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Good News Tuesday for March 14, 2023: Shifting Away from Plastic, Equal Gender Representation in Spain, New Hope for Endometriosis, a Whale Gets Help, and Michelle Yeoh’s Acceptance Speech for “Best Actress”

Seeking Balance One Tuesday at a Time

(Sorry for being late today. I was focused on doing my yoga at home to stay home and do homey things. The good news is, I did my yoga then practiced with my 8 lb weights. I was folding towels when I thought, Wait. What day is it? it’s Tuesday. OMG, Good News Tuesday!)

Solar Company Shifting Away from Plastic

The Swiss solar module company Meyer Berger stated they will transition all of its manufacturing away from plastic to using 100% glass instead. Here are details from PV (Photovoltaics) Magazine.

A New Law in Spain Seeks Equal Gender Representation

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez on Saturday announced The Equal Representation Law that will require more equal representation of women and men in politics, business and public life including boards of big companies and professional associations. Reuters has more HERE. (From my GoodNewsLetter.)

Clinical Trials in UK to Research New Drug for Endometriosis

Researchers in the UK have been awarded roughly $300,000 to investigate a new medication to treat endometriosis, a debilitating condition causing inflammation, pain, and scar tissue in women. Preliminary studies have shown a reduction in endometriosis lesions. Click here to read more.

A Rescue Team Freed a Right Whale from Lobster Pots and Rope

A team from Clearwater Marine Aquarium Research Institute and others freed a North Atlantic Right Whale, nicknamed Argo, from lobster pots and commercial fishing rope tangled around his tail. Some of the rope was imbedded in his tail and the weight was slowing him down so much he was only able to use his front flippers to swim. At first, Argo tried to avoid the rescuers but later stayed close to the surface, perhaps knowing they were trying to help. We don’t know if Argo will make it, but at least now, he has a chance and time to swim free. Here’s the story and a video.

Michelle Yeoh Wins the Best Actress Award for Best Picture

I haven’t yet seen, Everything, Everywhere, All at Once, the movie voted best picture by the Academy, but I did enjoy Michelle Yeoh’s acceptance speech after winning the best actress award. I believe she is the first Asian American to win the award which she called “a beacon of hope and possibility.” She also said, “Ladies, don’t let anyone ever tell you, you are past your prime.”

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Good News Tuesday for Jan. 31, 2023: Pope Fracis Calls to Decriminalize Homosexuality, More Affordable Solar Panels, Students’ Art on Electrical Boxes, and a Rescued Dog Saves Her Dad

Seeking Balance One Tuesday at a Time

Pope Francis Calls on the World to Decriminalize Homosexuality

In an interview last week, Pope Francis said homosexuality should not be a crime and called upon the 67countries with such laws to decriminalize. GoodGoodGood has details HERE.

Solar Panels Will Soon be More Affordable

The cost of solar panels is getting ready to “plunge” due to increasing access to affordable materials. TechCentral has details.

Elementary Students Make Art from Defaced Electrical Boxes

Student Art

Elementary Students in San Diego, California have turned defaced electrical boxes into beautiful works of art. Take a look and read their story HERE,

Rescued Dog Saves Her Dad

When Brian Myers had a stroke and fell, Sadie the German Shepherd he rescued, pulled him to his cell phone so he could call for help. You can read all about Sadie and Brian in this article full of photos and a video of the two reuniting after Brian’s hospital stay. Here’s a video of Brian telling the story:

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Good News Tuesday for August 2, 2022: Progress Toward HIV Cure, Solar Panels Raise Teacher Salaries, California Beach Returned to Black Heirs, and a Seven-Year-Old Saves Toddler in Pool

Seeking Balance One Tuesday at a Time

Progress Toward HIV Cure

Two new cases presented at the International AIDS Conference in Montreal give hope to the possibility of remission from HIV. A 66-year-old man appears to have been cured by a stem cell donation, and a woman is in remission after immune boosting therapies. NBC News has details. (via 1440)

Solar Panels Save Arkansas school enough Money to Significantly Raise Teacher Salaries

In Batesville, Arkansas installing 1,500 solar panels saved the school about $600,000 yearly. This money was then funneled back to the teachers for up to $15K in raises. Here’s how they did it.

California Beach Stolen from Black Couple Returned to Heirs

Los Angeles County returned prime California oceanfront property to the heirs of a Black couple who built the resort for African Americans when beaches were segregated. Bruce Beach was stolen from entrepreneurs Charles and Willa Bruce nearly a century ago. Their great-great-grandson, Anthony Bruce, received the deed last week. Read more and watch the video from CBS News HERE.

