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#SoCS Ramblings on Social Justice and Being Social


Today’s prompt for the Stream of Consciousness is the word, “social.” We can use it any way we want and have fun.

Social studies, okay. Social Justice, Yes! I’m not the most social person, especially in person. But I do believe in social justice. I can be social for a while, but when there’s an event that is purely social without any other goal, I tend to flounder. I’d rather be social for social justice – marches, meetings, volunteer work, picking up trash, protesting – it’s easy for me to be social when there’s a cause.  Years ago, I was pretty active in environmental and animal rights groups. Social justice should include animals and the earth. Trees, too. I find it easy to be social with trees. They’re such good listeners.

Not that I can’t be social with people at times. (And I can be a good listener – too good for my own good in times past.) There are people I enjoy being with. For a time. People are interesting. People are amazing. Social. Dogs are social. So are elephants, whales, dolphins, and pigs. They like being with family. They need social justice, too. What if ants are social, and bees too, in a different way?

Social justice is for everybody.

Just don’t make me be social too long.

Coincidentally, or not, I happen to be watching Steel Magnolias while I write this Friday evening.  It sure does remind me of the value of friendship and being social. It’s worth the effort for sure, both here on WP and in person.

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