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Good News Tuesday for May 2, 2023: Pope Francis Gives Women Voting Power, Music Therapy Helps Man Walk and Talk Again, Single Mom Adopts Teen Mom of Triplets, and a Seventh Grader Steers Bus to Safety

Seeking Balance One Tuesday at a Time

Pope Francis to Give Women Voting Power in “Synod of Bishops”

In the October meeting of Catholic bishops from around the world, women will have votes for the first time. Five religious sisters will join five priests as voting representatives. Pope Francis has also decided to appoint 70 non-bishop voting members to the “Synod of Bishops” and has asked that half of them be women. Here’s more from The Guardian.

Mindful Music Therapy Helps Man Walk and Speak

71-year-old Ian Palmer was unable to walk or speak properly due to Guillain-Barré syndrome, a rare condition in which a person’s immune system attacks their motor nerves. Mindful music therapy (including listening to The Carpenters) helped retrained his brain to engage muscles and help him walk and speak again. The Good News Network has more about this fascinating process.

Single Mother of Five Adopts Teen Mom of Triplets

NICU nurse Katrina Mullen, a single mother of five, adopted Shariya Small, a 14-year-old mother of triplets to keep the young family together. Read their story from the Good News Network which includes a video.

Seventh Grader Steers Bus to Safety

Dillon Reeves, a 13-year-old in Michigan, noticed his school bus driver was having trouble. When he realized she was becoming unconscious, he put his foot on the brake, steered the bus to a safe stop and told someone to call 911.

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Good News Tuesday for Jan. 31, 2023: Pope Fracis Calls to Decriminalize Homosexuality, More Affordable Solar Panels, Students’ Art on Electrical Boxes, and a Rescued Dog Saves Her Dad

Seeking Balance One Tuesday at a Time

Pope Francis Calls on the World to Decriminalize Homosexuality

In an interview last week, Pope Francis said homosexuality should not be a crime and called upon the 67countries with such laws to decriminalize. GoodGoodGood has details HERE.

Solar Panels Will Soon be More Affordable

The cost of solar panels is getting ready to “plunge” due to increasing access to affordable materials. TechCentral has details.

Elementary Students Make Art from Defaced Electrical Boxes

Student Art

Elementary Students in San Diego, California have turned defaced electrical boxes into beautiful works of art. Take a look and read their story HERE,

Rescued Dog Saves Her Dad

When Brian Myers had a stroke and fell, Sadie the German Shepherd he rescued, pulled him to his cell phone so he could call for help. You can read all about Sadie and Brian in this article full of photos and a video of the two reuniting after Brian’s hospital stay. Here’s a video of Brian telling the story:

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One Family

crayons-623067_640 from Pixabay

“We need to strengthen the conviction that we are one single human family.”

Pope Francis


I don’t want to be color blind.

Our souls were made

to see many colors.

A world of sameness

would be boring and weak.

We may disagree.

We may argue,

But we need each other.

We were created

with two eyes

to reflect beauty in each other,

two ears

to hear familiar lullabies,

one brain

to understand,

one mouth

to speak kindness,

one heart

to love one another.

We must learn to cherish diversity,

appreciate differences,

listen to each other,

to find the harmonies,

and work together

for Peace.


Flesh colored crayons


Top photo: crayons-623067_640 from Pixabay. Who knows who took the Flesh one?