A Seven-Year-Old Saves Toddler at the Bottom of a Pool

Messiah saw a toddler six-feet down at the bottom of the pool and swam down to get him out. His relative, 9-year-old Savannah, helped pull the toddler out of the pool. The mom says the toddler is doing well. Here’s the story from GMA with a video below.

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Good News Tuesday for March 15, 2022: Pep Talks from Kindergarteners, South Korea’s Floating Solar Blossoms, India’s Solar Dehydrators, and a No-Kill Shelter in Poland is Saving Animals from Ukraine

Seeking Balance One Tuesday at a Time

Pep Talks from Kindergarteners

There’s a hotline where you can get pep talks from kindergarten students. The program was put together with help of California teachers Jessica Martin and Asherah Weiss. I called the number in the article linked below and enjoyed hearing the positive young voices. Option #2, “Words of Encouragement”, was my favorite, with option #1 a close second. Here are the details from NPR.

Floating Solar Panels Generate Enough Electricity for South Korea

In South Korea, 92,000 solar panels, in the shape of plum blossoms float in a reservoir and generate enough electricity for 60,000 people—more than the country’s population. Take a look and read more from The Good News Network.

Saving Food with the Sun

 Farming households in India are earning extra money by dehydrating food that goes unsold by putting it through solar food dehydrators. 40,000 tons of food is being saved with the process. The Good News Network has the story.

Polish Shelter Rescues and Treats Animals from Ukraine

Hundreds of animals have been rescued and cared for at this no-kill shelter in Poland. Staff of the shelter in Poland drive into Ukraine to rescue the animals and take care of them.

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Good News Tuesday, April 21, 2020: Support for Health Care Workers, Planet Earth, Living Kindly, and Captain Tom Walks the Walk

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Seeking Balance One Tuesday at a Time

Support for Health Care Workers

It does our hearts good to read about all the people supporting and donating to health care workers. Here’s just one example among many: To celebrate their birthdays, two teenagers had the idea to give free gasoline to first responders, police officers, doctors, nurses, and other health care workers coming to their family’s business, Harry’s Food Mart in Massachusetts. Delivery fees were also waved by J&S Transport company delivering the gas.

For Planet Earth

Tomorrow is Earth Day, and while we need at least a whole month to celebrate and honor Mother Earth, I wanted to include some good news about how people are working to help the planet.  Here are ways to be creative with solar panels in driveways and at church.

The Budapest-based startup, Platio Solar has developed a residential solar paneled driveway made out of recycled plastic bottles. According to the website, “a 20-square-meter (215-square-foot) driveway system has the capacity to cover the yearly energy consumption of an average household.” Or it The Good News Network provides details. 

A Polish priest inspired by Pope Francis used his own money to put a 70 foot cross of solar panels on his church. By day, the cross provides the electricity for the church’s lighting, heating, and air conditioning. By night, it provides a colorful neon light show.  Here’s more on that story which I found in my Goodnewsletter.

Living Kindly for Animals

The animal welfare group, Live Kindly, has an abundance of  good news for animals in the following video, like Dr. Fauci recommending an end to live animal markets, dogs and cats no longer being listed as livestock in China, a bill to ban ivory sale in Washington DC, sea turtles nesting freely, and Paul McCartney making sure Lisa Simpson is still a vegetarian before he goes on The Simpsons. If you love animals and the earth, this is good news.


99 Year Old Veteran Walks the Walk

In just two weeks, Captain Tom Moore has raised over 13 million pounds for England’s National Health Service by walking 100 lengths of his back garden before his 100th birthday.  Now, there’s a campaign for Captain Tom to be knighted. Captain Tom reminds us that we’re never too old to make a difference whether by walking or with a smile.

UPDATE: Thanks to Derrick for this update in the comments: “Captain Tom didn’t stop there. Stating that he would continue walking as long as people continued giving, by 18th April the total had passed £23,000,000.”

It was hard to pick just one video about Captain Tom, so I urge you to watch others too.

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Boy Rescued from Sewer, Solar Progress, Man Survives Shark Attack, and England Bans Shock Collars

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An 11 year old Wisconsin boy was swept into the sewer drain and rescued when a firefighter saw his finger sticking up through a man hold cover. You can read the details here.

Solar Progress:

Our next story shows the first commercial installation of printable solar panels that cost less than $10 per square meter to produce.

You can read more about these panels here:

Man Survives Serious Shark Attack

This story got my attention since I love swimming in the ocean and the survivor is close to my age which is not that old any more. Shark attacks are rare and generally a case of mistaken identity. But just in case….

Good News for Dogs:

Way to go England! First they banned puppy mills, now they’re saying good riddance to shock collars.