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The Mother’s Voice

path up hill in the forest


I hear the Mother’s voice

In the birdsong and the breeze.

The path is clear to follow

When I walk among the trees.


Can her clarity be carried

To the man-made world of woe?

Or can I just stay longer

And let the river flow?


There must be a place of balance

Where I hold long this Grace

And challenge the insanity

But still can hear her voice.


The Mother’s voice is calling.

Through wind and stormy seas

We must honor her blessings

Or we will cease to be.


This was inspired by Sue Dreamwalker’s post, “Golden Paths – Taking Time to Be”




Thursday Tree Love: Thanks for the Shade (and the Oxygen)

Trees at the senior center

These oak trees border one side of the parking lot where I go to yoga class. All summer long, they provided shade for me to park under so my car wouldn’t feel like an oven. This winter, they will likely drop some leaves to let the sunshine in. That’s what trees do, along with giving us oxygen, providing homes for birds, and looking lovely. Aren’t trees  marvelous?!

Senior center tree

Senior center tree moss

The Spanish moss reminds me of hair.

Here are a couple more trees that provide shade in parking lots. Sometimes, I choose where I shop depending on where the trees are.

parking lot tree w cars

parking lot tree w blue sky

Thursday Tree Love is a photo feature hosted on the second and fourth Thursdays by Parul Thakur.

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Thursday Tree Love: Survivors

Trees at K Park

Guardians of the playground.

Three separate oaks

Or all from one acorn?

In decades past,

My children played hide and seek

Peeking around their trunks.

Trees at k park (4)


Two years ago

The city marked the middle one,

The one that leaned low.

We neighbors tried to save it,

Talked about a tree sit.

The city said it was diseased.

It could fall on someone’s child.

So we gave in.

And they cut down the middle oak.

trees at K park slide


The survivors stand strong,

But surely they miss their friend.

We learn to let go

Remembering the fallen.


Trees at k park (2)


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Good News Tuesday: Banks on Board, Bus Driver Initiative, Tree Top Barbie, and Brain Implant for Blindness

Sunflower w address

Seeking Balance One Tuesday at a Time

130 Banks Commit to Paris Agreement on Climate Change

Banks responsible for one-third of the global banking sector committed to aligning their business with the goals of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change and the Sustainable Development Goals. This was part of the “newly-signed Principles for Responsible Banking, which was launched one day ahead of the UN Climate Action Summit in New York.  Here’s the story from the Good News Network.   


School Bus Driver Comes Back to Mow the Grass

Jerry Martin drives a school bus in Texas. When he saw students waiting at a bus stop in weeds and tall grass, he took it upon himself to return with a lawn mower.

Thank you, Mr. Martin!

Here’s the the story also from the Good News Network. 


Meet the Woman who Started Tree Top Barbie

Nalini Nadkarni has a passion for studying the canopy. In the early 2000s Mattel turned down her idea for a tree top Barbie, so she made it on her own. 15 years later, after telling Nalini she was infringing on their brand, Mattel reportedly started to include tree top Barbie in their explorer series. When I did a search for tree top Barbie, I didn’t see her, except on International Canopy Network which said they are no longer producing the doll. So, I’ve sent a message to Mattel asking how I can find Tree Top Barbie to buy  for my granddaughter. We’ll see if I can find her. In the meantime, please watch this video about Nalini Nadkani. I think you’ll enjoy it.


Brain Implant Restores Vision Perception

Jason Esterhuizen lost his sight in a horrible car accident seven years ago. Now, the native of South Africa is the second person to receive a new brain implant developed at UCLA which helps him see light and movement. He is now able to do things like sort laundry and cross the street more safely. This video explains how the implant works.

Got good news? Please share in the comments!

It can be global, local, or personal.


Thursday Tree Love: The Persistent Mimosa


When we were having our new roof put on, one of my beloved mimosas was in the way – growing right next to the corner of the house with its branches draping over the roof.  I was informed that it had to be cut down, apparently trimming it back would not be enough. I pushed my sadness deeper and felt thankful I would not be there to have to witness the cutting which my husband took care of. At least it was in the winter when I imagine deciduous trees sleeping.

This spring, the mimosa grew back with vigor. I’ve seen this happen before. After being cut all the way down, mimosas grow back thicker. Some people call this invasive. I call it prolific. I admire their strength and beauty.

mimosa by the house.jpg

You can see why they are also called the umbrella tree.

