Anything is Possible!

With Hope, Faith, and Perseverance


Love Beyond Time

tree of love hugging angels 2

As I paint the energy circles

Floating down, down, down

From the point of re-connection

To the point of separation

It hits me

Like an angel wing

Upside the head.

I’m going back, back, back

In time

With each brush stroke

To plant a seed of hope,

To tell myself at 16,

It’s going to be okay.

You’ll see.

And if I go down (and back)

Just beyond a decade,

And travel sideways,

To the me who was floored

By unfathomable divorce,

I can send the message again,

It’s going to be okay.

Better than okay.

You’ll see!

Trust the Timing.

I started this painting about four years ago. It was supposed to be for the cover of my book. But I didn’t like it. Imagine the painting without the angels and without the energy circles. That’s when I put it aside.

It wasn’t until this month of February that I came back to it and added the angels and the energy circles. As I was painting the circles descending from the top of the heart (the point where my high school sweetheart found me again in 2011) down to the V where the two trees separate (where my high school sweetheart moved away in 1972) that’s when it hit me that I could send this message of hope back in time. Maybe not so much in words, but in whatever way these things happen. Maybe even as I was painting the circles.

tree of love hugging angels close up (3)

As I write this now, I know it sounds weird. But when I was in the painting zone, it was crystal clear.

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One-Liner Wednesday: Dog Love

Love the dog meme

Dog love got me through the lonely years. Dog love was better than trying to love a man who was wrong for me. Dogs are always there for you no matter what, reflecting the unconditional love of God.

(I’m sure cats can help, too, in their own way.)

There’s a lot of dog love in my book, Trust the Timing, A Memoir of Finding Love Again. I’m giving away ten Kindle e-books on Goodreads!  Click here to enter before the end of February.

back cover painting (2)

Back cover painting for Trust the Timing


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One liner Weds 2017



My Goodreads Giveaway is Live!

ebook cover -1536x2048

My Goodreads Giveaway for the Kindle version of my book, Trust the Timing, is live!

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back cover painting (2)



A Tale of Five Tails

back cover painting (2)

Once upon a time, in a little urban cottage, lived a peri-menopausal woman and her adolescent daughter. The daughter liked to wear black. Her mother liked to wear green, blue, and brown, the colors of the earth. They were both somewhat lonely, though not horribly so, because they had each other and the two tails. (We’ll come back to the tails in a moment.) You see, the woman’s prince charming had turned back to a frog after twenty years of marriage and left to be with a younger woman. (That’s all I’m going to say about that, lest I seem bitter.)

The two tails were attached to two dogs. One was a big golden boy with the heart of a lion. His tail looked like a plume and would often catch things like leaves, twigs, and Christmas tree ornaments. The other was a mongrel of medium size whose tail was brown and long with a white tip at the end. The woman and her daughter both loved the dogs and their tails that wagged easily when the humans came home from a hard day at the office and the classroom.

The woman met other princes who were not princes at all. One was a creepy old toad who briefly appeared confident and smart, but alas, he had way too many demons running around in his head and would not even try to slay them. The other was better, with  a big smile. He seemed like the court jester at first, but sometimes he could be, shall we say, contrary. Too contrary. And he was not a good fit.

The woman decided that maybe she was better off with just the two dogs with their plumey and tippy tails. They were not much trouble and better company than the men who had courted her. But she sometimes still wished for a partner, a knight in shining armor who would not turn out to be a frog. Someone who would be a good fit. At the top of her list was that he MUST LOVE DOGS. 

Well, right around the time her daughter graduated from high school, she got a message  from her old flame, from long, long ago and far, far away. He found her again when the time was perfect. The old flame, as it turned out, loved dogs! He had three dogs each with their own special tail. One was shy and neurotic and shook every time it thundered. His tail was black and shaggy with white on the end. One was a tall hound, obsessed with food. Her tail did not wag much because she had been traumatized at an early age, before the man rescued her. But later, she became a happy tail-wagging hound, especially at dinner time. The other dog was “Beep the Horrible.” She loved the man so much, she would tear things up when he left. She did not want to share him at first. Her tail was short but could wag fiercely.

When the old flame and his dogs came to live with the woman, after an appropriate and romantic courtship, the dogs did not all get along well. But walking together as a pack and vigilance at mealtimes, eventually brought the blended family together. “Beep the Horrible” fell in love with the adolescent daughter. The woman and her old flame, who really was her knight in shining armor, got married and lived happily ever in the little urban cottage with their five dogs with wagging tails.

jesse howling

My Golden Boy, Jesse and Mary Moo

oreo (2)

Oreo the Vibrating Dog

Doodle w foot on head (2)

Doodle the crazy coon hound


Beep the Horrible

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Finding, Loving, Trusting Me First

IMG_4904 (2)


Before you found me

I had to find me

Deep in the forest,

Singing to the earth.

Healing my heart

One beat at a time.


Before you loved me,

I had to love me.

Knowing my worth

Feeling God’s love

Lifting my spirit

On wings of an eagle.


Before I trusted you

I had to trust me

Having the courage

To take one more chance

Walking by faith

Into love’s adventure.


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Little Love Gifts

Heart box in grass

“God has planned little gifts along the way to brighten our day, and sometimes big delightful surprises – perfectly timed, perfect for us.”

Melody Beattie, The Language of Letting Go. February 2.

I just had to share this  quote from today’s daily meditation. It fits well with my story in Trust the Timing, which I’ll be giving away as an e book on Goodreads starting February 12.

The quote sorta also goes with Bee’s prompt, Adoration, on Love is in Da Blog, because God adores us so much we get these little love gifts – like spectacular sunsets, flowers growing in unexpected places, and hugs. It’s not always easy to see the gifts. We might have to look in new ways and in new places, but they are there to encourage us and give us hope.

Love is in da blog (2)


Motherly Love

(During the month of February, I plan to write about different kinds of love.

Thanks for reading. I look forward to your thoughts.)


JoAnne and Ayla baby at the beach (2)


What a surprise to feel that pull on my heart,

Maternal instincts beyond my control.

Men can have those feelings, too.

But my heart, soul, and body,

Were in it for the long haul.

The intoxicating smell

 of soft downy heads

Embedded a bond

Stronger than

Smelly diapers,

Projectile vomiting,

Toddler tantrums,

And adolescent dramas

When I wondered who took my son

And twisted his devotion into gnarly knots?

Who hitched my girl to a marathon ride

On that emotional roller coaster

Without my permission?

Yet they both survived

the bullies and angst

To grow stronger,

To fly solo.

I open my hands

To. Let. Them. Go.

But my heart strings

Stretch across the miles

Through darkness and light,

Because a mother’s love never ends.