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Thank You, Body

SOC winner 2017

Today’s Stream of Consciousness prompt is: bodily functions

Bodily functions do not work as well as we get older. Some days they work fine, but you never know. Or maybe you do know if you over did the yard work again and the body is slower and stiffer the next day. We learn to pace ourselves, to be gentle. Except when we don’t and think we’re 20 or 30. The body reminds us we are older.

I wonder if this is nature’s way of preparing us to move on from the body. We become more spiritual perhaps.

My body is getting better all the time at giving me feedback – to stretch more, to take a nap, to not eat dairy like I used to. For years now, my body tells me I’m too stressed by giving me acid reflux or gas or a headache from too much time on the computer. Thanks, body, my old friend. What will I ever do without you? Fly to see the northern lights? How will my eyes see if they are gone? Maybe I will see more clearly. I hope so.

But for now, I’ll stay a while and try to take good care of my body – my feet which I take so for granted- need lotion. I need to take some deep breaths to move the oxygen in and open up. Thank you, body.

PS: Sometimes I think it would be more authentic to make my profile picture reflect my  current age. The one I have been using is at least ten years old. Maybe today’s the day. Or maybe not.


skinny looking JoAnne (3)

This is how I really look now. Well, not now as I type this, but most of the time out in public.

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All About Gratitude: A Review of DigiThanks


When I get caught up in the mundane and crazy stuff of every day life, we might forget to be thankful. When I do stop and think about what I’m thankful for, or better yet, make a gratitude list, life is better. I am better.

DigiThanks helps me remember to be grateful for the people and blessings in my my life. When Sedi asked me to review the Instagram page, I was a little hesitant only because I’m not active on Instagram. But when I visited the page,  I enjoyed the smiles and reading the thank you notes from all over the world. DigiThanks is all about gratitude, something the whole world needs more of. Filled with simple wisdom, inspiring quotes, and a diversity of thank you stories from the heart,  DigiThanks lifts my spirits. I hope it will lift yours, too. It’s definitely worth checking out this joyful instagram page and blog.

Never underestimate the power of gratitude!