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Thursday Tree Love: The Tree with the Eye

Trees make me wonder

about the shapes they grow into

looking like arms or faces.

Is it a coincidence? By design?

A message?

Trees make me wonder

About the feeling I get

When I lay hands on their trunks.

Is that a vibration? The flow of energy?


Trees make me wonder

When they creak, sway, and rustle in the wind.

Are they singing? Dancing?

Or just enjoying the moment?

JoAnna of the Forest

There’s this tree at the Farm Animal Sanctuary where I volunteer. I believe it is a water oak. It offers me shady spot to park in the summertime. I wonder if it’s watching me.

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Tree Love: A Network of Energy Above and Below Ground

Messages hum from out of the bark she leans against. Chemical semaphores home in over the air. Currents rise from the soil-gripping roots, relayed over great distances through fungal synapses linked up in a network the size of the planet.” Richard Powers, The Overstory

This could be a doorway to the secret underground network:

Look closely. See the door?

Before yoga class at the senior center, I’m just looking for tree shade to park under. After yoga class, I am more aware of the trees themselves. They call to me with an energy stronger than the noise of highway traffic. Their energy is always there, of course. When we pay close attention, we feel the trees hum and allow ourselves to be entranced.

Spanish Moss Swaying in the Breeze


Thursday Tree Love is hosted by Parul Thakur on the second and fourth Thursday of each month.
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Good News Tuesday for June 14, 2022: “Only Yes Means Yes,” US Senators Make Progress on Gun Control, Saving Trees in Paris, Shelter for Pets During Addiction Treatment, and Good Samaritans Stop a Car

Seeking Balance One Tuesday at a Time

Spain Approves Consent Legislation – “Only Yes Means Yes”

Spain’s parliament has approved legislation that clarifies consent as “an explicit expression of a person’s will” emphasizing that silence does not equal consent. Here’s more From Democracy Now.

Senate Committee Makes Progress on Gun Control

The bipartisan US Senate committee has made progress in agreeing on an outline for gun control legislation. USA Today reports: “Ten of the signers were Republicans – the number needed to break a GOP filibuster on the package.” Hopefully we’ll see this legislation move forward.

Paris Protestors Save 42 Trees around the Eiffel Tower

Protestors in Paris saved 42 well-established trees that were to be cut down around the Eiffel Tower “as part of a €72m scheme.” The Guardian has details on this successful protest.

Program Shelters Pets whose Owners are in Addiction Treatment

A new program in Utah will provide short-term housing for pets whose owners are going through substance abuse treatment. The program called Ruff Haven has been providing crisis-based shelter for pets since 2020. Read more from CNN.

Drivers Rush to Stop Car of Unconscious Woman

Watch people rush to stop a car after the driver became unconscious. I bet you’ll love this traffic stopping video which includes follow up details…

Got Good News?

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Thursday Tree Love: Blooming Magnolias

Magnolia Flowers in the Parking Lot

It seems everywhere I look magnolias are blooming – big sprawling trees and tall thin ones like the one in the parking lot at the grocery store. I had not realized this parking lot contained a magnolia tree until today. You may have read this before here and might again: All parking lots should have tree islands like this one that I’m guessing was paved about 30 years ago. Magnolias are evergreens. They drop the old brown leaves as new leaves and flowers come in. The flowers have a soft, lemony scent.

More magnolia photos:

The last photo was taken by my daughter a couple of weeks ago at her apartment complex where the magnolia flowers were “as big as your head.”


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Thursday Tree Love: Tolerating Human Intrusion

Tree in the median near the Basilica of Saint Mary

In the older parts of my city, including downtown and my neighborhood, electrical/utility lines still crisscross overhead. The branches of old trees are cut away from the lines in what often appear as grotesque deformities. Still, most of the trees seem to adapt. In newer neighborhoods, the utility lines are buried underground which looks better from a human perspective and reduces storm damage. Who knows what the trees and mycelium network prefer? They would probably prefer we let them grow naturally without intrusion. I am grateful for these trees putting up with us as they continue to provide shade, habitat, and oxygen.

