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When Someone Says You Can’t Do Something, There Still Might Be a Way


Today’s SoCS prompt is, “oh.”

Oh, great. I wrote my post last night, and now it’s gone. Not in the trash, not already published. Oh, well. I get to start over. Seems like whenever I get a win, I also get something for humility. Or the balancing phenomenon can be good – the good thing after the bad – like in my 20s when my car would break down right before I got my income tax refund. This week the balance is in the realm of technology.

Maybe a month ago, I discovered I’d made a typo in the domain name for my art website. This discovery happened after I developed the website, published some posts, and had cards made up copying and pasting the incorrect domain name on the business cards. It was just one letter off. Instead of angelsmermaidsandwoodwork, I had angelsmermaidsandwordwork.  Word Work. Kinda funny actually. I shared my horror on Facebook. (I felt horrible about it. Why didn’t I catch that mistake? How could I have missed it?, etc. etc.) A couple of people suggested I buy the correct domain and re-direct. Let me back up a minute. I had first shared my horror with the support chat person for the hosting entity. He (his name sounded masculine to me) was polite, but not that supportive. He said/chatted that the domain name could not be changed. My stomach fell into the bog of misery. He didn’t offer any suggestions. To be fair, I had first asked him another question, so this was the second problem of that chat. So when FB friends had a remedy, I felt a ray of hope. But I was still bummed out and didn’t want to face another chat session.

After a couple weeks I looked into it wondering if I could do this re-directing thing myself. I bought the correct domain name, but got confused when it came to redirecting or maybe transferring? So I took a break. Then yesterday, I mustered up the courage to chat again with a support person for the host (which is not exactly WP but uses WP.) Guess what! She (the name sounded feminine) chatted that we could just change the name on the website to the new domain. What? The other guy said that could not be done.

I asked for clarification a couple of times. She made it sound simple and that she could do it in a click or two. Schedule it anyway.  What a relief after all that angst and misery about my little mistake. Well, that might be an exaggeration, but not much. I have to check it again to make sure it’s really correct. I held my breath before it came up.  Plus I keep checking for typos. Guess I need to trust the process and take a deep breath. Not to mention putting more content on there. I’m thankful it worked out and that I have an ultra fine point marker to change the r to o on the business cards. Oh, well. The biggest lesson, besides balance happens, is that just because someone says it can’t be done, doesn’t mean it’s true. I was trying to find that quote about being annoyed by people telling you something is impossible while you’re doing it, but the quotes I did find about making mistakes made me realize that the first chat support person just made a mistake. That’s all. Oh well. I  guess everything works out eventually.

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