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Good News Tuesday for Dec. 22, 2020: US Relief Package, Boston Fire Rescue, and John Krasinski’s SGN Holiday Special

Seeking Balance One Tuesday at a Time

US Congress Agrees on COVID Relief/Stimulus Package

 On Sunday, US congressional lawmakers finally reached a compromise on a $900 billion stimulus package to send relief to Americans and businesses affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Monday night, they passed the bill to send $600 to most Americans. You can find details in this report from Good Morning America.

Boston Fire Rescue

Everyone Got Out Safely in this Boston Apartment Fire:

“Some Good News” Holiday Special

You might remember John Krasinski’s “Some Good News” series from a while back. He starts this special holiday edition by sharing, in his good natured goofy way, how his fans depict him, then he does a little decorating. The good news report starts at around 3 minutes in with a good news lightening round. Then there’s the story about the guy who paid his neighbors overdue utility bills, followed by appreciation for Fed Ex, a weather report by George Clooney, “Parent’s that Rock,” and “The Rock” playing Santa for the single dad who was selling his collectibles on e-bay to get his kids Christmas presents. Thank you to the “Some Good News” team for finding and promoting the good news!

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Good News Tuesday 3/32/20: Sikhs Feed the Vulnerable, Moms Raise Money to Feed Hospital Workers, and the Birth of a Network

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Seeking Balance One Tuesday at a Time

While much of today’s news is scary or sad, there are still plenty of good people doing good work all over the world. Here are just a few examples.

Sikh Community Feeds the Vulnerable in Australia and New York

Members of the Sikh community in Australia and New York are volunteering time and donating meals to isolated and at risk people. Many of these helpers have full time jobs and are preparing meals in their “spare time.”

In Sydney, Australia the Sikh community has spent over $4,000 Australian dollars on a food donation program for elderly and disabled in self-isolation. In Melbourne, Sikh Volunteers of Australia delivered 1,000 home-cooked meals to elderly and others unable to go grocery shopping during the pandemic. Meanwhile, Sikh volunteers in New York prepared and packaged 30,000 free meals to be distributed to isolated and at risk people.

You can read more about their generous good work in this article from The Good News Network. 

Moms raise over $10K to Feed Hospital Workers

Whitney Klomparens, Suzi Pigg and Leigh Ann Garrett started the initiative that raised  over ten thousand dollars to feed hospital workers in Charleston South Carolina where staff is working so hard, they barely have time to eat. The front line workers requested high-calorie food they could eat with their hands while on the go.  The story from Good Morning America includes a video with smiling faces in spite of the hard work 

Please join me for a moment to send prayers, good energy, and gratitude to all medical and support people around the world.

The Birth of a Network: “Some Good News”

John Krasinski who once played on the TV sitcom, The Office, has started SGN, a good news network from home. His natural light humor makes me smile, and I love his sign. Be sure to catch John’s story at the end of the video about a girl who gets a parade coming home after her chemo is done.

Please add your good news, good thoughts, or how your doing in the comments. I’d love to hear about what helps you cope with the not good news.