Anything is Possible!

With Love, Hope, and Perseverance


Love Songs with a Twist


When I was single, one of the things that helped me tolerate and even embrace love songs that came on the radio  was to sing them to God. I know it sounds corny, but it helped. One day, on a solo road trip, that old song came on the radio: “Some Kinda Wonderful.” I was about to change the station, when I got an idea. I substituted the name of Jesus for “my baby.” Later in the song, I sang about my sweet loving savior.
And I’m telling you, it worked. Singing love songs to or about Jesus helped ease my loneliness.

Just try it. When a love song comes on, but you don’t have a romantic interest, or if you have one who’s not good for you, substitute the higher power or ideal love of your choice. Think of someone who’s always got your back.


Can I get a witness?

I realized I could do this with any love song. I even sang love songs to my dog who was always there for me. Cause you know what dog spelled backwards is. Dogs are like mirrors reflecting unconditional love. Natalie, at Sacred Touches, agrees.









As I write in Trust the Timing:

“The dogs provided more comfort and less stress than the men I dated after the divorce “




You can sing love songs to any body you want to. Because love is valuable and wonderful . It doesn’t have to be romantic love, though romantic love is pretty darn special. I’m talking about caring for someone else so much that their happiness is just as important as your own. (Love your neighbor as yourself, not more than yourself.)

Whether it’s brotherly love, sisterly love, parental love, platonic love, romantic love, self love, dog love or AGAPE God love, love is good.

Happy Valentine’s Day!





What If Something Wonderful Happens?

My favorite part of Trini’s post at Paths of the Spirit, about dealing with negative thoughts, is about  imagining how we would cope with the negative “what ifs” if we were  operating from our most ideal, best self. I also the love the part about gratitude for what we have now. A comforting treat is to finish up with thoughts about wonderful things happening. I believe putting more positive “what ifs” out there helped my soulmate find me when the time was right. Positive thoughts have also brought me more time to do the things I love. God had something to do with this, of course.

So here’s my question for you:

What if something wonderful happens?

Something wonderful, like  _______________________________________.

I invite you to fill in the blank with as many wonderful details as you’d like. Feel free to write your heart’s desires in the comments here. Or write a whole blog post about wonderful things that could happen and share the link in the comments below.

Have fun!