Anything is Possible!

With Love, Hope, and Perseverance


One-Liner Wednesday on Growing Up (or not)

“I was wise enough to never grow up

while fooling most people into believing I had.”

Margaret Mead

What does that mean that someone as accomplished as this famous anthropologist says she was wise enough to never grow up? She must have been a fun person to know. Still, she had intelligence, courage, and perseverance.

Growing up is a process. Anybody think they’re done with it? I don’t think so.

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Dr. Martin Luther King on Peace & an Old Song

Organize for Peace MLK

On Monday in the US, we honor the life and teachings of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. This quote about peace is one of many gems he gave us. You can find more MLK quotes here.

I strongly believe that we in the US need a well-funded Department of Peace to focus on building communication and understand and to seek compromise rather than violence.

Anybody here remember this song?