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Newbies at the Senior Center


Today’s SoCS prompt is: “lip”

To be honest, the first thing that came to mind was how my lips are thinning. A lot. Then how I have a lot of lipomas, benign lumps inherited from my dad. But don’t give me no lip about that. I’m gonna flip the script. We all have “imperfections.” But God made me this way. We all age differently.

Speaking of aging, my friend from high school who just got an early retirement thrust upon her is happy about that – retirement – not necessarily aging. We went to the senior center to check out the classes they have. Most classes are free, and they have a gentle yoga class for back issues that’s like $5. I drove the hour to my real home to go with her. It was her idea, but it was a good one. I had to laugh out loud when we were making plans to go. This friend and I hung out a lot off and on in high school and in our early 20s. Then we had little contact until the girlfriends’ reunion in 2011. Then she moved back here to retire. It’s just funny to think about the two of us going to the senior center. As we approached the front door, it felt like going to a new school or something.  We filled out forms and then got the tour of classrooms, exercise rooms, bulletin boards, and the dining room. They have free lunch! Though they ask for donations – pay what you can. Not much in the way of vegetarian entrees and not much recycling, so I probably won’t partake much, but it’s nice that they have free lunch. We were the youngest ones there. “Newly retired.” They have art studio time and an art support group I’m going to check out when I get back settled in my newly renovated house.

I believe we’re going to start moving back on Monday!!! Can’t believe we’ve been “displaced” to my parents’ old house for 7 months. But it was all part of God’s plan. Our house renovations and processing my parent’s things are wrapping up at the same time pretty much. I had a feeling it might work out that way. Just one more lesson to Trust the Timing!

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