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Writing to God


Bon jour!

As much as I miss the French I took for three years in high school, I’m not going to focus on the French word for day in today’s Stream of Consciousness Post. Because to be honest, journal is the first thing that popped into my head when I saw our prompt was “jour.”

I often encourage my clients to journal. It still surprises me a little when some one admits: “I don’t really like to write.” It’s almost like when some one says they don’t like animals. Any animals. I have to remind myself that those things I love, some people don’t even like.

So, now I ask  them how they feel about writing. If they are at all interest in journaling, or willing to give it a try. I tell them they can keep it simple. And they don’t have to do it every day.  I encourage them to write, not only to vent, but to write what they’ve learned, and good things that happen, even if it’s just one sentence.

The most valuable thing I’ve found in my own journaling isn’t recording facts, feelings and thoughts, though that can help tremendously if you ever want to write a memoir.

I used journals to clarify the pros and cons of unhealthy relationships I needed to walk out of.

I wrote in my journal the characteristics I wanted in a partner. Then I put stars by the most important ones, the non-negotiables. It was like writing a letter to God, or the Universe, which is part of God, made by God, I believe. But that’s another post, maybe.  I read the list to help me not go back to unhealthy relationships.

In a group, I asked my clients to write a letter from God with what God wants you to know. A love letter, maybe, hopefully. I wrote one too. It was great! And by great, I mean therapeutic.

I also wrote lists of what I like about myself, the good qualities I want to strengthen, things God loves about me.

Journaling has helped me put my goals in writing. Things are more powerful when we write them and speak them.

I’ve used a journal to write down examples of God working in my life, meaningful coincidences. I just started a jar for this where I put little notes with good things that happen. Maybe I’ll put them together in writing at the end of the year.

Because what we focus on gets bigger.

God Listens, and “reads” what we write.

And dreams do come true.


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