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One-Liner Wednesday: The Tree That Didn’t Give Up

Don’t give up.

tree fell but didnt give up

Don’t give up.

Rest when you need to

Close to the earth

Seeking a new path

To sustain you.

You will survive.

You will grow.

You will enlighten.



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Good News Tuesday: The Recovered Ring, 2 Companies Helping the Planet & a Decrease in HIV Positive Babies

Sunflower w address

Police Find Engagement Ring in the Sewer

Daniella said yes! But the engagement ring slipped off her finger and fell down into the NYC sewer grate.  Daniella and John returned home to England, but officers of the NYPD found the ring! Then they found John and Daniella.



Two Big Companies Are Stepping Up to Help Planet Earth

The furniture company, Ikea wants to help stop air pollution in India. Currently, farmers  are burning rice straw increasing air pollution. Nikea plans to make this straw into products, starting with decorations and paper boxes, that may be sold in India. You can read more in this article and watch the following video. Thank you, Ikea!




The clothing company, Patagonia, is donating 10 million dollars from it’s tax cut to environmental groups. This comes after the fourth US National Climate Assessment, a  federal report,  tells us that climate change is serious and we need to make big changes. Way to go, Patagonia!


Big Decrease in the HIV Positive Babies

HIV babies decrease Goodnews

This came from my Goodnewletter with the Goodnewspaper. I don’t know if this is world-wide and didn’t find a recent story, but wanted to pass on a little more hope. Here’s one article about a drop in the number of babies born with HIV. 

You can find the Good Newspaper at

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Save Your Own Backyard


This should be interesting. Today’s prompt is: ” is “point.” Open a book on your lap, close your eyes, and put your finger on the page. Whatever you land on, whether it be a word, a phrase, or a sentence, write about it. Enjoy!”

I chose a book sitting in my parents’ living room which is now my living room, called

The Angels’ Little Instruction Book.”

I followed the instructions, book on lap, eyes closed, and opened to a page with these words:

If you can’t save the whole world, at least save your own backyard.

My finger was in the middle of this.

Below is, “You have been trustworthy in a few things; I will put you in charge of many things.” Matthew 25:21. But let’s start with the backyard, please….

Then I had to go let Marigold the mutt outside because she woke up from her long nap. Since she’s 16 years old and sleeps a lot, I have to let her out when she’s up and moving. I gave her a choice between the front yard with steep steps I have to carry her down and the backyard which has a ramp. She chose the ramp. Good.

Backyard. At least save your own backyard. What’s really interesting is that 15 minutes before I stuck my finger in the book, my husband and I were just talking about the work we have to do in our backyard at our permanent address where Hurricane Florence blew our fence over. We’ve done a lot of work on cleaning up the tree limbs and branches, but still have plenty to do when we’re there once a week while living at the house that was my parents.’

I miss my woodsy backyard. It will still be woodsy even after we clear out the limbs and build the new fence. But back to the Angels’ instruction. Who can save the whole world? God? Jesus? If we listen. I used to want to save the world when I was 18 or 22 years old. Then for the next few decades, I always felt like I wasn’t doing enough. I worked with drug addicts and marched for the animals. I carried signs. But it was never enough. Now, I’m settling down and focusing more on my own backyard. Is is because I’m wiser or am I just tired. Maybe both.

I’m reminded of a quote that…Wait, I don’t remember exactly how it goes so I’ll paraphrase: Don’t make the mistake of doing nothing because you can only do a little. Then Mother Teresa said do little things with a lot heart. That’s paraphrased too. Oh, it’s with great love.

But there’s the symbolic meaning of saving your own backyard. Save yourself. Save your family – as best you can – by being a good example. Because who can we really save? I think it’s about taking care of our own backyard. Cleaning up our own back yard. What about the front yard? That’s important too, but the backyard is where the heart is. Save where your heart is. Save what you love. Take care of what you love. Ripples of love will extend to what you like. Maybe even what you don’t like. I don’t have to force it. I can let love flow as it will. Like a river. Or a stream of consciousness.

Here are some pictures from my backyard:

Turkey Tail Mushroom


Leaves in water

Mary in the backyard 3

Old Marigold gets lost in the backyard sometimes.

