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Thursday Tree Love: Early Bloomer

Bradford Pear Tree Parking Lot

At the parking lot last week, I spotted the year’s first blooming tree. It must be a Bradford pear tree. They’re early bloomers, so they must be hardy, because there’s still the remote possibility of frost in February.

Bradford Pear tree Parking Lot 2

Bradford pear trees don’t normally produce fruit as far as I know,

but they have lovely blossoms.

bradford Pear branch

In a few months, leaves will replace the blossoms and provide welcome shade for the parking lot.  I love how deciduous trees let the sunshine in for winter, then give us shade in the summer, and of course there’s the oxygen. Blossoms are a bonus.

There’s so much to love about trees.


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Thursday Tree Love: Reaching for Heaven

Tall pine with long arms

You must have a good reason

To reach for heaven


tree love with two arms reaching

Linville, North Carolina

Trees have as much individuality as human beings. Not even two spruces are alike. There is always some kink or curve or bend of bough to single each one out from its fellows.

— Lucy Maud Montgomery

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Thursday Tree Love: Playground Tree

I’m not sure what kind of tree this is, though it might be a cedar. My granddaughter and I found it at a park near a playground.

tree at Boone park.jpg

sheltering tree branch.jpg

light through tree branches.jpg

tree at the Boone Jaycee park

It turned out to be a great place to climb, play, and enjoy the shade.

JoAnne in the tree (2).jpg

My granddaughter took this picture of me in the tree.


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Thursday Tree Love: Sycamore Survivor

tree sycamore thru leaves

Every year she sheds her bark

And often leaves me gifts.

Heart in Bark on green

She’s survived many hurricanes

Diana, Bertha, Fran, Floyd, Florence…

Bertha, or maybe Fran, in ’96

Stretched her roots

And lifted her skirt,

But she reached down deep

And held on for dear life.

She’s leaned westward ever since –

Not over the neighbor’s house

More over the backyard.

She grew a second trunk for balance.

Tree sycamore trunk

When I lay hands on her

I can feel her humming.

If experts say she must come down

I will have to go away.

But she is safe for now.

She releases her round stars

And waits for another spring.


sycamore tree seed balls

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One-Liner Wednesday: The Tree That Didn’t Give Up

Don’t give up.

tree fell but didnt give up

Don’t give up.

Rest when you need to

Close to the earth

Seeking a new path

To sustain you.

You will survive.

You will grow.

You will enlighten.



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