Anything is Possible!

With Love, Hope, and Perseverance

About the Author

JoAnne smilingin the trees


When I was 12 years old, my father told me:

“Nothing is Impossible,”

 I like to state things positively, so Anything Is Possible is the name of this blog.

When we think and speak positively about our hopes and dreams and express gratitude for the good things we already have in our lives, we receive our hearts’ desires…..or something even better! That became clear when my high school sweetheart found me 39 years later when the timing was perfect. 

Trust the Timing, A Memoir of Finding Love Again tells the story of what it took for David and I to be ready to meet again.  This true love story offers hope to those struggling with loneliness, co-dependency, and other relationship issues.


For over 30 years, I worked as a substance abuse counselor in a non-profit agency. There were things I loved about that job. It taught me a lot, and I was honored to be able to help people, but the job also drained me. What drained me the most was the ever increasing paperwork, the growing bureaucracy, and being expected to do more work in less time. I prayed for deliverance and yearned for a more creative life. In 2017, I was able to retire with perfect timing. Now, I’m returning to my earthy and creative roots – writing, painting, and puttering around my little backyard forest. 

When we open up to the good possibilities, we discover that God and the universe really are conspiring for us to be happy.


My blogging schedule goes something like this: I’m fairly consistent with Good News Tuesday, Stream of Consciousness Saturday, and Thursday Tree Love on the second and/or fourth Thursday of each month. Otherwise, I’ve become more organic, blogging or re-blogging as the spirit moves me.

This blog is Award Free. I appreciate comments and love the support in our blogging community, but participating in awards is beyond the time I have available right now. But please feel free to share your thoughts!

Thanks for reading!

PS. My real name is JoAnne, but I like “JoAnna” better.

Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without permission from this site’s author and/or owner is prohibited. Excerpts, reblogs, and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to this blog with appropriate and specific direction to the original content. Thank you!

143 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. Thanks for following my blog. I too believe there are no coincidences!!

  2. Yeah – I like Joanna better too … but it never occurred to me to simply change it! I like your style 🙂

    I like the part about returning to your earthy and creative roots. I didn’t think I had any and my retirement has been about discovering them. I’m loving this journey and I hope you are loving yours too!

    • This blog is pretty much the only place I go by Joanna which makes it special. I’m glad we are both loving this journey and thank you for sharing it! I had no idea I’d be this busy though. So many possibilities!

  3. The world is lucky to have such an inspiring person like you JoAnna 🙂 Love your blog and writing

  4. Looking forward to reading more of your blog.

  5. ”Il mio programma di blog è qualcosa del genere:

    Martedì: buona notizia martedì!

    Giovedì: idee, pensieri e speranze

    Sabato: flusso di coscienza sabato”

    …and friday I’m in love

    Renzo from Italy 🙂

  6. L’altra domenica ho avuto un’immagine mentale simile alla tua fotografia con il cuore e il cielo 🙂

  7. Look at life with love and prudence and at the same time not see the time to get confused with life!

    ”Giorni come perle rotonde e lucenti unite da un filo d’oro… Giorni densi di gioia e spensieratezza… Notti di sogni ad occhi aperti… Quando dormivamo? Non ne avevamo il tempo.”(Sommarlek, di Ingmar Bergman)

  8. I have wondered about that tree for years. There are several Mimosas near our house, and I’m always pointing at them, calling them Dr. Seuss trees. And I thought Mimosas were only drinks!
    Beautiful introduction page, JoAnna. 💕

  9. You as as person I found great and strong and have a very fascinating blog!! Enjoyed reading your columns

  10. such a beautiful soul you are. lovely blog. so inspiring.

  11. Hi JoAnna! Derrick Knight recommended your blog for its positivity so here I am. Nice to meet you!

  12. Really awesome blog. So positive and informative. Everything is indeed possible.

  13. It’s a lovely Blog JoAnna. And I live your name too. Your lufe sounds winderful.. i adore trees and forests. Also dogs! Looking forward to reading.

  14. This is a truly wonderful blog JoAnna! I just came back here from wandering around between your posts and I am already full of good mood. Thank you! And even mor I have to say this since I saw you followed me! What a lovely surprise:)

    All the best

  15. Anything is possible… JoAnna!!!

  16. Nice to see and read your blogs. Will visit again…….

  17. Very well said.
    “Anything Is Possible”
    Thanks for sharing.
    On a side note,
    I was thinking of this tree and,
    I was not able to think it’s name and,
    I see it here in your blog, “Mimosa”.
    Thank you!

  18. Hi JoAnna, thank you so much for visiting my blog and for the follow. I will have a proper look at your blog a little later. Meanwhile, the garden beckons and then I must cook the evening meal! 😮

    • You are very welcome! I understand about the garden beckoning. It’s too hot here at the moment for gardening, but the ocean beckons me today. Thank you for stopping by! Enjoy!

  19. Hi JoAnna, what a wonderful journey you have been on and still going. The universe works in mysterious ways, guiding me to your website, where I can learn more and read good news too. 🙂

    • It’s great to meet you, Steve! Yes, the universe does work in mysterious and wonderful ways. I enjoy the positive vibes I feel reading your pages.

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