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#WATWB: San Francisco’s Road to ZERO Waste

Zero waste for a city the size of San Francisco might seem impossible, but I admire their determination and the innovative ideas they’ve put in place in hopes of reaching their goal by the year 2020.  Zero waste is not only good for the environment and quality of life, it’s creating clean jobs. This is clearly a team effort. Here’s how they’re doing it:

“We are the World Blogfest seeks to promote positive news. There are many an oasis of love and light out there, stories that show compassion and the resilience of the human spirit.”

Here are the co-hosts:

Belinda Witzenhausen, Eric Lahti, Inderpreet Uppal, Mary Giese, Michelle Wallace, Peter Nena, Roshan Radhakrishnan, Simon Falk, Susan Scott, Sylvia McGrath, Sylvia Stein, Andrea Michaels, Peter Nena, Dan Antion, Shilpa Garg

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Learning About Autism

Sunflower w address

Personal News: A Good Visit with Family

My trip to the mountains was one of the best ever. I got to see all of my grandchildren!  It’s no coincidence that good news stories about autism jumped out at me last night after I got back. My grandson, L, has autism, and I want to learn more. On Sunday, we all had lunch at Daily Bread, a wonderful, cozy restaurant in Boone, NC. We got there just in time since the place filled up quickly. As we waited for our delicious food, the noise level increased steadily and my grandson covered his ears – a good coping strategy for him to signal the noise was starting to overwhelm him. His 14 year old sister left the restaurant to look for ear muffs since his were at home. Big sister came back about ten minutes later with a handsome and comforting cap with soft ear flaps that wrap under his chin.   I was so proud of them all and loved spending time with my family in the mountains.

Liam looking

L really likes his new cap.

Now for Good News in the world…..

Clonakilty, Ireland Goes Autism Friendly

To learn more, check out this article from the Good News Network:

Todd Gets a Big Nod of Appreciation from his City

Todd Kirnan, is more than just a delivery man, he also has autism and is well-loved by his city of Gresham, Oregon. He’s a clear example of helping others simply and directly by doing what he can. Watch what the city of Gresham did to show their appreciation for Todd.

Going back to personal news, on Sunday night at the mountain hotel, I watched one of my favorite TV shows which happened to be about an autistic boy.  God Friended Me reminds me of Quantum Leap, but with God directing from social media. Sunday night’s episode was about a non-verbal, autistic boy who discovers piano music. It ends with the boy playing John Lennon’s “Beautiful Boy.”


After lunch at Daily Bread, we went to Blowing Rock. The air was chilly and the sky cloudy, but I loved the feeling of autumn and the misty mountains.

misty mountains behind rocks at blowing rock

mountains view from blowing rock with lichen

flowers growing in rock pocket

At Blowing Rock, we discovered these tiny flowers growing in a pocket of rain water. 

Good News is all around us!

Please feel free to share yours in the comments.




Good News Tuesday: Clean Energy, Rescue Team, and Employing Homeless Moms

California sets goal for 100% Clean Energy

The state of California has committed to running on 100% clean energy by 2045. Governor Jerry Brown just signed a bill mandating zero emissions as a goal and an executive order for carbon neutrality. You can read more here.


Siblings to the Rescue!

Aaron Allen and Jolisa Jones of Tampa, Florida acted quickly when they saw a car side-swipe the SUV which tumbled into a creek.  Here’s how they saved a couple and their 11 day old baby.


Company Hires  Homeless Moms

The Empowerment Plan company hires homeless moms to make coats for the homeless. Their goal is to end generational homelessness by employment.


Got good news? Please share!

Sunflower w address

Seeking balance one Tuesday at a time.


Boy Rescued from Sewer, Solar Progress, Man Survives Shark Attack, and England Bans Shock Collars

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An 11 year old Wisconsin boy was swept into the sewer drain and rescued when a firefighter saw his finger sticking up through a man hold cover. You can read the details here.

Solar Progress:

Our next story shows the first commercial installation of printable solar panels that cost less than $10 per square meter to produce.

You can read more about these panels here:

Man Survives Serious Shark Attack

This story got my attention since I love swimming in the ocean and the survivor is close to my age which is not that old any more. Shark attacks are rare and generally a case of mistaken identity. But just in case….

Good News for Dogs:

Way to go England! First they banned puppy mills, now they’re saying good riddance to shock collars.