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JusJoJan#31: Facetious, Sarcastic, or Just Plain Silly with a Confession by Steve Martin

Today is the last day of Just Jot it January. I think I participated in all but a couple of days which is good for me. Thank you to our host Linda Hill for originating and organizing this annual event and thank you to Susan for today’s prompt: facetious.

Looking up the prompt, because I knew it meant funny, but wasn’t quite sure how, I found this definition:

“treating serious issues with deliberately inappropriate humor; flippant.”

Sometimes we need to be facetious so as to not take ourselves and the world too seriously. Humor is important. But we also have to be careful which serious issues we’re being facetious about.

I prefer facetious to sarcastic. Sarcasm often seems dishonest and confusing to me. Makes me wonder if I’m on some kind of a spectrum. Anyway, as I’ve mentioned before, my favorite kind of humor is silly, like Steve Martin. I remember watching him make this difficult confession on Johnny Carson in 1978. 😉

For more facetious jottings and a link to Susan’s blog, click HERE.


Dealing with Clutter on the ADD Spectrum. Good thing I’m “retired.”

SOC winner 2017

Do, do, do. I’m supposedly retired, but still have so much to do. I can’t imagine being bored ever again. Except when I go somewhere and do something I don’t really want to do. Trying to not do that so much anymore. I saw a meme the other day that brought back memories of my old job. Let me see if I can find it.

Okay. I’m back. That took longer than I thought because I went to Facebook to find it and got distracted by this guy rescuing an antelope out of a mud pit.

Here’s what I went looking for:

work to death

I would never post that when I worked at the forever short staffed place. Now, it’s such a relief not to be in that craziness.

My response: NO.  No, I will NOT work myself to death.

Speaking of getting distracted, when I go to my parents house, which now belongs to me since they are happy together again in heaven, my ADD really kicks in. I’ve never been diagnosed with ADD and probably wouldn’t because it’s usually a mild case, and I’ve compensated well for it. But I think ADD is on a continuum, like the Autism spectrum. Except my continuum/spectrum theory is pretty broad. I know people who are introverts at heart who might be on the the spectrum… have just a tiny touch of autism, but would not be likely to be diagnosed. I might even be one of them.

But back to the ADD. My kids have more of it than I do. We have no H to go with it for hyperactivity. We are those spacey day dreamy types. I only have a tiny touch of it. But when I go to my parents house (my house now though I don’t live there) I get easily distracted. Because they have a lot of clutter. I’m not going to call it hoarding because their living room looks fairly normal. It’s just clutter. Clutter is on the low end of the hoarding spectrum. Or maybe it’s pre-hoarding. Yeah. I like that better. Because, hey, they grew up kinda poor around the “Great Depression” and you don’t through things away. Like my dad put things in his old empty Rx bottles. I found one Rx bottle full of those square, plastic things that you close bread wrappers with. Not the twisty ties, but the square things with the notch. Cause he figured he might have to use them one day for something.

Anyway, my goal yesterday was to clean in their house and porch to get ready for the “estate sale,” as I’m calling it. But I kept getting distracted by trying to organize items to sell. And then there are all the memories and sentimental artifacts. But my goal is to focus on one thing at a time. Cleaning. Then organizing. Then pricing. Good luck with that. I feel a sense of satisfaction when I can throw away a whole trash bag of “trash.” But I’m going to keep the Rx bottle of bread wrapper closers because it’s funny, and it doesn’t take up much room, unlike this typewriter my dad used probably right up until he died.


Its still works! Sort of.

Well, gotta go do stuff. So that’s it.

Thanks to Dan for filling in for Linda and giving us today’s Stream of Consciousness prompt: do/dew/due.

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