Anything is Possible!

With Love, Hope, and Perseverance


Words of Affirmation


Affirm. That’s today’s Stream of Consciousness prompt. It’s a good one – that I can affirm. In my counseling career, I was big on affirmations, partly because they felt good to me, but also because I heard so many people putting themselves or others down. The brain makes pathways that are easier to go down the more we go down them, or up them. Negative thoughts repeated enough become ruts hard to get out of. But we CAN get out of them. We can train our brains and our mouths to state positives affirmatively. Whatever we practice, we get better at.

I had a boyfriend a bunch of years ago who said if you give too many affirmations, kids will come to depend on them. I suppose that’s possible since the name of this blog is “Anything is Possible,” I have to affirm that possibility. However, most people don’t get enough affirmation. Most people I know, and certainly myself included, tend to criticize ourselves enough that we need affirmations for balance. It’s like the news, but don’t get me started on the media. To affirm, they are trying to do better and have more good news in some special places.

“Words of affirmation” is one of  The Five Love Languages. It’s one of my favorite. Is it my primary love language? I don’t know. I don’t usually or consciously think of “acts of service” as a way to express love, though I do appreciate it when my husband helps with the housework. I like doing things together as a team. I think that’s “quality time,” another love language. What’s left? “Physical touch” is a good one, especially caresses. I think there must be dialects within each love language. There are probably more than five anyway.  The last one is giving or receiving gifts. If we’re talking about material gifts, this is the least important one to me. But if someone wanted to give me a gift that is material, DARK chocolate would be okay. I can always use some dark chocolate.

It’s been a while since I looked in the mirror and said, “I love you.” I got past the awkwardness of doing that years ago, but I’m out of practice. Here are some I might try:

You are doing a good job on the house.

You will get back to your art and painting.

You can stretch every day. You DO stretch every day!

You deserve to take good care of yourself.

You are worthy of good, healthy love.

You are deeply and profoundly loved by your Creator.

A lot of affirmations start with “I.” “I can…” “I am…”, but if you’re doing the mirror thing, it can be I or you.

I’m in good shape for 63. Maybe that’s not PC, but it helps me, because my weight is up from age 25 or 35 and my muscle tone is down. That’s a fact. But it’s okay. I’m more aware of so many things. Like they say in That 70s Show, “We’re all alright! We’re all okay!” Hello (whoever!)

Oh. It goes, we’re all Aright! We’re all Alright! Well, that’s okay. Here it is from my stream of consciousness to you.


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Dreaming Big about My Book

Last week’s prompt (yes, I’m a little late) from my Online Writing Community via Andilit, was to imagine and write about what our books will look like: the cover colors, the size, weight, font, etc, and also what the movie version would be like. Following the lead of Coffeesnob, I decided to post my answer here. It couldn’t hurt, and it could activate the law of attraction to bring publication closer. I’ve known that to work! You can find a very short version of the story on my “About Me” page.

The working title is Perfect Timing, Lessons in Love, Faith, and Perseverance.

But I’ve also thought of simply: Love Faith and Perseverance.

An earlier title idea was : God Has A Plan.

Your feedback is welcome on these titles!

For the book cover, I have two options in mind. The first uses a painting I’m working on:

book cover

Unfinished Trees, by JoAnne Silvia

(I still need to put some leaves on the trees.)

The other cover option is a 1972 photo of David and me:

1972 b&w kiss

I imagine the book as paperback of average size and weight, and E books of course.

For the movie version, I have always imagined Julianne Moore playing me. Maybe not the teenaged version of me, though it’s possible she could pull it off.

But there’s also Laura Prepon, who played Donna, from That 70’s Show. Donna always reminded me of the 70’s me.

Andi asked if we’d like to play a cameo role in our movie. I could play my mother, but that would be weird. As far as who would play my high school sweetheart, all the male actors I know about are old, so that will take some research to find a tall, sometimes brooding, but nice, young man who likes motorcycles.

And the best part about making my memoir into a movie, will be all that music from the 1970’s ! Like Carole King’s “I Feel the Earth Move,” and “So Far Away.” And the Beatles “The Long and Winding Road.”

The best way for the movie to end is with photos of our real wedding and this song by America:

I’m still editing the manuscript of 70,000 words and exploring publishing options like agents, small publishers and self publishing, but it’s fun to dream. Dreaming plus work brings the dream into reality.