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Good News Tuesday for March 15, 2022: Pep Talks from Kindergarteners, South Korea’s Floating Solar Blossoms, India’s Solar Dehydrators, and a No-Kill Shelter in Poland is Saving Animals from Ukraine

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Pep Talks from Kindergarteners

There’s a hotline where you can get pep talks from kindergarten students. The program was put together with help of California teachers Jessica Martin and Asherah Weiss. I called the number in the article linked below and enjoyed hearing the positive young voices. Option #2, “Words of Encouragement”, was my favorite, with option #1 a close second. Here are the details from NPR.

Floating Solar Panels Generate Enough Electricity for South Korea

In South Korea, 92,000 solar panels, in the shape of plum blossoms float in a reservoir and generate enough electricity for 60,000 people—more than the country’s population. Take a look and read more from The Good News Network.

Saving Food with the Sun

 Farming households in India are earning extra money by dehydrating food that goes unsold by putting it through solar food dehydrators. 40,000 tons of food is being saved with the process. The Good News Network has the story.

Polish Shelter Rescues and Treats Animals from Ukraine

Hundreds of animals have been rescued and cared for at this no-kill shelter in Poland. Staff of the shelter in Poland drive into Ukraine to rescue the animals and take care of them.

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