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Good News Tuesday for June 21, 2022: Refugees and Dogs Safe in Poland, “Eco Mermaid” Sets Record, Teacher Teaches Father to Read, Teenager Saves Woman in Car, and “A Wild Hope”

Seeking Balance One Tuesday at a Time

Ukranian Refugees with Dogs Safe in Poland

Two women and 17 dogs are starting a new life in Poland after spending 40 days in a Ukranian bomb shelter. Read about their amazing story and the shelter that took them in this story from CNN.

“Eco Mermaid” Sets New World Record and Picks Up Trash

Merle Liivand, also known as “Eco Mermaid,” broke a Guinness World Record in May by completing a 26.22-mile swim using a mermaid monofin. She could not use her hands or arms for swimming, but she did use them to pick up trash along the way. Read more from CNN.

Pre-School Teacher Teaches her Father to Read and Write

Luciana Flores had a rough childhood and never learned to read or write. He eventually moved to the US and has been working in the construction industry for most of his life. His daughter Lucy, a preschool teacher, has been teaching him how to read and write. Lucy is the first person in her family to graduate from college. Enjoy the full story from Good Morning America.

Teenager Saves Woman Who Drove Car into the Water

High school senior Anthony Zhongor dove into a New York bay to save a woman who drove her car into the water. (I guess it’s not just old ladies like me who’ve accidentally confused the gas and brake pedals, especially in parking lots where I now drive very s l o w l y.) Learn more about Anthony in this video:

Spix’s Macaws Released Back into the Wild

Spix’s Macaws are being returned to their natural forest home in Brazil after two decades of being extinct in the wild. You can read all about these rare and beautiful birds in “A Wild Hope,” from Science Magazine. The following video shows their release earlier this month.

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Good News Tuesday for May 11, 2021: Ten Year Old Refugee Chess Champ, Ocean Conservation, Removing Anti-LGBTQ Language, Elephant Sanctuary, and Aging Out of Foster Care into Adoption

Seeking Balance One Tuesday at a Time

Ten-Year-Old Homeless Refugee Wins Chess Championship

In 2017, Anitoluwa Adewumi—aka,“Tani” – and his family were refugees from Nigeria. They came to the US and lived in a shelter in Manhattan. Tani learned to play chess in school. At ten years old, he has won the state championship becoming an official Chess National Master, Read more about Tani in this article from the Good News Network.

Australia Commits $100 Million to Ocean Conservation

In April, Australia announced it will commit $100 million to protect oceans. The Good News Network reports: “Much of the funding will go towards ecosystems that involve seagrass and mangroves, which play a key role in drawing carbon out of the atmosphere.” This report from GNN specifies the benefits and distribution plans.

Alabama Governor Signs Bill to Remove for Anti-LGBTQ Language from Curriculum

A new Alabama state law which goes  into effect July 1, “removes the requirement that educators teach that homosexuality isn’t an acceptable lifestyle and that being a homosexual is a criminal offense in the state. The law also will require schools to notify parents about their intent to provide instruction about sexual education or human reproduction.” Here are details more from The Hill.

Former Circus Elephants Get a New Home with Natural Habitat

Ten Asian elephants who were freed from the circus are settling in at their spacious, natural home in Florida. This is progress toward a more compassionate culture:

After Years in Foster Care, 19 Year Old Monyay is Adopted

Monyay didn’t like her foster care caseworker at first. But over the years, they developed a special bond. The caseworker, Leah Paskalides, “gave her all the support her job would allow. When Monyay “aged out” of the foster care system, Leah found a way to adopt her proving, it’s never too late. This one brought tears to my eyes:

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Compassion at the Gate


“Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “mean(s).” Use it with or without the “s,” any way you’d like. Have fun!”

I like to have that up there as a reference, even if it is stream of consciousness writing that I’m doing. I want to remember that “have fun,” part because this prompt has got me thinking all serious. Maybe I’ll work the fun part in. I don’t know because we’re not supposed to plan. That’s like telling me I’m not supposed to check the stove 3 times, lock the door, and jiggle the door knob before I leave the house.

Anyway, I was thinking about the saying that the end doesn’t always justify the means. That is especially true when the means means being mean. I don’t usually get political here on this blog. In fact, I try real hard not to. But some people are just plain mean.

Moving back to my own little world, I have felt mean when setting healthy boundaries, but that comes from years of being too nice and a people pleaser. I don’t like conflict. I’ve been saying “no” more as I get older to things that feel toxic. If someone wanted to live in my house because they had no where else to go, I’d say no – unless it was a family member who I got along well with. But it’s hard when you don’t know someone how far to let them into your space.

I’m thinking of the caravan of people who are not coming to my house. They might be coming to my country. It’s a big country full of abundance. We have to have some boundaries of course. But I keep thinking, what would Jesus want us to do? What did Jesus try to teach us about feeding the poor and helping the homeless? He and his family were refugees soon after his birth.

I know we can’t accept EVERYBODY into the country. I know we have to have rules. But I don’t want us to be mean. I mean, let’s have some compassion for people who are in trouble and not assume they are all dangerous. Let’s find out.

It’s hard. Okay. I know this is weird for an introvert to say let’s be accepting of people coming in if we can do it through the channels – let’s not close the gates, when sometimes I want to close my own gate. Let’s try to figure out how to not do it mean. Let’s not lock the gate and lose the key.

I’m sending love to all the lost souls and meanie heads out there.

It’s complicated, I know.

Speaking of gates, here are some pictures I took, looking from the outside in, at the Land of Oz which opens twice a year on Beech Mountain, NC. It wasn’t open the day we went exploring.


There’s a surveillance camera on top. We waved.





A horse of a different color on the other side of the fence.

It occurs to me now that I would not relish going to Oz on one of the weekends when they open because they have LINES and CROWDS which I don’t like much. But if I was in trouble and had to get out of the country (or my granddaughter really wanted to go) I’d probably go stand in line. It would be nice to go to Oz. Is the US like Oz? I know the movie was symbolic. I think I’m getting in over my head. Gonna close that gate for today.

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Joyful Reunion

The video contained in the following article moved me to tears of joy. It’s about a family of Sudanese refugees separated for four years. You can watch their reunion by clicking the link below. I hope your day is filled with gratitude and joyful moments.