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Good News Tuesday for March 2, 2021: Helper Drives from NJ to Texas, Weed-eating Goats, and Solar Power for Light and Clean Water in Chile

Seeking Balance One Tuesday at a Time

Plumber Drives 22 Hours with Family to Help after Texas Snowstorm

Andrew Mitchell drove from New Jersey to Texas with his wife, Kisha Pinnock, their 2-year-old son Blake, and Kisha’s brother, Isaiah to help make plumbing repairs after the unusual snowstorm in Texas. Read more about it from CNN.

Sustainable Farm Uses Goats instead of Herbicide

A sustainable farm in Tom’s Creek, Australia uses goats instead of toxic herbicides to control unwanted weeds. Read about it here.

An Ingenious Invention Brings Light and Water

People living along Chile’s coastline have a shortage of affordable electricity and fresh water. A designer in New Zealand invented a system to work with what they have: an abundance of salt water and sunshine. Here’s the fascinating story:

You can read more about the design project and designer Henry Glogau, from this story in the Good News Network.

(In my personal good news, I have 95% recovered from Moderna vaccine # 2. It was a rough couple of days, but I’m thankful to have such a strong, active immune system.)

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The Day Water Delayed My WIP


Today’s Stream of Consciousness prompt is, “book.” Yesterday I was going to work on my book in the afternoon, because that’s my schedule. Wednesday and Fridays afternoons are for my WIP, my book. Wednesday and Friday mornings are for platform building and business related to my book. Which reminds me, what do you think of the new look here at
“Anything is Possible?” I didn’t want to make a static home page, because I don’t know if that will make it harder to find my blog posts. One step at a time. I did add a WIP page and a page for my art.

Anyway, I also went to the gym in between the business book work and the book work, and it was HOT out, so I decided to take a shower! I have an exclamation point there  because now, with my new schedule, I have the freedom and flexibility to take a shower whenever I want, almost. The problem came when I could not turn off the cold water! I tried and tried, but it still flowed out happily – more than a trickle but less than a gush.

blue waterfall


I called my husband who told me where the cut off was right in front of the house. Yes, I should know that. He said it was under the bucket just under the bedroom window. I pulled that bucket for a while before it came up. There was no turn off to be seen. Only bugs. Lots of bugs. I poked around a bit, but then recalled that there is also a shut off closer to the street. It took about five minutes to figure out how to lift the cover off the hole. I got my biggest trusty screw driver, after the shovel didn’t work, and lifted it. More bugs. Living in the south, in a humid environment, we have an abundance of large cockroaches. We call them water bugs. I don’t mind them as much when they’re outside….

I poked around and found the meter. The screw driver tapped something that might have been the turn off valve next to the meter. But there were lots of roots covering the whole shebang. I don’t usually use that word. I don’t think I’ve ever written the word, shebang. I don’t like the looks of it. Roots covered the whole apparatus.  I had to dig at them, but they were tough. I used my hands some which made me feel brave. I set my jaw the same way I used to when I was single and had to do this stuff myself most of the time. I had thought of calling my husband back and telling him I couldn’t find the dang turn off, but I decided to push through and not make him come home from work. After I got a plastic grocery bag to use as a glove (we only get them because they’re great for picking up after the dogs) things moved quicker. I saw the turn off valve! AND I had the turn off tool the plumber left with us which made it much easier to turn off.

Then I went to wash my nasty hands. But there was no water! Thank God, I had put a pot under the bathtub faucet before I started looking for the turn off. I had meant to save it for the dogs. But I’m so glad I could use it to wash my hands. So, I could finally get back to my book! Oh, the adventures of working from home.

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