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Good News Tuesday for Dec. 13, 2022: Transforming Military Bases into Wildlife Sanctuaries, Slowing Cancer, Global Renewable Energy Growth, a Dog Named Van Gogh, and a Deer Gets Help Crossing the Road

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Germany is Turning 62 Military Bases into Wildlife Sanctuaries

Instead of selling old bases off as real estate, Germany has decided to turn 62 old Cold War bases into wildlife sanctuaries. For details, read more at The Optimist Daily.

Faster Fluids Slow Cancer

An international team of researchers found that cancer cells move better though thicker fluid. (So faster moving fluid slows down cancer cells.) This got me to learn more about our lymphatic system and how to help fluids move easier. I found this article that includes ways to keep our lymphatic systems healthy such as “dry brushing” to improve circulation and of course, drinking pure/filtered water. The University of Aberta has more on the cancer research.

International Renewable Energy Growth

Global renewable energy capacity growth is set to double over the next five years according to a report from the International Energy Agency. The increase is 30% higher than expected in a forecast last year. Here’s more on the report from Reuters.

One-Eared Rescue Dog Finds a Home

After life as a “bait dog,” a one-eared pit mix named Van Gogh finally got adopted and is living his best life. The dog’s artwork helped it happen. Read this heartwarming story from Today.

Short and Sweet: Man Helps Deer Get Out of the Road

Here’s a short video from “Wholesome Moments” about a deer “frozen” in the road and the man who helped.

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Coming Out of the Woods with a Smile


There is such a thing as a good news story.

You might think a two year old who’d been lost in the woods overnight would be found tearful and traumatized. But when Brooklyn Lynn Lilly was found in the woods of Michigan, 22 hours after she wandered off, she came out with a beautiful smile on her face and said:

“I love it in the woods.”

Here’s the story:

Maybe Brooklyn wasn’t alone in the woods. I believe at least one guardian angel was with her. I like to think maybe  it was a special guardian angel who likes the woods.  I wouldn’t mind trying that job, say, 40 years from now.  And God was with Brooklyn too.

Thank you, God!

Thank you, guardian angels!

Thank you, Jax, the rescue dog who found Brooklyn with help from his human partner!

Being a lover of the woods too, I’m curious to know what Brooklyn saw, what she felt.

Was she a nature girl  before she wandered off? Or did she experience something special on her adventure that made her love the woods?

Where did she get that positive attitude?  Did it help keep her alive? Did it help the love of her guardian angel get through to her?

I wonder who she will grow up to be.


Picture from Pixabay

Stay safe, Brooklyn Lynn Lilly.

There will be time for more adventures when you are a little older.