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My Art

JoAnne painting rabbits

Working on the Forest of Dreams mural, a community project that came just as I was transitioning into a more creative life. Perfect Timing!

Angels Watching Over You

Angels Watching Over Us is one of my more recent paintings

little angel on purple flower tree

I painted this purple flower/tree on a piece of scrap wood several years ago and added the angel just a few months ago.


I painted this around the turn of the century from a photo of trees by a river.


A gift to my friend Caroline 2016

This is the painting I did for the back cover of  Trust the Timing. Dogs play a big part in the story. From left to right are Marigold the mutt, Jesse the Golden Boy, Doodle the crazy coon hound, “Beep the Horrible”, and Oreo the neurotic vibrating spaniel.


Back Cover for Trust the Timing