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Three Stories of Young Men Doing Good




As reported by the Good News Network, Boylan Slat is getting ready to launch his project to start cleaning up the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch,” in July! Boylan explains his prototype in this video:



Homelessness, his dad’s heart attack, bullying, and migraines where some of the challenges Tre Jenkins faced. Now, he’s getting ready to go to Harvard.¬† (A personal side note on migraines: fluorescent lights used in most classrooms make migraines worse.)



This third video shows how a high school football team worked together to lift a car off of an elderly couple.


Good News is out there.

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Program Nurtures Young Men in Baltimore #WATWB

Project Pneuma strives to teach young men and boys “the art of forgiveness, self-control and discipline while giving them exposure to a new world of endless possibilities.” I was intrigued and encouraged by this program’s holistic approach incorporating martial arts, yoga, meditation, and love.

“The Mission of Project Pneuma is to Breathe New Life holistically into the young men we serve by challenging them intellectually, strengthening them physically, nurturing them emotionally and uplifting them spiritually.”

For more information, visit:

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