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Good News Tuesday April 29, 2020: Publix Helps, Sweden is Done with Coal, a Real Champion, and Groceries by Gondola

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Publix Buys Excess Produce to Donate to Food Banks

US grocery store Publix will buy fresh produce and milk from Florida farmers and southeastern dairies to donate the to food banks.  This will help farmers and decrease waste of food not currently needed in restaurants and schools.  You can read more in this article from NPR.

Sweden Closed its Last Coal Fired Plant

A mild winter helped Sweden close it’s last coal fired plant two years ahead of schedule. This makes Sweden the third European country to kick the coal habit after Austria ended its coal operations earlier this month and Belgium closed its last coal power station in 2016.  The Swedish capital plans for “district heating to be produced entirely by renewable or recycled energy by 2030.” Here’s the story from Independent.


South Africa Rugby Champion Returns Home to Help

“There’s nothing worse than hunger. There’s nothing worse than listening to your stomach before you go to bed and you just hear grumbling. You have nothing to eat, you’ve got no other choice.”  Siya Kolisi

South Africa’s World Cup-winning captain Siya Kolisi and his wife Rachel are helping people in the townships with food, protective equipment, and encouragement. This story from CNN contains a  heartfelt video about this true champion.

Women in Venice Deliver Groceries by Gondala

Row Venice is a non-profit group of women who deliver groceries to the elderly and those who cannot shop for themselves. Read more about them in this article from 

Here’s a short video of Row Venice in action: (You might need to click watch on YouTube if it doesn’t play here.)


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Recycling 99% of our Trash Is Possible!

Recycle bin

The goal is to recycle more than we waste. Way more.

“The world has a garbage problem.”

Sweden is taking a giant step in the right direction by recycling 99% of their trash as described in the video below. They incinerate about half to make energy, but first, they sort out the organic material, metals, glass, etc.

My husband gets excited about composting. Having discovered first hand how 40% of the produce grown in this country is wasted, he does what he can to divert local organic material from rotting in the landfill, and dreams of a large scale composting operation that would create and capture energy. He’s always going on about black soldier fly larvae and worms being so helpful in breaking down garbage. I don’t mind him going on about it, because I know it’s a good thing.

I tend to be more localized to the home front, saving banana peels in the freezer, and putting everything I can in the recycle bin. I’ve recently started saving plastic reusable to-go containers  from a couple of the more eco-friendly restaurants and taking them with me when we go out to eat where the only take out containers available are made of styrofoam. I don’t care if anybody thinks this is weird. That’s how much I hate styrofoam, which I say like a cuss word, because it can take up to one million years to decompose, and is typically refused by recycling companies.

Now, if I can just remember to take those canvas bags to the grocery store!

We can all make a difference, one step at at time.

What’s something you do, or would like to do to reduce, reuse or recycle?