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Thursday Tree Love: Trunk Shapes

tree woman lighter

I’m fascinated by the shapes that tree trunks develop over time. It’s easy to see human-like shapes in this tree trunk. This photo was taken in Connecticut on the Pequot Woods Trail.


hollow tree with ferns

Tree cavities are like little mysterious little caves. Maybe somebody lives in there. The address is somewhere in the North Carolina mountains.


tree with a V on path

I took this as a peace sign.


The following is not my photo, but I have to admire this tree’s message of perseverance.

tree fell but didnt give up


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Thursday Tree Love: Redbuds

Redbud tree at Daniel Boone Garden

The deciduous trees were just starting to bud a couple of weeks ago when I visited my son and his family in the Appalachian Mountains. Redbud trees were spring’s early risers decorating rocky hillsides as I drove toward the mountains.  Later, I got to see some Redbuds up close at Daniel Boone Native Gardens. The buds weren’t actually red, but a soft pinkish purple, very pleasing to the eye.

Redbud tree

Rudbud blooms

Redbud sign

Thursday Tree love is a photo feature hosted by  Parul Thakur on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month.

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Thursday Tree Love: Trees Near the Sea

Trinity Trees

You take root in sandy soil

Reaching  deep into the earth

Standing strong in fierce winds

You bend but don’t break.

Challenges build character.

Sunset at Sander's Point

These photos were taken at Trinity Center near the Carolina Coast. It’s been at least a year since I walked the grounds there. They have a habit of building around trees as much as possible which is better than cutting them down.

Tree in deck

Lodging 2

At Trinity Center, there’s a tunnel that goes under the main road and leads to the beach. This live oak stands watch.

Tunnel Exit (2)

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Thursday Tree Love: Blooming Dogwoods

The dogwoods are blooming!

dog wood blooming

dog wood branches .JPG

dogwood close up

I took the top three photos Tuesday in our current neighborhood. The next one is a dogwood standing in front of a pine tree taken a few years ago. They look like friends, don’t they? I bet their roots intertwine and they hold on to each other during storms.

dogwood in front of pine

Love Letters to Tress:

The city of Melbourne, Australia gave email addresses to trees in case citizens wanted to notify the city about problems that needed to be addressed. But people also wrote love letters and greetings directly to the trees. You can read some of those letters in this article:  When You Give a Tree and Email Address

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Thursday Tree Love on a Hillside

Tree on Boone Hillside

I took this photo a few years ago in the Appalachian Mountains. The tree with it’s outstretched arms seems to be saying, welcome.

Here’s another photo from the same area.

Boone Hillside w trees

Today, I’m celebrating trees who have weathered storms. They are not symmetrical. They might not be majestic by our standards, but they are still full of wisdom and grace.

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Good News Tuesday: Trees for Australia, More Mental Health, Public Lands, New Inventions, and Neighborly Sign Language

Australia to Plant 1 Billion Trees

Australia plans to plant 1 billion trees by 2050 as part of the country’s plan to meet Paris Agreement climate goals. The new forestry plan would support jobs and help the economy.  My Goodnewsletter led me to this article in The Straits Times.

Australia (2)

Mental Health Treatment Facility Replaces Old Jail house

“Los Angeles County supervisors … approved a plan Tuesday to tear down the dungeon-like Men’s Central Jail downtown and build at least one mental health treatment facility in its place.”  The new facility would be run by the Department of Health Services instead of the Sheriff’s Department and would be staffed by the mental health workers with deputies providing security. You can read more in this LA Times article.

Hope for Public Land Protection in the US

The U.S. Senate voted to support a bipartisan public lands package that protects more than 2 million acres of land and adds more than 1.3 million acres of new wilderness in western states. The Good News Network reports “The bill was passed in a 92-8 vote, and White House officials have divulged that the president has agreed to sign it, according to The Washington Post.





New Inventions from Africa

The following article from The Guardian highlights inventions by contenders for the Royal Academy of Engineering Africa prize. Designs include gloves that translate sign language into speech and a system which captures water from the air and converts it into drinking water using solar technology. I love it when  technology is used for good.

You can listen to the article in this video:



Neighbors Learn Sign Language

The neighbors in this Massachusetts community got together and organized a sign language class so they could communicate with 2 year old Samantha. Steve Hartman reports this touching story for “On the Road”


Sunflower w address

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Thursday Tree Love: A Morning Hike in Southern Pines

trees tops above

I’ve been wanting to share the photos from our Christmas morning hike and realized I could do it for Thursday Tree Love  a photo feature hosted by Parul Thakur on 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month. Yes, I know I’m at least three holidays behind, but I do love trees. The Christmas hike was important since we were away from home and I needed to be reminded of the constants in my life, my love for nature, and the grand design of a power greater than myself. It was a beautiful morning to walk the easy winding trail through southern pines with David and Doodle.

Dave walking Doodle stretching (2)


trail through trees w blue sky

Dave looking up

tree tops above


JoAnne smilingin the trees

trees in blue sky

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