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SoCS: Calling Collect, Sea Shells, and Spirals

Today’s SoCS prompt is the word, “collect.”

Back in the olden days we could make a collect call – long distance – which meant that the person receiving the call could accept or decline to pay the charges. This came in handy if you were calling from a phone booth or didn’t want to pay, or couldn’t, pay the charges. Local calls didn’t have an extra charge. If you were calling collect, you had to go through the operator who would ask the person being called: “I have a collect call from John Doe, will you accept the charges?” The person could then decide to accept the call or not. I guess some things are simpler these days, though most are more complicated.

Some things I used to collect as a child and adolescent were sea shells, rocks, records, books… I still have a lot of books, and a small collection of rabbits (not real ones) and snow globes. I also collect dust and cat hair, though that is not intentional. My mother collected angel figurines which I have inherited. Dad collected coins which I gave to my son. My x husband collected comic books. I think he cashed one in for a lot of money which was always the plan. My current husband has a lot of books, but so do I. And sea shells, I still have a lot of sea shells. And bottle caps, plastic ones, of a some day art mosaic. I probably have, oh, I don’t know, at least a couple hundred plastic bottle caps. Maybe I’ll make an mermaid, though something abstract – a spiral would be fun, too.

I like spirals and used to want a spiral staircase. Now, I think it might be too much work, and a little risky, but pretty. Fractals are cool, too. Repeated patterns, I think that’s what they are, but in a geometric design. Spirals and fractals are common in nature. Someone out there knows more than I do about their energy.

This window is somewhere in Texas:

A few of my favorite shells

Hey! I just realized that the telephone chord we used to have connected to the receiver was a spiral! In the beginning days they were only a few feet long. It was exciting when we got one that reached from the kitchen to the dining room! Who remembers talking on the phone and twisting the cord with your finger?

An old telephone from pixabay
1957: Should I accept this collect call?

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SoCS: Pharmacy Calls and Hot Chocolate


Today’s Stream of Consciousness Prompt:

“last call.” Talk about the enterprise (sales or service) conducted by the last phone call you received from a business you’re not associated with (i.e. your workplace), or talk about that phone conversation itself. Have fun!

My head is spinning from “last call” being an important warning in my early 20s late night weekend bar days – almost like another lifetime – to enterprise: the car rental, or the star ship? But no, we’re talking about a phone call – the last phone call I received from a business….

I’ve been getting a lot of phone calls from my pharmacy, which I will not mention by name, telling me it’s time to refill my Rx. Oh, really? It’s time to opt out of that option cause I’m getting way to many voicemails about that, and I don’t NEED that particular medication yet, because I don’t take as much of it as the bottle says. It’s not like my thyroid meds that I take as prescribed. It’s one that I take PRN, as needed, not every day, like another one I take PRN for acid reflux which I AM out of and could get if they had it. I could go on about problems I’ve had with this pharmacy pushing things I don’t need and not having what I do need, like antibiotic for my old dog which they said – the automated response said – they didn’t have in stock and would process my request. When I went down there, they did have it in stock, just in the non preferred brand… but enough of that.

It’s not that the pharmacy staff is incompetent as much as it is a messed up system that wants to make sure I’m taking certain things. But it’s a computerized system, so it doesn’t understand the real world. Kinda reminds me of my old job in health care…..

I tried to call the pharmacy to talk to a person, and I was on hold for 30 minutes before I gave up and drove there.

The last real business phone conversation I had with a person was to ask when I should get more propane for heating the house in the mountains where we don’t live full time. I had my son check the level which was at 52%. They said they would schedule my address to pop up in mid February and deliver some propane within ten days. I figured this was satisfactory and alleviated my anxiety somewhat since I’m new to this heating with propane in a house I’m not living in right now.

I’m also new to having another house which I never thought would happen in a million years, but hey, anything is possible. I have to clarify that both my houses are small, because I used to think people who have two houses were…. excessive? My son and his family can always stay at the mountain house if they need to because their apartment has a mold problem. And on that happy note,  I will just share some photos from our Thanksgiving trip to the mountains.

We rarely seen snow unless we go to the mountains. So, snow is a big deal to me. And so is finding sugar free hot chocolate made with dark chocolate which is what I have in my hand.

snow and hot chocolate

It's hot chocolate (2)

Outside Fred and Larry’s cozy coffee shop in Banner Elk, NC

Lake blue mirror long

A Mountain Lake

snowflakes at LLH

Snowflakes hanging from the trees

Sunset from the deck

Sunset from the deck

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