Anything is Possible!

With Love, Hope, and Perseverance



Double_Rainbow_-_US Fish and Wildlife service

Sometimes I get really tired.

I’ve been a substance abuse counselor for about thirty years now. I’m not so much tired of helping people fight addiction, as I am the bureaucracy and the paperwork layered deeper and deeper every time I catch my breath, even if it is more electronic than paper…..

There are people who I have felt privileged to work with. It has been an honor to witness growth and small victories that sometimes turn into large victories. But there are those who don’t make it, those who don’t get that you need more to grab hold of than a slender thread, to save you from being sucked down into the cunning, baffling, and powerful jaws of misery.

Sometimes I wonder how much longer I can keep doing this.

And then today I got a phone call from someone who thanked me for being her counselor. And today, another client gave me a small but meaningful gift of appreciation. And today my group paid attention, and learned new skills, and supported each other.

And today, leaving work, for the first time in my life, I saw a double rainbow.

Is it possible that was for me? Would it be narcissistic to think that?

Several years ago, I was a single parent going through an awful situation with my teenage daughter. I didn’t want to go to work, but I had to. When I got there, a vivid rainbow arched over the building where I work. I knew it was a sign that things would be okay.

I’m happy to share the rainbows with anyone who needed them today. One thing I’m sure of is that we are not alone.

I believe I can keep doing this a while longer, with gratitude.


(I left my phone at home and wasn’t able to capture the double rainbow, so I used one from Wikimedia taken by someone at the US Fish and Wildlife Service.)