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Supper, Dinner, and Our Second First Date

SOC winner 2017

Today’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt is, “sup.”

Supper is what you have at home in the evening. That’s what my dad called it. He called lunch, dinner. It was a little confusing, since it seems like most people call the mid-day meal lunch and the evening meal dinner. But for dad, lunch was dinner, at least when I was a kid. “When I was a child,” Mom would say, because, “Kids are baby goats.”

Sup has also been used as a verb, as in “Come sup with us.”  I had to go look that up to be sure. It seems to refer to sipping a drink. But it works with eating supper, too. Sup also stands for stand up paddling. As in a boat, or paddle board. Not getting paddled like they did when I was in Jr High school. I don’t even want to go there. And of course there’s the slang for for “What’s up?”

Supper is not what we had on our second first date. Seven years ago, I was anticipating a dinner date with my long lost love.  He found me on Facebook in June of 2011 after 39 years of no contact. He did not say, “Sup?”

On July 15, 2011, he drove down to North Carolina from Connecticut to take me out to dinner. We went to a cozy pub called Paddy’s Hollow with brick walls and soft Tiffany lamps. We talked about the 39 years since our last goodbye. Then we put the leftover nachos in his rented car and walked along the river.

His kiss awakened feelings I had not felt in a long time. (That’s a line from my book, Trust the Timing.) We watched the sun set behind the trees on the other side of the river.



That night, he called his mom and told her I was beautiful. He also left the nachos in his car over night. Because he was so taken with me.  I was taken with him, too and floated on cloud nine for weeks, maybe months.

Every year in July, we go back to that same restaurant to celebrate the anniversary of our second first date with dinner.  We don’t leave the nachos in the car. But we like to walk along the river and watch the sunset.


River walk light at sunset

In the winter, we like to roast vegetables in the oven. It makes the house smell wonderful and the dogs drool. Then we eat supper and save some roasted veggies (sweet potatoes, white potatoes, onions, carrots, zucchini, peppers, mushrooms, and whole cloves of garlic) for lunch the next day.  Or maybe if we have supper at home the night before, that could make lunch be dinner.  Anything is possible in the Stream of Consciousness as in life.

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Highly Sensitive

Touch lamp

I’ve been writing about my mother lately (maybe for a Chicken Soup story) and found this post by Trini Lind about highly sensitive people which made me realize that my mother was a HSP, too! It helps me appreciate her more, even though she’s no longer in this world.

“Overly sensitive,” was the phrase back when I was a kid. I fought against my sensitivity my whole life. I didn’t’ want to be like my mother who had nervous breakdowns and migraines. I loved my mother, but I wanted to be strong like my father. Since I couldn’t fix my mom, I watched Star Trek and developed a huge crush on Mr. Spock. Calm, cool, logical Spock. Someone had to stay calm. So I suppressed. I did well in school, drew pictures, and made up stories in my head. And I watched a lot of Star Trek.

Somehow, I managed to become tough enough as an adult to work as an addictions counselor for 30 years, with only occasional meltdowns on my kitchen floor after a hard day.  With all the counseling skills I applied to myself, I guess I became a moderately sensitive person – on the outside at least.

As a retiree, I have begun to embrace my sensitive nature.  I love staying home with the dogs, writing, doing a little painting. At home, I have plenty of time to recover from the times I do go out and interact with people and plenty of time to think about my parents.

Now that I understand more, I wish I’d been nicer to Mom. I wasn’t mean to her. But she tended to bring out my logical side which might been cold sometimes.

I finally painted over the hearts that mysteriously appeared on her bedroom ceiling after she died in 2008. I try to go to my deceased parents’ house at least once a week to sort through their things. There’s a Tiffany style touch lamp on my mom’s old nightstand. On two separate visits in the past month, I was sure that lamp was off before I left the house.  But when I returned on the following weeks, the  lamp was on. Maybe touch lamps are highly sensitive, too. But I have to wonder.  Was that you, Mom?

On my last visit, I unplugged the lamp. If it’s on again when I go back, I’ll know something’s up.


Coming Together

There are multiple stories about people of different faiths and nationalities coming together for iftar, the meal eaten after sunset during the month of Ramadan. To be honest, I don’t know much about this holy time, but I’m learning and very hopeful that people from diverse backgrounds can come together in peace.  Seeing this happen means it can happen again. Even when we believe differently, there is common ground. We can find it. Peace is possible.


There’s plenty of good news -Personal, local, or global. Please feel free to share in the comments!

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#WATWB: Women Send Breast Milk to Help this Cancer Survivor Feed Her Baby

We are the world watw-turquoise-badge-275-x-241-black

Jennifer Campisano had a double mastectomy when her son was ten months old.

“After several years of various chemo drugs, my husband and I didn’t think another child was in the cards for us,” she writes. Then she found out she was pregnant.

In her moving essay, Jennifer shares how how friends, acquaintances, and people she barely knew sent sent breast milk to help her feed her baby.



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Working Together


Today, I offer two stories about two men working together:

1. After many years at war, the leaders of North and South Korea met in person for the first time on April 27th and agreed to work together for peace! No matter what happens, this gives me hope that the hardest hearts can become open to peace and healing.

2. After the accident, Willie Burnman was told he would never never walk or even move his limbs again. But he got a little feeling in his toes. Then he met Jeff, the YMCA intern. Watch what happened:

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In personal good news, I’m having the bathroom in my parents’ house redone – new tub, new sink, new toilet, new floor! The not so good news is I’ll have limited internet access there, so I won’t be on WP much this week. But the good news in that is, I’m going to work on de-cluttering and writing.   

I hope the week brings you good news and sweet surprises!



One-Liner Wednesday: Old Friends

Old friends

Tomorrow, my three girlfriends from high school are coming to town to continue the reunion tradition we started in 2010. I don’t plan to be stupid. I’m not a spontaneous person by nature. But when I get together with my high school girlfriends, sometimes  spontaneously stupid things come out of my mouth and they love me anyway, though if I’m stupid enough, they’ll call me on it. We don’t talk a lot in between reunions, but we don’t have to. We know we will be there for each other if needed. We know we have something special and lasting in each other’s hearts.

I might not post again until next week, but know that you, my blogging friends, are dear to me, too. You’ll be in my heart.

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Love’s Answer to Hate

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Today, I share two stories of interfaith support.

This past Sunday, just a few days after a church received a hateful, racist letter, the pews are filled with strangers showing support.

Read more:  Hate knocked on the door, and love answered.


In this article from the Christian Science Monitor, we read about Jews building bridges with Muslims as they join together in community.

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