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Good News Tuesday: Diversity, An Inspiring Teenager, A Teacher’s Support, and Animals

Diversity in the Oscars

Though I don’t watch movies much these days, I was happy to see progress in this year’s Academy Awards recognizing and celebrating diversity.

A New House

John Hudson Dilgen was born with epidermolysis bullosa, a rare skin condition that brings challenges like open wounds, pain, sensitivity to cold, and limited mobility.  In one video, his father said 50 to 70 % of John’s body has no skin on it. His family asked the Tunnels to Towers Program if they would build a bath tub in their kitchen. Instead, they got a whole new “Smart Home.” John’s gratitude in the following video is very moving. In watching other videos with John, I was impressed by his maturity, intelligence, humor, and caring personality.

Homeless Dog Becomes a Star and Moves in with Trainer

Shelby was a stray digging for food in a Tennessee Landfill near heavy traffic when an animal control officer found her. With her friendly personality, she was happy to get in the truck. Shelby’s adoption photo was spotted by Teresa Ann Miller, an experienced dog trainer looking for a dog to play “Bella” in the movie, A Dog’s Way Home.  The movie is based on a novel who’s author “insisted that the canine actor be a rescue dog in order to properly advocate for the novel’s message.”  Ms. Miller found Shelby’s temperament and intelligence to be perfect. Shelby now lives with her trainer and works as a therapy dog.


Kindergarten Teacher Cuts Her Own Hair to Support Student

After five year old Priscilla had to get her  hair cut, other students made fun of her. They said she looked like a boy. She felt school wasn’t fun anymore and started to wear a hat all the time. Over Christmas break, her teacher, Ms. Grimm cut her hair waist-length hair short like Priscilla’s to support her student.

Sea Turtle and Marine Mammal Populations Recovering in US

Whale leaping

Image from NOAA via Global Citizen


“When animal habitats are protected, animals tend to thrive.”

Global Citizen reports on research published in January showing the positive effect of the US Endangered Species Act (which may be in danger.) “A team of researchers looked at 31 marine populations and found that the populations of 78% of marine mammals and 75% of sea turtles rebounded after receiving protections under the law.”

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A Mother’s Vision

Heart above fairy face

I imagine you wise

A good mother

When the time is right

Comfortable in your own skin

Learning to laugh at yourself

It took me a lot of years to learn that

Why should I expect you

To learn it sooner?

My daughter

Your wisdom emerges

from the depths

Of your healing soul.

You will be

The mother of love

comfortable and comforting

Your sweet laughter

Lighting up the night sky.


Taking my own advice on positive thinking, I wrote this for my daughter who is 22 and searching for her own path.


The Nose Knows (and other body parts too)


Our bodies can sense things. Like dogs sense things all the time, because they don’t have so much clutter in their brains crowding out their common sense. It made no sense at all for me to be with someone like the scoundrel I dated right after my divorce became final, something like 13 years ago. My body knew he was all wrong for me. My body sent me messages via mysterious female ailments that wouldn’t get better until sometime after I came to my senses.

I suppose I should be thankful, and I am, that my body has gotten better at sending me messages that something’s not right. When I sense the scratchy roughness of acid reflux, or the tightness in my gut, I realize I’ve been stressed lately and need to relax, to breathe fresh air. When my muscles are tense, my body sends me the message I might need to rest, though more than likely, I need to stretch.

When my soul mate and I met again in person, after 39 years, my senses were aroused in a way I had not felt in a very long time. We’d re-connected on-line and had been talking on the phone for about a month, but when I saw him for real, and touched his skin, when I picked up his scent again, my body knew something important and good was happening.

His scent fascinated me. As I leaned against him on my living room couch, my nose was drawn to drift above his collar to his neck.  As I inhaled deeply, the barely noticeable, natural aroma of his skin intoxicated me.  It was the scent of my first love, imprinted on my memory when I was 16 years old.

My body never forgot his scent, even after 39 years.

My body knew he was my soul mate, who’d come back again when the time was right.

It took a while for my mind to agree, but my body knew.

December 1st, is our anniversary. We will have been married for two whole years, and his scent still delights my senses.


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