE.

Three Afghan Refugees Start “Rise Again” School in Wisconsin

Hundreds of children living at a military base in Wisconsin are among 53,000 Afghans refugees who left their country after the Taliban seized power. Seeing kids roaming around doing nothing, three women refugees decided to set up their own school at the base, naming it “Rise Again”. The school has now has about 20 teachers and 200 students aged seven – 14 and is operating with donations. Read more HERE from GoodGoodGood.

A Group of Lawyers in England Refuse to Prosecute Peaceful Climate Protesters

A group of lawyers in England have signed a “Declaration of Conscience” saying they will not prosecute peaceful climate protesters. Here’s more from EcoWatch via my Goodnewsletter.

Prison in California Adopts Scandinavian Rehabilitation Methods

The notorious San Quentin prison in California has adopted Scandinavian methods of rehabilitation that works to turn convicts into good neighbors. Read more here:

Viral Video Helps Cats Get Adopted

An animal shelter in Kansas City, Missouri made a video to help cats get adopted, and it went viral on TikTok. Most of the cats got adopted.

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Good News Tuesday for March 28, 2023: “Hotel Rwanda” Hero Released from Prison, The Latest World Happiness Report, A Circus Comeback without Animals, and a 100-Year-Old Speaks Out for Books and People

Seeking Balance One Tuesday at a Time

“Hotel Rwanda” Hero Paul Rusesabagina Freed from Prison

Rwanda’s government has freed Paul Rusesabagina, who inspired the film “Hotel Rwanda” for saving hundreds from genocide. AP reports, “Rusesabagina was credited with sheltering more than 1,000 ethnic Tutsis … during Rwanda’s 1994 genocide in which over 800,000 … were killed. He received the U.S. Presidential Medal of Freedom for his efforts.” His family alleged he was kidnapped and taken to Rwanda against his will, convicted of terrorism, and sentenced to 25 years in prison. Here’s more of the story from AP, and additional coverage in the following video:

World Happiness Report: Benevolence is Still Up

Benevolence is about 25% higher than it was pre-pandemic according to the latest World Happiness Report. “Even during these difficult years, positive emotions have remained twice as prevalent as negative ones, and feelings of positive social support twice as strong as those of loneliness,” said John Helliwell, one of the authors of the report in an interview with CNN. The report also identifies the world’s happiest countries. CNN has more HERE.

Ringling Bros. Circus Coming Back Without Animals

After years of declining ticket sales and public concerns about the treatment of circus animals, the famous Ringling Brothers circus took down their tents. Now, they’re coming back, redesigned without the animals. Read all about it in this article from ABC News.

100-Year-Old Grace Linn Made a Quilt and Speaks Out For Reading Freedom

You’re never too old to be an activist. One-hundred-year-old, Grace Linn is a great example. She’s been speaking out against book banning and in favor of reading freedom. She’s made a quilt of banned and targeted books. She explains more on MSNBC:

“Every human being is just as important as any other.”

Grace Linn

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Good News Tuesday for March 21, 2023: A Wind Farm in Ukraine, US EPA Proposes Limits on “Forever Chemicals,” Living Longer with Gender Equality, and Two Rescues

Seeking Balance One Tuesday at a Time

Building Continues on a Wind Farm in Ukraine

In spite of the challenges Ukraine has faced defending itself from Russian, a Ukrainian energy company has finished the construction of the first 114 megawatts (MW) of a 500 MW wind farm. For details on this story, click HERE.

EPA Proposes Restricting “Forever Chemicals” in Drinking Water

The US Environmental Protection Agency announced a proposal to limit hazardous chemical, polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), aka “forever chemicals” in drinking water. These chemicals are used in non-stick surfaces and being resistant to oil and water are hard to break down. This is something my region of coastal North Carolina has been fighting for years. Here’s more from AXIOS.

People Live Longer in Countries with Gender Equality

A study of 156 countries showed a correlation between gender equality and longevity for both women and men. The biggest connection showed up in the area of education. While this may not be a surprise, it’s good to have the published research. NPR has details HERE.

Oregon Jogger Rescues a Woman from Burning Hotel

A 74 year old jogger, Greg Spike, rescued a grandmother from a burning hotel in Oregon. Here’s the story from USA Today.

Man in China Climbs to Rescue Child from Ledge

In Changzhou, China, an unidentified middle-aged man was seen climbing up a pipe to reach a child who had fallen to the second-floor ledge of a building. Here’s the video:

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