Anything is Possible!

With Love, Hope, and Perseverance


May It Be

The Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “may.” Use it any way you’d like. Have fun!

Maybe May will be a good month.

Anything is possible!

We’re in the mountains this weekend. I bought a kayak and we brought it with us. Maybe I’ll actually kayak on the lake which I’ve been wanting to do for a couple of years since we first came up here.

The photo above is the lake in the mountains where I hope to kayak. Nice and calm.

The next photo is one I took recently in the lowlands where I live most of the time. I used to paddle this lake picking up trash years ago. It has alligators, but they’re not that scary, and I don’t see them often. Years ago, when I was cleaning up the lake with my daughter, an alligator was swimming in front of us, going the same way. It kept looking back over its shoulder at us and eventually veered off. It was probably only about five or six feet long.

There could be an alligator hiding down there and we’d never know.

Maybe Mama Cat won’t miss me too much and will sleep a lot. We have a good pet sitter. It’s the fist time I’ve left her since I adopted her in October. Mama Cat. Not the pet sitter.

Maybe I’ll got to bed early tonight which is Friday – when I normally write my SoCS posts. The wind is blowing hard here in the mountains. Maybe it will sing me to sleep. That would be something different since I’m usually a night owl.

Sometimes we hear owls at our house in the lowlands. Maybe there are owls up here, too. Once I heard a strange noise outside here in the mountains late at night. It was very dark. The noise started like a growl-ish noise. But then there were quacking noises. It was like nothing I’ve ever heard before. But that memory will not help me sleep early.

Maybe there won’t be any shootings tomorrow. Dag! What a thing to write or think. Don’t want to go down that stream. Maybe things will get better. Maybe we’ll figure out how to get along better.

Maybe I will start with me getting along with myself and those closest to me.

May it be an evening star…. It that how the song goes? I’ll look…

This is one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard.

Maybe it will help me sleep.

May your day and your May be filled with blessings.


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Back to Better Health


Our stream of consciousness post today, from Linda Hill’s substitute teacher, Pavowski, is the word: “back.”

As I sit here, it’s hard to ignore my back, which coincidentally has a sore muscle. I have no idea why, but every now and then, there’s a muscle that starts to ache, lately on one side or the other, then it turns into little spasms. Not incapacitating, but quite distracting, and limiting my ability to turn and look behind me when I’m driving and want to back up or change lanes.

Thankfully these mysterious aches always go away in a few days with those heat rubs and a little TLC and maybe some ibuprofen. Yesterday I used a herbal patch that helped a lot, but the annoying ache is back again this morning.

I write this on Friday so I can post Saturday morning. No that’s not cheating!  It’s okay to do your homework the day before its due.  It just so happens that today, 12/12, is my birthday. So with my back and my birthday, I’m going back to my annual tradition of a birthday massage. Because I deserve it!

I wonder if my back is doing this every couple of months because I’m not in the best shape. I used to due -I’m leaving this typo because I’m due for some- yoga regularly and have gained at least ten pounds since getting married two years ago. And there is that age thing creeping steadily up now as close to 60 as it could be without being there. One more year of not being 60. I’m okay with the  number. Just being silly. I do have to get back to taking better care of myself. It seems that as our bodies age, we have to work harder at taking care of our health.

So, back to stretching and yoga and mindful eating. EVERY DAY.

…..and loving my body with kind words instead of irritated complaints.

Starting NOW!

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