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Good News Tuesday June 2, 2020: Police Join With Protesters, Space Station Arrival, and Newlywed Generosity

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Police Join Protests Against Police Brutality and Racism

Since the murder of George Floyd, many after dark protests in the US have been destructive, but in the light of day, the vast majority of protests have been peaceful. In several states police officers are joining with protesters in solidarity against police brutality and racism. Some are even taking a knee. This Forbes article gives details and photos. Below are two videos. The first shows police building bridges with protesters in Portland. The second is a summary of police officers walking with and reaching out to protesters.


Astronauts Arrive Safely at the Space Station

Two US astronauts arrived safely at the International Space station when the Dragon capsule docked on Saturday. It was the first time a space flight left from US soil since Nasa closed in 2011 and the first space mission coordinated between NASA and a commercial entity, Space X.  Here’s more from the NY Times.


Sri Lanka  Newlyweds Cancel Wedding Party to Feed the Poor

Darshana, owner of a small retail shop, and Pawani, a lab assistant at a state-run school, had planned a wedding party for 250 guests. They could have still had the party with strict social distancing, but instead, they cancelled the party and delivered the food to their neediest neighbors.

 Here’s more on their story and a sweet video

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