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Good News Tuesday for Oct. 4, 2022: Honoring African American Veterans, Virtual Hugs, and Rescues from Hurricane Ian

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African American Veterans Honored with New Monument

The African American Veterans Monument was unveiled last month in New York. The monument consists of 12 concrete pillars – one for each major war that the US has fought. Read more about the monument and its importance in this article from CNN.

Virtual Hug Video

My 1440 daily news email has a monthly “Human Kind” section where I found this video of virtual hugs. It was nice with lots of people offering hugs to the camera which works if you use your imagination. I loved the song playing along with the hugs, though I had to turn down the volume as the pitch got a little high for me at times. You can check it out at “The Nicest Place on the Internet.”

Rescues During Hurricane Ian:

Reporter Tony Atkins rescued a nurse who was on her way to work by carrying her from her car:

Bonus Video: Cat Rescue

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