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Good News Tuesday for Nov. 9, 2021: Climate Summit Update, ASPCA Kid of the Year, Seeing After Blindness, and Black Farmers in Detroit

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Good News Update on the COP26 Climate Summit

There’s good news coming out of the climate summit in Glasgow in the areas of green energy financing, conservations, and emissions. And there’s more to come The Good News Network has details.

ASPCA Kid of the Year Helps Dogs Get Adopted

Evan Bisnauth, and 11 Year Old from the Bronx was named ASPCA Kid of the Year for his dedication in reading to shelter dogs and helping to get them adopted. This story from Today includes a sweet video of Evan reading to shelter dogs.

Scientists Help Former Teacher See Letters after 16 Years of Blindness

Berna Gómez, a former teacher who has been blind for more than 16 years, had microelectrodes implanted into her visual cortex to help her see. After a training period, she was able to decipher visual information fed from the camera directly to her brain. Read about this fascinating process from NPR.

Non-Profit Helps Black Urban Farmers in Detroit

I read this story in my GoodNewsLetter about a couple buying neglected vacant lots for farming in the city of Detroit, Michigan. The Black Farmer’s Land Fun is a vibrant organization that helps. This video shows more:

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