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Resolutions: Exercise, Love, and My Parents’ Stuff

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Thank you, Linda Hill, for today’s Stream of Consciousness post: “resolution.” I do need to write down my goals for the new year, so this is convenient. Playing around with the word, resolution, and resisting the urge to look it up, cause who cares, I had not noticed before that it is made up of re and solution. Like I’m going to solve this problem one more time. Again.  I did it before.  I lost weight before, and I’ve been healthier before. Of course, I’ve also been less healthy than I am now. But I do know how to get these extra pounds off. I worked a program many years ago and got thin. Running was like floating then, not sloshing. But getting back to the positive, my primary resolution/goal this year is to be healthy.  Since I got married five years ago, the pounds have crept up on me. Hubby, too.

So, here’s the plan: I’m resolving to exercise 30 minutes a day. I might not do it every day. But if I shoot for every day, I figure I’ll get five days a week. But what if I really did exercise 30 minutes every day? Wouldn’t that be cool? Maybe there will be a week when that happens. I’m going to put a smiley face on my calendar for each day I meet the goal. That worked for me in the past. My exercise can be walking, swimming, or yoga, or anything else, but those are the most likely ones. I also want to work on decreasing sugar, but I’m not going to resolve to do that. Gonna focus on the exercise. I’ve noticed I have a harder time singing while walking at church where I sing in the choir and we process down the aisle. I get out of breath. Scary. That’s my motivation along with clothes fitting better.

Resolution number 2 is to nurture my relationship with my husband. Do fun stuff. Don’t take him for granted, which I don’t when I stop and think how thankful I am for him. Look into his eyes more often. Let myself be silly and playful, even when he is serious. Except when there’s a good reason for him to be serious. I want to go hiking with him and go see the new Star Wars movie.

Resolution number 3. Dang. I forgot it. What was it? I had it a few minutes ago before I started thinking about hiking and Star Wars. Oh, yeah. I am going to get serious about going through my parent’s stuff at their old house. I need to go there about once a week. It would be easier if it wasn’t an hour away, but I can do this by not getting on the computer (except while eating breakfast) on the days I plan to go there. If I get into the computer/internet world, too much time is lost. I have specific tasks and rooms to work on, and I’m starting to feel less overwhelmed and more satisfied when I accomplish a task. Like yesterday, I went through some old vinyl records and decided which to keep and which to give away. I listened to old Henry Mancini songs and Captain and Tennille on the old turntable. It was weird but in a nice nostalgic way.

Okay, that’s it. There are other things I want to work on with writing and art, but I’m not writing them down, and this post is long enough. Thanks for reading!

Happy New Year!

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