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#SoCS: Family Roles and Beyond


Hero child, hands folded.

Lost child staring into space.

Scapegoat telling it like it is.

Mascot spewing comic relief.

These are the classic roles in dysfunctional families I learned about in workshops when I started working with families of addiction. In one workshop – one of the first – we were each given a big sheet of paper and told to draw a picture of our family of origin at the dinner table. Not much more instruction than that. Just go for it. Then we were asked (though I’m sure it wasn’t required) to share our drawing in front of the group of about 20 other counselor at the workshop.

I can get flashes of the drawing and remember wearing a striped dress with a belt. I remember hesitating when it came to my mother. I’m sure my dad had USMC somewhere on his visage. I said I didn’t want to be like my mother. I was afraid of being like my mother. Afraid of having nervous breakdowns. I wanted to be strong like my father. Though now I know my mother had a different kind of strength that saved my father. I was the hero child and the lost child combo. My sister was the scapegoat after she was the mascot/clown. Then after she died, I became the scapegoat.

But after all the families I’ve encountered, we weren’t that dysfunctional. We are all learning how to cope with what got to us. And we can all move to different places at the table, or move to a different table of our own choice or creation. We can step out of our assumed roles. The hero can roll in the aisle laughing a belly laugh and dance around the living room. The lost child can become grounded and focused if she chooses to. The clown can learn to cry and be okay. The scapegoat can save the day or save himself.

Or they can embrace their favorite parts of their best roles. The hero can lift herself and others may follow. The lost child creates stellar colors of music. The clown amuses those who need laughter most. The scapegoat cuts through the crap.

Each role, each component, is inside each of us. The child remains within and comes out to play in the warm sunshine. Nurture him. Hold her. Sing to him. Guide her with love. We are survivors. Strong yet fragile. Imperfectly wise. Hungry for healing, each at our own pace. Even if that pace is standing still and breathing air. Sometimes recovery is all about resting on the earth and watching the clouds. Other times, it’s dancing and leaping in faith into an ocean of love or mystery.

Be happy now

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Good News Tuesday: Peace Prize, New Power, and A Push

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Nobel Peace Prize Winners

The 2018 Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to two courageous people who help survivors of sexual assault and work to end its use as a weapon. Watch the video below about “the man who mends women” and the woman who survived sexual slavery.

Tree in Winter Sunset

Solar Phoenix Rising at Chernobyl

Earlier this month a new solar farm was launched “on the  site of the worst nuclear disaster in history.”  Click the link below for the story.

Transportation Dilemma Solved

The wheel chair battery was dead. The woman was stranded. She didn’t want to leave her only means of transportation, and they couldn’t get the chair in the car. But this deputy solved the problem using a direct approach.


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Letting Go: An Adventure in Acupuncture and Beyond

girl on the edge of a boat

A few weeks ago, I went to see my acupuncturist for for abdominal cramps that had been irritating me for a few days. My stomach felt constricted, tied in little knots. Maybe I’d eaten too much heavy food and needed more exercise.

Lying on the table, I listened to the gentle music with needles in my feet for grounding and a couple in my tummy and  wondered why she had put needles in my right hand and not my left.  An  image came to me of a boat on the water. The acupuncture table became the boat. A parcel of trash floated by and I reached into the water and  picked it up. I saw myself carrying the trash around wondering what to do with it. Then, back on the table/boat, I  imagined a trash can to my left, physically reached over, and held the trash over the side.

“Just let it go,” came the voice. So I  opened my hand and released the trash.

As my mind came fully back into the room, I thought about how much stuff I need to let go of, like the issues that belong to my grown up ADULT children, the clutter in my parents’ house which belongs to me now that they’re gone, and all my own clutter, both physical and mental…. The list goes on.

I moved my left hand, the one left free of needles, over my belly as if gathering whatever I needed to let go of. Then I carried it to the left of the table and let it go on the floor beside me shaking my hand a little. I did this a few more times, saying, “Let it go.” Then, I held my open hand out to the left to receive whatever gifts God wanted to give me.

Let Go

Let Go

Let Go


That day, I fasted with water, apple juice, coconut water, and vegetable broth. In the afternoon, I meandered in my back yard and did some lite yoga. I felt something on my right hand thinking it might be the first mosquito bite of the year. But it was a lady bug walking on my right hand, the one that had the needles in it that morning. It seemed like the lady bug was biting me. But then I realized it felt more like tiny electrical impulses moving in my hand as if the lady bug activated remnants of the acupuncture. I took the lady bug to a tree branch. It climbed briefly, then flew away.

I’m feeling much better now, but years of experience have taught me that letting go is an ongoing process. Maybe this song will be a reminder, along with lady bugs.


I borrowed the picture of the girl on the boat from Pixabay


Working Together


Today, I offer two stories about two men working together:

1. After many years at war, the leaders of North and South Korea met in person for the first time on April 27th and agreed to work together for peace! No matter what happens, this gives me hope that the hardest hearts can become open to peace and healing.

2. After the accident, Willie Burnman was told he would never never walk or even move his limbs again. But he got a little feeling in his toes. Then he met Jeff, the YMCA intern. Watch what happened:

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In personal good news, I’m having the bathroom in my parents’ house redone – new tub, new sink, new toilet, new floor! The not so good news is I’ll have limited internet access there, so I won’t be on WP much this week. But the good news in that is, I’m going to work on de-cluttering and writing.   

I hope the week brings you good news and sweet surprises!



One Liner Wednesday: Healing Comes


“Healing comes into soft things better than hard ones.”

Andi Cumbo-Floyd

From  Charlotte and the Twelve


Healing (2)

May healing come to you and me, to our families, states, and countries….

May healing come to planet Earth.

One liner Weds 2017

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For the Dogs: Two Stories of Compassion

First, a story of miraculous healing. It  may be a little hard to watch at the very beginning, but it soon gets better and has a  happy ending.  I love how people didn’t give up on Thor and how he never gave up on himself.


This next story is about saving the abandoned dogs of Chernobyl. Some were hunted and killed by government officials. The survivors have been on their own for multiple generations, yet many are still friendly to humans.  I’m so thankful that the people of the Clean Futures Fund are stepping up to take care of these dogs.


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Finding, Loving, Trusting Me First

IMG_4904 (2)


Before you found me

I had to find me

Deep in the forest,

Singing to the earth.

Healing my heart

One beat at a time.


Before you loved me,

I had to love me.

Knowing my worth

Feeling God’s love

Lifting my spirit

On wings of an eagle.


Before I trusted you

I had to trust me

Having the courage

To take one more chance

Walking by faith

Into love’s adventure.