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I’d Rather Be Cozy


The prompt for SoCS is: Find a word that rhymes with “rosy” or use the word “rosy” and base your post on it. Enjoy!

I wrote a post last night but didn’t post it, because I was very dozy, having worked all day on the house that was my parents’ trying to clean it out of the last of their possessions that seem to go on and on…. The good news is, we have a buyer! And I told the realtor I’d have the house emptied by June 1. Well, the buyer wants to get started renovating, etc, so will remove whatever we leave.  Now I’m bringing stuff to our newly renovated house an hour north and trying to make it cozy without being cluttered. It’s a challenging task. But I know this is first world problems – having too much stuff. I’m still donating. I think I’ll always be donating.

So this morning, having slept well, I’m writing about creating cozy. But first I’ll report on something that was the opposite of cozy. I finished my RAD self-defense class at the Sheriff’s Department Thursday night. I didn’t do as well as I would have liked and can think of all kinds of moves and techniques I could have used during simulation #2 when I sort of panicked and gave the “stop” command to end the simulation. In the first simulation, when the “attacker” grabbed me, I fell HARD on my butt. It still hurts two days later, and so do my arms and legs. I restarted simulation #2 and completed it. The simulation scenarios get harder as they go, so I took good care of myself and decided to not do simulation/scenario # 3. I’m cultivating feelings of self-esteem about this taking care of myself by declining the final simulation. What I’ve learned or been reminded of during these simulations is that I do not like conflict at all, and I have too much imagination. (I knew they were pretend, but it felt real to me.) I’ve also decided that if I’m in a situation like this again and feel trapped with no way out, I will pray out loud and sing “Amazing Grace.” I will pray for my attacker. I wish I’d thought of that Thursday night, but I was so far the opposite of cozy, I sort of turned into a marshmallow for a minute or two. But I did get back on the horse so to speak. I did okay for a 63 year old grandma. The simulations were very realistic with the “attackers” talking trash.  Yep, if I’m ever in this situation, I’m gonna pray for them and me. But first, I’ll do the knee to the groin and the hammer fist and any other moves I can. But the main goal is to prevent the violence.

Today, I hope and plan to have a peaceful day, cozying up my house with my mom’s angels and things. The house is cluttered right now, but Mom’s hutch fits nicely into the hallway alcove.

(I was going to give you a photo but my phone and computer are not cooperating and I don’t want to mess up my peaceful day. Ommmmm.

Here’s a picture of some of Mom’s angels and her angel shelf I brought to my home.


Here’s wishing your Saturday is all you want it to be!

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