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A New Purpose for an Old Building

A historic building, formerly known as St. Anthony’s Hospital in Milwaukee, will be transformed into 60 supportive housing units where people can get medical care and help toward independence.

I love it when old buildings are re-purposed instead of torn down.

Here’s a short video about the project:


This article gives more on this story:

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Sharing the Goods

I hope you enjoy these two videos of trick or treaters caught placing candy in empty bowls. The first boy does a trick before he comes back to share.


Friends let Lawrence know he’d been caught on camera Halloween night. He was dressed as the grim reaper which just goes to show that costumes don’t always show what someone’s like in real life.



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Halloween Costumes Designed Around Wheelchairs

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Hospital staff and volunteers spent hours creating these amazing costumes requested by the kids to go around their wheelchairs. My favorites are the Star Wars robot and the Frozen sleigh. I’d love to paint snowflakes on that sleigh. I bet they did. Who remembers making a costume from scratch?

Here’s the story:

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What Does it Take For a Black Man to Hug a Nazi?

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Watching the video, I can feel the frenzy in the crowd. The man in the swastika shirt was surrounded by protesters who “screamed, punched and spat on him before Aaron Courtney gave him a hug.”  It must have taken courage, love, and thinking and feeling outside the box to do something so different.

“I could have hit him, I could have hurt him … but something in me said, ‘You know what? He just needs love.’”    ___Aaron Courtney

Courtney asked, “Why you don’t like me?” He pleaded, continuing to ask the question.

Finally, the man gave an answer: “I don’t know.”

Here’s the coverage which includes a short video, but I think the story details are important, too.

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The Elephant Rescuer

Today, I’m honoring a woman with a big, beautiful heart. Lek Chailbert started an elephant rescue program in Thailand with donations and volunteers. Elephants are some of the most intelligent, social beings on the planet, but they are abused and exploited in many parts of the world. Lek Chailbert is working to save them, and other animals, with dedication, patience, and love.


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Innovative Bubble CPAP Saves Lives

Fulfilling a promise he made 20 years ago, Dr. Mohammod Jobayer Chisti developed a bubble CPAP device starting with a shampoo bottle.  The current device costs  $1.25 (£1), compared to $15,000 (£11,000) for ventilators many developing countries cannot afford. A two year study indicated the simpler innovation decreased mortality rates by 75%.


Here’s the whole story:


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