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Thursday Tree Love: Live Oak with Resurrection Fern and Spanish Moss Over Water

“Those who dwell among the beauties and mysteries of the earth are never alone or weary of life.” – Rachel Carson

My friend enticed me to go to Airlie Gardens a couple of weeks ago to take pictures. I’m so glad we went. It was a perfect spring morning. This cluster of live oaks leaning over the water were among my favorites.

Skirted by azaleas, the trunks provided a home for resurrection fern. Branches leaning over water were draped in Spanish Moss.

View from the other side

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#ThursdayTreeLove | When Great Trees Fall, or My Father’s Tree

I’m sharing this post from Chandra to save her experience and Maya Angelou’s poem about great trees and great souls. May we always remember.

Pics and Posts

The Last Time Tree

Yesterday, while I was considering using the tree above for today’s #ThursdayTreeLove, I received a text message from my Raven, asking if I were in my office. I had a moment of excitement thinking she was visiting from California and was on her way to see me. Sadly, that was not the case. However, she had her sister, who lives in the area, deliver a beautiful “forever bouquet” with an elegant note tucked inside that only an English major could write [Biased? Perhaps]. Her note included the last verse of Maya Angelou’s poem below.

When Great Trees Fall
Maya Angelou

When great trees fall,
rocks on distant hills shudder,
lions hunker down
in tall grasses,
and even elephants
lumber after safety.

When great trees fall
in forests,
small things recoil into silence,
their senses
eroded beyond fear.

When great souls die,
the air around us becomes
light, rare…

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Thursday Tree Love: Early Blooming Bradford Pear Trees

This tree likes the light pole.

“Pyrus calleryana, or the Callery pear, is a species … native to China and Vietnam….most commonly known for its cultivar ‘Bradford’, widely planted throughout the United States and increasingly regarded as an invasive species.” (From Wikipedia)

It annoys me when people call a tree or animal species “invasive.” The tree or animal is just doing what it needs to do to survive. Bradford Pear trees are certainly abundant around here. Being early bloomers, they stand out and seem to be wherever I look. That’s okay with me. They make me smile. Birds and bees like them, too.

The tree above is in the parking lot at the grocery store. I’m so thankful for the shade trees provide in summer. Crows seemed to like this tree. Can you find the crow in the next photo?

The crow is a silhouette just above and left of center

Here are a few more Bradford Pear Trees I’ve seen in the past few days:

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Thursday Tree Love: Holly Tree with Berries

“Sometimes all it takes is a subtle shift in perspective, an opening of the mind, an intentional pause and reset, or a new route to start to see new options and new possibilities.” Kristin Armstrong

I had not really seen this holly tree until I was photographing Mother Pine for my previous Tree Love post. They are neighbors living near the senior center parking lot. I’ll be sure to appreciate the holly’s shade this summer.

Holly branches in front of Mother Pine
American Holly Tree aka ilex
Shady parts
Holly Berries

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Thursday Tree Love: Tree-lined Grace

Live Oaks Along Grace Street

Live oak trees lean over the street named Grace near a big brick church called Grace United. I often take this road on my way home from errands in the historic downtown section of my city. In the summertime, the shade is a welcome relief. In winter, the leaves are mostly green, though a little thinner, continuing to give oxygen to humans and other animals.

The large branches, draped in Spanish moss, provide a feeling of shelter to drivers, pedestrians, birds, bugs, and squirrels.

Do you see what looks like a little door at the bottom of the tree trunk?

Thursday Tree Love is hosted by Parul Thakur on the second and fourth Thursday of each month. For more Tree Love, visit Parul’s post HERE.

Today’s prompt for Just Jot it January is, “understanding.” Thanks to Wendy for the wonderful prompt and to Linda Hill for hosting. Click HERE for #jusjojan details. When I took these tree photos yesterday, I was standing under the trees, so I guess you could say, I was understanding, or trying to. Trees communicate in different ways, mostly underground with each other. But if you put your hands on a tree and are very quiet, you might feel them humming. I hope and pray we humans can all come to understand the life-giving importance of living trees.