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Good News Tuesday for March 22, 2022: Elephant Sanctuary Benefits Community, New Technology for People with Paralysis, Salvaging Pieces of Old Buildings, and Amellia Anisovych sings the Ukrainian National Anthem

Seeking Balance One Tuesday at a Time

Elephant Sanctuary Benefits Community

Supply chain issues dried up the flow of baby formula for orphaned elephants at the Reteti Elephant Sanctuary in Kenya, so the staff started to feed the baby elephants goats milk from local herds. Survival rates improved and the money that used to buy formula is now staying in the local community. If fact, Reteti is the first elephant orphanage in Africa to be owned and run by members of the local community. CNN has heartwarming photos and more about this special sanctuary.

Paralyzed Patients Use Smartphones, Computers and Control Wheelchairs with New Technology

A new device enables patients with paralysis use head and tongue movements use smartphones and computers and to control their own power wheelchairs. Georgia Tech shared the results of a study involving 17 wheelchair users living with tetraplegia—a spinal cord injury that affects the arms, hands, trunk, legs, and pelvic organs. Here’s more from the Good News Network.

Salvaging Old Buildings to Build New Ones in Ohio

Too often, old buildings are demolished quickly and loaded off to landfills, but in Cleveland, Ohio, people are carefully dismantling old buildings to re-use the materials in constructing new buildings. Read about how they’re doing it at Good Good Good

Amellia is Safe in Poland and Still Singing

Amellia Anisovych, the seven-year-old who sang “Let it Go” from a bomb shelter in Ukraine, is now safe in Poland. On Sunday night, she sang the Ukrainian National Anthem, “Shche ne vmerla Ukraina” (“Ukraine Has Not Yet Perished”) at a concert to raise money for her country.

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Good News Tuesday for Feb. 8, 2022: Spinal Cord Implant Helps Man Walk Again, New Museums Around the World, Another City Bans Declawing, and an 8-Year-Old Author’s Initiative Pays Off

Seeking Balance One Tuesday at a Time

First Person to Walk after Completely Severed Spinal Cord

Michel Roccati was paralyzed five years ago in a motorbike accident. His spinal cord was completely severed, and he had no feeling in his legs. Thanks to an implant developed by Swiss researchers, he is the first person to be able to walk freely after such an injury. Read more about it from BBC News.

New Museums Opening Around the World

This year, several museums are scheduled to open around the world dedicated to a variety of interests including art, African American history, medieval finds in England, Chinese history, Broadway, and Bob Dylan. The Smithsonian Magazine has details.

Cat Declawing Banned in Madison, Wisconsin

In a unanimous vote, the city council of Madison Wisconsin recently voted to ban the de-clawing of cats which is illegal in many other cities, states and countries. Read about the importance of this victory for Madison cats, HERE.

Eight-Year-Old Author Sneaks his Book into the Library and it’s a Hit!

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