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Spider Plants at the Laundromat

Today’s Just Jot it January prompt is “abscission,” from Lakshmi. I had to look it up. Here’s what I found:

“the natural detachment of parts of a plant, typically dead leaves and ripe fruit.”

It’s good to learn new words, especially when there seems to be no one word alternative.

Last week we took Marley to the vet to be neutered. That was not a natural detachment, but hopefully it will help calm him down a little and not add to the problem of homeless pets. His previous guardian said he sometimes escaped and was gone for a couple of days, so he may have offspring somewhere. After leaving Marley at the vet for his procedure, I went to the nearby laundrymat, which is technically spelled laundromat, to wash and dry a big comforter that had been in the attic for years.

This laundromat has some very nice plants in a big window. The snake plants and succulents are doing well, but the spider plants are pathetic. They probably get too much sun and not enough water.

dying spider plant

Abscission was not working for these plants. They needed help, and I could not ignore them.

I went outside to the attendant who was in her car on her phone and asked her if I could work on removing some of the dead leaves from the plants and give them some water. She looked at me like I was from another planet, then said, sure, I guess so.

Some of the plants were too high to reach, but some I was able to clean up and water. Later, I sent a FB message, presumably to the management who thanked me. The manager wrote that he or she had been very busy and did not have the much time to take care of the plants. I responded that I might drop by and work on them some more if that was okay and was told that would be fine. I hope this nudges someone at the laundromat to take care of the spider plants.

Sorry I didn’t take pictures of the healthy plants, but maybe will put some in the gallery below along with Marley the evening after his surgery when he was uncharacteristically mellow due to residual medication effects.

Spider plants are one of the few plants not toxic to animals. Fortunately, Mama Cat doesn’t play with them since she tends to be a cave dweller. For enrichment, we’re going to be adding some walking shelves that lead to her cat tree upper level, and I’ll be encouraging her with treats to use them.

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Spider Plants, Avocado Trees, and Critters who Belong Outside

Today’s Stream of Consciousness Post is brought to you by Linda G. Hill, author of

All Good Stories, “a romantic comedy with a twist.”

Soon it will be time to bring my outside plants inside. They are really indoor plants, but they like to be out in good weather which we have a lot of here. I just hope they don’t have spiders hiding in them when I bring them in.


For the past two days, I saw a small gecko/lizard/chameleon hopping around my avocado tree on the back deck. I’d rather not have to try to get these little critters outside because I’m always afraid I’ll hurt them. Except for the water bugs, aka Palmetto bugs. Not afraid to hurt them. Yet, they are living things too, so why…..

But back to he plants, because I don’t want to talk about bugs. I have so many spider plants (there I go again with spiders) which some people call airplane plants, though their babies do look like spiders, that I have planted some of them outside. They die off in the winter and come back in the spring. Once I had a poinsettia do that, but only once. Usually the winters here are too cold for a poinsettia to survive. But there was the time when I planted one from Christmas out in my backyard in the spring, and the next spring, a year later, I saw something red out in the yard and had no idea what it was. Lo and behold, it was the poinsettia I had planted a year earlier. It must have been a mild winter. I have one that’s doing very well in a pot outside, but I’ll probably bring that one in and put it in the dark in November to see it it will turn red.

I have two avocado trees in pots that I planted from pits. I’ve had them for many years and cut them back so they will fit in the house. They drop a lot of their leaves, even in the house, in the winter. I’ve been tired of lugging them back in and out of the house, since they like to be outside on mild winter days, so this year, I planted the leggier one outside in a semi sheltered area. I’m going to see it it will survive. I’ll probably cut it way back and cover it on freezing days like people do with banana trees around here. Who knows, with climate change/global warming, maybe I could grow avocados.

(Not saying climate change is good. It’s bad. And it’s real. But that’s another story.)


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