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A Children’s Book, Loving Energy, and Body Alignment (#SoCS)


From SoCS host, Linda Hill: “….our Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “cheek.” Use it as a noun or a verb. Enjoy!”

There’s a children’s book called The Kissing Hand. It’s about a little raccoon who is afraid to go to school because he doesn’t want to be away from his mom. His mom kisses the palm of his and and says that whenever he is lonely or nervous, he can put the palm of his hand, the place where she kissed him, on his cheek and remember that his mother loves him.

I must’ve gotten this book for one of my children who was nervous about starting school at least 20 years ago. Children’s picture books are special to me, so I keep my favorites. I believe it’s at the mountain house where I took most of my children’s books since that’s where I’m most likely to spend time with my grand kids.

The Kissing Hand story got me thinking about how powerful the mind can be, especially when we have a physical cue, like kissing a hand and then putting it on the cheek. Is there real energy in that kissed spot? Energy of love that can be transferred to the cheek? Reiki works a little like that, but residual energy?

Anything is possible.

What we do know is that the mind is very powerful in healing and mood. Thoughts are powerful and can influence the body.

I have a bad habit of biting on the inside of my mouth around my inner cheek area. I can go for years without this happening, but it’s surfaced lately, maybe because I’m too busy, way busier than I ever imagined being retired. Too many interests I guess. Or is there more to it? Maybe I’ll come back to that.

I’ve told myself to stop biting the inside of my mouth. I’ve prayed for help with this since it seems to be an addiction of sorts. A nervous habit? The problem happens when I put my tongue in my cheek. Funny, I don’t like the figurative meaning of that expression because I don’t like sarcasm.  It’s dishonest. Oh, I’ve used sarcasm occasionally, but not when things are important, serious, or could be misunderstood.

Anyway, when I keep my tongue away from my cheek… wait let me go back. When my tongue feels an imperfection, a bump of some kind, that’s when the biting starts. So, if  I just keep my tongue lined up forward, I’m better off. I’ve started breathing with imagery of a vertical line. This relates to something I read about chakras and energy  (qi/chi?) moving up the front of the body and down the back of the body.  I’m sure there are people who know a lot more about this than me, and I’m resisting the urge to look it up because what I really want to get to is this:

When I inhale imagining energy moving up the front of my body, cresting at the top of my head, and flowing down the back of my body, it feels really good. I don’t know why. Maybe it helps me sit or stand straighter. My head seems to go back a little, or maybe it’s just energy moving, aligning my osteoporotic whatever  posture. I’m sitting up straighter just typing this.

Well, I’ve already used up a lot of words…. Isn’t it interesting how the mind and body work together? There’s a lot we can do with this understanding.

Here’s a little video of The Kissing Hand. It’s very sweet. I just watched it again, and the part about energy flowing from Chester’s hand to his heart when his mom kisses him fits with the whole energy thing.

Enjoy the watercolors!


Whose love goes with you wherever you go?

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Opening Doors


It had been a year or more since my last acupuncture session. It gives me good energy and made a headache go away once, but nothing especially dramatic. In October, I ran into the healer at a potluck. I’ve known her for years as a casual friend but had never had an acupuncture session with her until last week – after my body told me to make an appointment. But this was not a typical session. I must have been ready. The time was right. This was my experience:

November 10, 2016,

two days after the sky fell,

Interrupted cries still lingered in my solar plexus

like mucus bogging down muffled screams

waiting to be flushed free.

Then the drunk guy threw a key at me

when I was only trying to help.

Who needs this?

But that cop wasn’t following  me after all

as I pulled into the space

to visit the healer with magic hands

and the skill to find the stuck places.

She began with my old friend,


to settle my nerves.

The first needle only hurt for a moment

as the door opened and sparks flew.

The others didn’t hurt at all.

When qi started to flow,

I almost giggled

then followed her humming

with my own breath –

Inhale, sooooew. Exhale, Haaaaaah,

like the song of the ocean.

Cardamom opened the doors wider.

Right after I turned over onto my back

is when it happened.

My cold hands finally got warm.

Then, I started to cry. And laugh. And cry.

Mama. Mama? Mama!

Is it really you?

Hold me, Mama.

My fingers can’t reach you!

Daddy is hurting. He misses you so much.

You want me to tell him you’re okay?

Mama’s okay, Daddy.

She’s okay.


But wait.

Am I supposed to be

learning how to talk to other ghosts?

Or just my own?

Sandalwood brought me back.

Shaking, I drank from the cup of water

and called my father to give him the message

he already knew.


My mother died November 14, 2008. She collected angels. Dozens of them still decorate my father’s house. He hasn’t moved any of them. And he won’t move out of that house because he feels her presence there.


Angels Among Us, a mural by JoAnne Silvia