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SoCS: Joint Efforts/Getting Ready to Say Goodbye



Today’s SoCS prompt is “joint.” We can use it as a noun, an adjective, or a verb– or any way we like. And of course, Linda says we are to “Enjoy!”

My husband and I are finally getting back to having a backyard garden. It’s a joint effort. So far we have zucchini, pepper, and cherry tomato plants. We’ve planted butternut squash seeds and sunflower seeds. We cleared out some small trees and dead vines to let more light in our jungly backyard. I hope it will be enough light. We plan to also have basil and sweet potatoes. I planted a basil plant that I got from Dollar General for a dollar in the fall which made it through the winter inside. It’s a little puny, but it’s alive!

Another joint effort has been taking care of Mary Moo who is still with us. She’s the oldest dog I’ve ever had coming up on 18 years. We’ve been close to saying goodbye, but since Benadryl has been helping us all sleep through the night, and since she was wagging her tail today (Friday), we’ve decided to save our goodbyes for another day. Mary and I are the ones taking the Benadryl. David doesn’t really need it, though he does take daytime allergy medicine.

Joint efforts are what our country and planet need to fight off COVID 19 and evolve into a healthier human race. We need to find out common grounds. Not coffee grounds, though maybe that would help. Just meet for coffee and get to know each other. But wait, we’d have do to that virtually or on Zoom or something.

I finally Zoomed for church Sunday and Maundy Thursday. We’ll zoom for Good Friday service and Easter. Zooming is a joint effort to maintain meetings and church while social distancing. It’s strange, but it was nice to see these familiar faces on the screen. It’s hard to do music or sing as a group because of the delay, but I did sing and play guitar yesterday for our zoom church and today by myself in my living room. Maybe I’ll see if David can record me for an Easter song. Now that I’ve typed that, I have to try it. That will be a joint effort. I’ve been trying to get him to play a drum while I play guitar. We’ll see……

Here’s an update on my amaryllis:

Amaryllis in Boom 2020

I don’t even fertilize them or anything! It must be the earth worms.

The above was written on Friday night. It’s Saturday morning now at 8:30. The Benadryl didn’t work for Mary Moo last night. She woke up crying at 2am because she had to poop. She’s gotten to the point where she can’t poop without me holding her back legs or she falls down, so it’s time. We have an appointment with the vet at 9:30 to say goodbye. Except we have to say goodbye outside the vet office because they’re not letting any people clients in the building because of #—%–@ COVID 19. Good thing I trust our vet. We’ve been loving on Mary Moo a lot in the past few days. Here’s a picture of her and my Golden Boy Jesse years ago running at a dog park on vacation in the mountains. Mary Moo will be with Jesse soon. Running like the wind.

Jesse and Mary at Boone dog park

Sorry it’s blurry, but you get the idea. 

I’ll try to check back in later. Sorry for the bummer ending, but that’s the circle of life. Mary Moo had a good one.


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Author: JoAnna

An open minded, tree-hugging Jesus follower, former counselor, and life-long lover of animals, I'm returning to my creative roots and have published my first book: Trust the Timing, A Memoir of Finding Love Again as well as the short version: From Loneliness to Love.

39 thoughts on “SoCS: Joint Efforts/Getting Ready to Say Goodbye

  1. I’m sorry for your loss. Becky’s Scooby will be 18 in September if he makes it

  2. I am sorry about Mary Moo, JoAnna. It’s so so sad to say good-bye to our best most loyal family members.

  3. I am so sorry for Mary Moo, JoAnna,. I know you’d like to be there with her at the end.

    • Thank you, Dan. All the patients family members were in their cars and the vet techs or the vets came out and got the animals and brought them back. Our vet, Dr. K has been working with us for many years. He came out to the car, talked with us, and carried Mary Moo lovingly inside. He assured me he would take her straight to his examining room. We all had tears in our eyes including Dr. K.

  4. Oh JoAnna, I’m so sorry about Mary Moo. I hope the many years of dog parks and Mary Moo kisses will provide lasting memories for you.

    The garden sounds wonderful, so good for the soul!

    • Thanks, Mary. I appreciate you refocusing my attention on all the good years we had – dog parks, neighborhood walks, backyard adventures….. Good memories.

  5. So sorry about Mary Moo. You gave her a good life.

    Your flowers are beautiful.

  6. Don’t you just wish they could live forever? 18 years is a good life, and I’m sure you made it as good as you could for her. Unfortunately, circle of life and all that. Sorry you have to deal with it…

    • Thank you for understanding, John. She was with me through many of my downs and ups. I believe she had a good life through most of it and lots of love at the end.

  7. I am sorry for your sadness. It is a great loss.

  8. Sorry for your loss. Hard to lose a dear pet.

  9. I’m sorry to learn that the time has come to say goodbye to your beloved Mary Moo.
    Your amaryllis is vibrant and healthy 🙂 Mine brighten our garden every spring.

  10. I’m so sorry for your loss of your fur family member, it is so tough to say goodbye and even more, when you were not allowed there in same time.
    Beautiful Amaryllis 😀

  11. I’m so sorry for your loss. Sweet Mary Moo ❤

  12. Wow! What an amaryllis! I enjoy reading about your garden and the free roaming of Mary Moo,

  13. ❤ JoAnna, much love flowing to you, David and Mary Moo. ❤ Jesse's tail is wagging in anticipation of them running together again. ❤

  14. So sorry for your family’s loss. Mary Moo was a beautiful and special member of your family. I pray the Holy Spirit will wrap you and the rest of your family with His love and bring you comfort.

  15. I am so sorry for your loss – Mary Moo will stay on bringing a slice of light to your memories. Take rest and stay safe!

  16. So sorry about your doggy. We lost two last year. Our dog Goldie (also 18 years old) and Weezer, my sister’s dog. I miss them both, but know they are in a better place. Goldie had some really nasty seizures when we put her down and Weezer had a brain tumor. I hope you had a nice Easter!

  17. I’ve been seriously considering growing a garden, especially with the situation we’re living under at the moment. You’ve inspired me. Thank you, JoAnna!
    Again, so sorry for your loss. *hugs*

    • Thanks, Linda. In addition to our two garden beds, I’ve been reading about growing things like celery and lettuce from leftover stems. What have we got to lose? Thanks for the hugs.

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