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The Elephant Rescuer

Today, I’m honoring a woman with a big, beautiful heart. Lek Chailbert started an elephant rescue program in Thailand with donations and volunteers. Elephants are some of the most intelligent, social beings on the planet, but they are abused and exploited in many parts of the world. Lek Chailbert is working to save them, and other animals, with dedication, patience, and love.


For more information, visit:


Sunflower w address


The Turtle at the Chinese Restaurant

turtle at chinese buffet

Since my father died in January, I drive the hour to his house (which is technically my house now) once or twice a month to sort through the possessions he and Mom collected over the 47 years they lived there. It’s quite a process (physically and emotionally) which will likely take me a couple of years.

A mile from their house (I can’t seem to call it my house since I haven’t lived there in 40 years) is a Chinese restaurant with a buffet.  After mom died, we started going there for Christmas dinner.  Dad didn’t want to have a “family dinner” at the house without her. Since Dad died, my husband and I have gone to the buffet occasionally since it’s so convenient. In addition to it being strange without Dad, there was something else that bothered me about the place. They have one of those 6 foot long aquariums with large fish swimming back and forth in what seems like very little space for the number and size of the fish. To make matters worse, they have a turtle swimming around there too. The turtle, about the size of my open hand, would pull itself up on a corner and stick it’s head out, maybe  waiting for a treat. I always worried that the turtle didn’t have anywhere to rest other than perching on the corner of the tank. Didn’t he get tired from having to swim all the time? I worried that he (I’m using he because, from my human perspective, it looks like a he) might climb out and get hurt. So, I decided I didn’t want to go to this buffet anymore, because it upset me to see the turtle living in these conditions. That was until recently, when we were tired from all the sorting, and the buffet was just too convenient, so we went.

On this last visit, I noticed they  had put a piece of wood in the aquarium for the turtle to perch on.

turtle perch

I thanked the manager for this addition on the way out. He said he wanted to tell me a story about the turtle. He said that five years ago, a customer had found the turtle on the floor, just inside the outer door of the foyer.  He held up his fingers to show that the turtle had been about the size of a silver dollar when they found him. They put the tiny turtle in the aquarium where he has lived, and apparently thrived, ever since. The manager smiled as he told the story, like he was fond of the turtle.

If it had been me who found the baby turtle, I probably would taken the him to a pond or creek to swim free and hang out with other turtles. But then, he could have been eaten by an alligator.  And who knows if he was even born wild. He kind of looks like one of those store bought baby turtles, which is another problem altogether.

After hearing the story, I considered this turtle, and the restaurant, from a different perspective. In a way, the restaurant management had rescued the turtle from being stepped on. They gave him a home and took care of him. And who knows? Maybe he’s happy there, especially now that he has a perch to rest on.


The fears are paper tigers.

There’s so much I love about this post by “Purple Rays.” In the painting, the woman is attending to an animal we usually think of as fierce, maybe even frightening. But she is loving, even playful toward the tiger with the flower necklace. Perhaps, instead of pushing them away, I will comfort my fears as I would a fearful child. Then I can take the action that is needed in my life as encouraged by the words of Amelia Earhart.



“The most difficult thing is the decision to act,
the rest is merely tenacity.
The fears are paper tigers.
You can do anything you decide to do.
You can act to change and control your life;
and the procedure,
the process is its own reward.”

~Amelia Earhart

Artist~Frederick Stuart Church
Text & image source: Remember ღ Once upon a Time?

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Awesome Stories 333

Here are 4 awesome stories about planet-friendly food, hemp cars, valuing people in business, and meeting death, brought to us by Brad, at “Writing to Freedom.” I’m looking forward to trying “Sunfed foods.” The more plant-based protein options we have, the better for our planet – especially for the animals.

writing to freedom

This week Awesome Stories brings you meat-free meat, better business, hemp cars, and meeting death.

Meat-free Meat 

Sunfed Foods wants to change the way we think about meat and maybe save the planet. Inventor Shama Sukul Lee saw the big environmental impact of meat as a protein source and decided to create a better meat. Sunfed meats aim to look, taste, and cook just like meat, but are derived from pea and other plant proteins. Besides being much better for the planet, they are healthier for people too with less fat, and more zinc, iron, and protein, all while using fewer resources. The chicken variety recently launched in New Zealand and immediately sold out in local stores. Kudos Shama!

Better Business

This article highlights King Arthur Flour and other companies who choose differents ways of doing business that value people as well as profits. King Arthur believes that treating their employees as family…

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Awesome Stories 331

I find this week’s Awesome Stories intriguing. The horse whisperer video took me back to why I’ve always been drawn to horses. When I was in my early twenties, I had a horse of my own for about a year – a tall, grey roan who was a little high strung like I was then. It was a time of confusion for me, so I did not give her the kind of calmness we see in the video, yet there was something about her power that that gave me a touch of stability and focus that I desperately needed at that time.

writing to freedom

This week Awesome Stories brings you the dark side, problems of capitalism, horse whispering, and lessons from the garden.

The Dark Side

One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious. ~ Carl Jung

Mostly I agree with Doc in this post about the pitfalls of calling yourself a lightworker. Much like chasing happiness, we don’t grow the light by chasing it, but by shining it into the dark. Doc makes some good points about our tendency to avoid the dark and challenges, thinking that by focusing on the positive, we are growing the light. Too often we’re running from our pain. I’ve done that for big chunks of my life and it doesn’t work. Yes, we can and should bring our light into the world. Doc doesn’t address how focusing too much on our pain, we can get lost there, and focusing…

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