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Thursday Tree Love: Gifts on the Sidewalk

In the hardest places

The odd thing about this petal is that I thought it came from my neighbor’s tree. But when I went back to look at the suspected donor, evidence suggested otherwise.

The delicate petals decorating the sidewalk under the tree were much smaller than the petal in my meme. I didn’t see a clear source for the heart-shaped petal, though it might have been from a camelia.

I believe the tiny petals are cherry blossoms, and that the tree is a cherry tree. 

The pink color was more vivid a couple days ago when I was apparently “too busy” to take a photo. Lesson learned. It’s still a lovely tree. I love the dappled shade it provides.

Isn’t it marvelous how different trees and flowers bloom at different times?

Walking around my neighborhood has given me fresh perspectives.


May the sustaining beauty of creation continue to bless us all through these hard times.


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