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Thursday Tree Love: Landmark

On the way to the mountains in December 2011.

It’s been very hot here in the southeastern US, and I thought it might be nice to see some snow. This evergreen tree is a landmark for me on the way to the mountains where the air is about 20 degrees cooler. Seeing my landmark tree means we’re almost there. It stands out because it stands by itself with no close neighbors. It has stood there for many years, so maybe its roots connect with others through the underground network.

I think it’s interesting that the large branch reaching up on the left is almost like another tree. In 2011, when I took this photo from the car, I didn’t realize there were deer on the horizon until later when I zoomed in and cropped the photo.

Below is the same tree on the left taken more recently from further back. Perhaps it is in late winter. I hope to take another photo soon in late summer or autumn.

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SoCS: Pharmacy Calls and Hot Chocolate


Today’s Stream of Consciousness Prompt:

“last call.” Talk about the enterprise (sales or service) conducted by the last phone call you received from a business you’re not associated with (i.e. your workplace), or talk about that phone conversation itself. Have fun!

My head is spinning from “last call” being an important warning in my early 20s late night weekend bar days – almost like another lifetime – to enterprise: the car rental, or the star ship? But no, we’re talking about a phone call – the last phone call I received from a business….

I’ve been getting a lot of phone calls from my pharmacy, which I will not mention by name, telling me it’s time to refill my Rx. Oh, really? It’s time to opt out of that option cause I’m getting way to many voicemails about that, and I don’t NEED that particular medication yet, because I don’t take as much of it as the bottle says. It’s not like my thyroid meds that I take as prescribed. It’s one that I take PRN, as needed, not every day, like another one I take PRN for acid reflux which I AM out of and could get if they had it. I could go on about problems I’ve had with this pharmacy pushing things I don’t need and not having what I do need, like antibiotic for my old dog which they said – the automated response said – they didn’t have in stock and would process my request. When I went down there, they did have it in stock, just in the non preferred brand… but enough of that.

It’s not that the pharmacy staff is incompetent as much as it is a messed up system that wants to make sure I’m taking certain things. But it’s a computerized system, so it doesn’t understand the real world. Kinda reminds me of my old job in health care…..

I tried to call the pharmacy to talk to a person, and I was on hold for 30 minutes before I gave up and drove there.

The last real business phone conversation I had with a person was to ask when I should get more propane for heating the house in the mountains where we don’t live full time. I had my son check the level which was at 52%. They said they would schedule my address to pop up in mid February and deliver some propane within ten days. I figured this was satisfactory and alleviated my anxiety somewhat since I’m new to this heating with propane in a house I’m not living in right now.

I’m also new to having another house which I never thought would happen in a million years, but hey, anything is possible. I have to clarify that both my houses are small, because I used to think people who have two houses were…. excessive? My son and his family can always stay at the mountain house if they need to because their apartment has a mold problem. And on that happy note,  I will just share some photos from our Thanksgiving trip to the mountains.

We rarely seen snow unless we go to the mountains. So, snow is a big deal to me. And so is finding sugar free hot chocolate made with dark chocolate which is what I have in my hand.

snow and hot chocolate

It's hot chocolate (2)

Outside Fred and Larry’s cozy coffee shop in Banner Elk, NC

Lake blue mirror long

A Mountain Lake

snowflakes at LLH

Snowflakes hanging from the trees

Sunset from the deck

Sunset from the deck

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Forward Momentum

road between rocks with icicles (2)

The snowflakes looked pretty at first making us think we could make it to Lexington that night. When the snow got thicker, I started looking for something closer as my son drove.

Plenty of truckers braved the storm. Following behind threw more snow and salt on our windshield, so we passed with care. Fear reached for me through eyes involuntarily drawn to the trucks as we passed. My mind imagined them drifting into our lane, thinking, what if the driver doesn’t see us…?

passing a truck closer

( I didn’t think about getting pictures til the trip home.)


I knew that wasn’t helping, that I had to get control of my thoughts. I remembered, “What you focus on gets bigger,” and shifted my focus forward. On the next pass, I forced my eyes to stay in our lane, on the road in front of us, beyond the truck.  I prayed, Angels make our path clear and safe. I felt their energy like streams of  light on each side of us, inside and outside the car, moving forward with us. For a few seconds, the car felt weightless. The tension was erased. Instead of fear, I felt courage and slightly exhilarated. All because I shifted my focused to where I wanted to go.  And because of the angels.


We stopped in Richmond, Kentucky for the night and made it to Indianapolis the next day. Now, we are home safe. And now, I know how to pass a truck, how to pass anything: Call the angels and focus forward. 


Still, I think I’ll stay home for a while.





A Corn Maze, a Free Pumpkin, and October Snow!

mountain road with trees

I’m back home after 7 days in the Appalachian Mountains. Most of my time was spent with my friend on Beech Mountain, but I also visited Boone and Banner Elk to be with my lively granddaughter, dedicated son, and his lovely girlfriend. My friend and I gave them a break from parenting duty, and  I got lots of exercise chasing my granddaughter through the corn maze.  I wish I’d thought to get more photos of the maze, but we were focused on trying to find the 6 mailboxes each containing a puzzle piece to get a free pumpkin. After about 90 minutes, we’d found three of the puzzle pieces, having ended up at mailbox #3 three, times, but they gave us a free pumpkin anyway because we were two senior ladies with a 6 year old, and we did pay for the corn maze experience.

Corn maze from pixabay

This corn maze from Pixabay looks just like the one we did if you add more sunshine.

After two days of sunny weather, I got to see SNOW, a rarity where I live on the coast. The frosty air felt invigorating for brief periods. But when evening temperatures dipped into the 20s, we were thankful for the warm fire.

As beautiful as the mountains were, I learned after seven days, that there really is no place like home.

It might take me a while to catch up here on WordPress, or maybe catching up will be re-defined. Because there are only so many hours in the day and so many wondrous things.

I hope you enjoy these photos from my trip.

colorful chairs (2)

Banner Elk, North Carolina

trees with sun



Beech Mountain Road

snow storm on Beech Mountain

 Snow Storm on top of Beech Mountain

warm fire

A cozy fire at Pinnacle Inn

snowy morning from balcony

The Next Morning

snowy morning mountains

snowy trees at Beech Mtn condo.jpg

Frosty tree and snow

May all your journeys be full of wonder and lead you safely home.



Strange Sunday Afternoon Dream

The barriers in the sky appeared as old carousel horses carrying mechanical knights unfurling a line of wire, seemingly flimsy, but their sting was deadly.

The further people got from the earth, the more insane everything became.  The smiley face, projected on the clouds, was a lie. Things were not A-Okay at home.

As our ship descended toward the mountains, searching for a place to land, we ran into snow. We saw dogs, probably the offspring of former sled dogs, near the old landing plateau. They danced around a large figure. Who, or what could it be? We couldn’t tell through the snow.

The figure plodded through the snow, looking for something. As we got closer, we could see that it was not human. The shaggy hair covering it’s body suggested a bear, but it was more upright. I remembered my grandmother telling me a myth about an ape that lived in the mountains.

The dogs did not seem aggressive. They acted like the beast was a friend, like they wanted to play.

The pilot hesitated to land, but we had to go somewhere. I wanted to find out who lived up here in the mountains. Maybe they could help.

(This comes from a dream I had during a Sunday afternoon nap. It belongs to me. Maybe I’ll do something with it. Who knows.)