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Good News Tuesday for Dec. 15, 2020: US Vaccines, Protecting Polar Bears, Toronto’s Oldest Tree, Recognizing Teachers, and Neighbors Support Black Santa

Seeking Balance One Tuesday at a Time

US Begins Vaccinating for COVID 19

The first doses of vaccines against COVID 19 were administered on Monday at US hospitals after FDA approval on Friday. The emergency use authorization released 2.9 million doses to 636 sites across the country, starting with front line health care workers followed by nursing homes and long term care facilities. Here’s more from Good Morning America

A Victory to Protect Polar Bears

A US court of appeals ruled against an offshore drilling project in the Artic. Read about why this is a huge victory for polar bears in this article from the Good News Network.

Saving Toronto’s Oldest Tree

The huge 250 year old red oak was in danger until the city of Toronto voted last month to create a mini park around the tree by adding to donations. Here’s more from the Good News Network.

Recognizing Teachers

 As winner of the Global Teacher Prize, Ranjitsinh Disale decided to give half of his $1m (£750,000) to runners-up in the competition from countries including Italy, Brazil, Vietnam, Malaysia, Nigeria, South Africa, South Korea, the US and the UK. Click here for details from BBC

Neighbors Support Family with Black Santa

After Chris Kennedy received a letter telling him to remove the black Santa from his yard and move out of the neighborhood, Chris received support from his community. His neighbors put up their own black Santas. The letter had the neighborhood association address taped to the envelope, but the head of that association visited Chris to make it clear the letter did not come from them and that they want Chris and his family there. Chris originally had only one black Santa in his yard. Then a company donated the second one. (Personally, I believe that since Santa is magic, he can be any color. Anything is possible! )

You can learn more from this article in The Washington Post and the interview with Chris below:

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Not Gonna Grin and Bear It.


The first thing that popped into my head when I read the Saturday Stream of Consciousness prompt: bear/bare, was that I can’t bear to watch the news anymore. But that’s not true. I can bear it. I just don’t want to. I get my news from the internet, where I have some control over what comes at me. I can bear a lot of things if I have to. Like the critical X boyfriend who constantly talked about what was wrong with the world. I could bear that if I had to, but I didn’t have to, so I stopped.

That boyfriend and the news both focused on what was wrong. They didn’t spend much time looking at the good or giving compliments. Oh, yeah, maybe a small percentage of good news or compliments, not that I need compliments, but I want some balance. I want some good news. And it’s out there. You just have to be willing to see it.

Focusing on what’s wrong in the world makes it seem like the world is a bad place. And yeah, my house needs some work, and our world needs some work. Okay the world needs a lot of work. But what we focus on gets bigger. So if you’re going to criticize, also bear in mind that it helps to make suggestions or look at people who are trying to help.

If the cupboard is bare, what can you do to help? Just don’t put any bear meat in the cupboard. Don’t even want to go there. I don’t want to look at polar bears stranded on ice flows with no where to go. I do need to know about global warming melting the ice, but tell me what to do about it. Give me stories about people who are trying to help. Encourage me to go one day a week without driving my car, like Smilecalm’s latest post did. Can I bear to not drive my car one day a week? I bet I can do that. Maybe I’ll get that bike fixed so I can ride it on my no car day. When the weather is warmer. Until then, I’ll stay home. If I can get someone to feed my feral cats at church, I can stay home now since I’m leaving the job I’ve had for thirty years. I could have stayed that job longer if I’d had to. I could have grinned and beared it for a few more years until medicare kicked in, but I don’t have to, because I have been blessed with the chance to do something different.

We can bear a lot of things if we have to, if it’s going to do some good to bear witness to pain, but I’d rather focus on doing what good I can in my little corner of the world and look for people to hold up to the light, people bearing gifts.

Now, I’m thinking about those polar bears….  But at least I’m feeding the feral cats I got fixed so they can’t bear anymore feral cats. We do what we can.

Here are some pictures I took yesterday of my Mama Cat and her daughter, Gray, enjoying the sun.


It’s taken a long time for Mama Cat to let me close to her. Food helps.


Is she going to give us more food?

And here’s Gray when she was a kitten this past spring.


Gray’s sister, Patch, had her eye surgery and was adopted by the vet-tech who fell in love with her. That was good news!

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