Hurricane Dorian pushed her around a lot, and she’s looking a little ragged. But it’s late summer, so the leaves had already started to drop before the hurricane.  She is still beautiful and strong enough to support this lady bug.

mimosa with lady bug close up

When fall gets underway and more leaves drop, I’ll be keeping this mimosa trimmed neatly so there will be no competition with future home improvement projects. If we get flowers, it will be like icing on the cake. The photo below is from another mimosa in the backyard in springtime.


Mimosa flowers smell wonderful!


My husband made cross sections of the old mimosa trunk to turn into art. Here’s an angel I painted on one piece.  You can see more of my angel art at Angels, Mermaids, and Woodwork.

I use only leftover wood on my projects rather than buying new wood. I still feel bad that this mimosa had to be cut, but so glad she grew back! Her old trunk won’t go to waste.

Mimosa Circle Angel (2)


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SoCS: Coexist


Welcome to Stream of Consciousness Saturday. Here’s the prompt:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “co-” Find a word that uses “co” as a prefix and use it in your post. Have fun!

Okay. Here we go!


Coexist, dammit!

I’m talking to everyone. If I was yelling, I’d write, COEXIST DAMMIT! Yes. I’m feeling that. This goes out to North and South Korea. And America who needs to stay out of it. Mind your own damn business. We have enough to work on right here in the USA. Plenty to clean up in our own back yard. People with different beliefs, different religions, different races, be friends if you want. It’s possible and enriching. Listen to each other without trying to change someone’s mind. Learn something new, or at least try to understand. But if you don’t want to be friends, then mind your own business and leave each other alone.

I know it might not be that simple, but is it really that hard? I don’t think so.

A few days ago, I saw a lot of people on my neighborhood on-line thing? network? whatever, who were upset about a plan to cut down a group of very old live oak trees to put up another car wash in our county.  I jumped right in there, ready to do a tree sit, or at least bring my guitar and sing,  “They paved paradise, put up a parking lot,” which is really titled “Big Yellow Taxi.” It’s the one song I know by heart and don’t have to look at the chords to play.


I emailed all the county commissioners and left a phone message for the county planning department. I found a lot of comments on the county Facebook page from citizens opposed to cutting down the trees and added my 2 cents.

I’m gonna have to take a picture of them (the trees) for Thursday tree love. Live oaks are the ones whose branches get really low sometimes. They are beautifully reaching out, majestic. Here’s one I took a picture of at Brookgreen Gardens where my husband proposed.

Live Oak afternoon good

The trees that were on the chopping block for the car wash aren’t this big, but they’re beautiful and over 200 years old.

So a couple of hours after I left the message, I got a call back from the county planning office. One of the staff members said the director was meeting with the owner of the property and they are trying to find a way to save the trees. I thought that was pretty cool that I got a phone call back so soon. By the next day, there was an article in the paper that the property owner does not plan to cut down any trees. He sounded like he got the message loud and clear that a whole lotta people care about trees around here, and he wants to be a good steward. The lesson here is that a small group of committed people CAN make a difference as Margaret Mead said. And we are not such a small group.

Still, at least half of the county commissioners, how shall I say… lean heavily in favor of “developers,” and don’t really care much about trees. But the tree ordinance is going to be reviewed at the next meeting. Maybe I’ll go and wear green. Yeah, maybe I’m just an old hippie tree hugger, but there are plenty more of us, so watch out!

Getting back to, Is it really so hard to co-exist, the property owner is presenting a revised plan which will save the live oaks and still build the car wash. So, why didn’t he do that in the first place? It didn’t take long to figure out how to coexist with the trees.  Maybe people who want to build stuff will figure out before it’s too late that trees give us oxygen. We depend on them.

Trees keep the air on.

I paraphrased that from this interview with Matthew Sleeth, who wrote a book called, Reforesting Faith. 

I just realized I wasn’t minding my own business when I went to bat for the trees, except that protecting trees is my business.  Protecting.  Coexisting. Okay, it can get complicated. I didn’t say it was easy. But it’s not that hard. We can figure this out.

Well, I got a lot of words here so need to rap this up. Watch out for old hippie ladies with guitars and come sing along.

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Thursday Tree Love: Bald Cypress

When David and I got married six years ago, my good friend Caroline (who invited David to the  party where we met in 1971) got us a tree.  She didn’t physically give us the tree, but adopted it in our honor to be planted near the river downtown. In the first couple of years after our wedding, we regularly visited this tree, a Bald Cypress, and then not much after that until recently.  Last week, it was hard to be sure which of two trees was “ours.” I thought they would be taller by now. Maybe the hurricanes slowed their growth or gave them a hard time. But they looked fuller and healthier than before. Hopefully they have deep roots. Regardless, I’m giving my love to these city trees.



bald cyprus .jpg


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